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Rebel Penguin Federation Declare Victory Over Army of Club Penguin

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – The war commonly known as the ‘Pain War’ has hit yet another twist in events with the Rebel Penguin Federation believing that they have now been able to take all ACP servers rendering their nation effectively completely removed. In this post, I’ll aim to establish whether this is actually the case.

War was declared by the Rebel Penguin Federation and one of its leaders, Lord Pain. Lord Pain believed that the Army of Club Penguin was quite simply the root of all things evil in the community and believed the army to be the cause of the downfall. Pain, for this reason, swore to “kill” the Army of Club Penguin and looks to make good on his promise.
January 10th saw Lord Pain take to the Rebel Penguin Federation’s official website to publish a post entitled “RPF declares total victory in the Pain Wars”. He then goes on to give a speech about the defeat of Army of Club Penguin and the army then looks at how they will be pushing on to face the Army Republic, who recently declared victory over the Nachos in some rather controversial circumstances regarding the battle of Iceland.
The Army Republic have been hanging around the scene of the Pain Wars since its inception. They’ve been a constant thorn in the side of the RPF, and as they even admitted on their own site, the Army Republic did manage to successfully win some of their servers towards the start of the war. While RPF and AR seem pretty certain about what servers, they own – it’s a different story with the Army of Club Penguin.
January 7th saw Army of Club Penguin leader, Super Edwin write a post on the ACP blog talking about how CP Armies are meant for fun. He talks about the lack of rules in the war that have led to disorder and chaos being the reason for the ACP ignoring them.

The Army of Club Penguin have been ignoring RPF since the 31st December and will continue to ignore them into the future. Why? This war lacks the fun it should’ve because of the absence of common rules between the two armies; rules shouldn’t be an issue preventing fair warfare in this community however upon RPF denying to agree to ground rules they’re stopping this war from being fun. CPA is truly meant for fun and constantly abusing, abandoning and twisting the rules destroy this idea of fun.
RPF are free to say whatever they want in response to this post but as an army we’ll be ignoring all hate posts as well as invasions especially seeing as “there’s nobody to enforce the rules anymore” a statement which RPF have been using for most of this war to deem everything their victory.

Above is an extract from the post. Despite there not being rules in the first instance, ACP still chose to engage in combat so despite what Super Edwin says, they only really stopped fighting the Rebel Penguin Federation when they got sizes too low to be able to attempt a victory and therefore didn’t try. The Army of Club Penguin have offered no evidence to suggest that any of the invasions are invalid.
The Rebel Penguin Federation claims that it has legally raided every Army of Club Penguin server, most without a defence from Army of Club Penguin who admitted in their own right that they would be ignoring the invasions. Unfortunately for the ACP, ignoring invasions does not null the invasion.
While a large majority of the community would agree that the introductions of rules would bring with it peace and therefore more respect for the community. the simple fact is – those rules do not exist. Finding out that he was no longer having fun because of this, he spoke to RPF leader, Elmikey about the idea or bringing in rules.


Despite it not fighting the good fight, Elmikey then decided to ignore Super Edwin’s request for a more fun war. While the ACP were ignoring the invasions, RPF was busy racking up a list of legal invasions of ACP servers. It’s the general rule in the community that for an army to be engaged in war-time combat, they must have two servers and therefore, new armies will often be seen invading free land

It now appears apparent that ACP do not have any servers. I would like to stress at this point that CPA Central is simply a news site and therefore only report the finding outs from the community sources. As the Army of Club Penguin admitted that they would ignore the legal invasions, there is proof that the RPF have managed to invade all ACP servers with no resistance disputing the battle. In this case, the Rebel Penguin Federation have won all the ACP servers.

In keeping with his promise to “kill” ACP, Lord Pain plans to continue invading the Army of Club Penguin and looks to do this with a series of raids in order to continue protecting the community from ACP, in his view.


As Lord Pain gave his thoughts on the Rebel Penguin Federation blog, I decided that I would interview a member of the Arny of Club Penguin who might be able to shed some light on the current state of both war and army. That person was ACP Leader, Super Edwin – this is what he said.

Do you agree that the Army of Club Penguin is now effectively nationless following the failure to defend your servers?

The Army of Club Penguin isn’t viewing RPF’s invasions as actual invasions due to the fact we’re ignoring them because of failure to settle ground rules with us. Battles we did turn up to would end up being pointless as both sides were following different meaning nobody truly “won.”

What do you think of claims that suggest you aren’t defending simply because you’re not in a position to?

Whoever suggests that idea are free to suggest that. Everyone in ACP knows the true reason why we are not defending due to the stickied post on site and as long as the ACP soldiers understand the true meaning then that’s fine.

If you thought RPF’s battles were not legal because of the lack of rules, why did you originally show up to them?

The lack of rules wasn’t as present at the start of the war as we assumed we would all be following the same rules. The breaking of rules, by both sides in some cases, such as the 24 hour rule wasn’t as clear in the first few battles of the war.

As you can see from the interview, unfortunately – it is not as straight forward as ACP just admitting defeat as Edwin believes he had appropriate reason for ignoring the Rebel Penguin Federation’s defences. This decision from ACP however has had no bearing on RPF who still hold a claim to each of the servers and show no plans on having a change of heart.

What do YOU think? Should ACP admit defeat as they ignored the legal invasions? Or is Edwin right about the rules being needed before the war?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


17 Responses


  2. Edwin does have a point…

    • I don’t understand. ACP invaded and defended multiple servers at the start of the war.. Now all of a sudden when we are completely annihilating them Edwin decides to pull this card…
      *tsk tsk*
      Just a bunch of sore losers.

      • Yes and we didn’t “pull this card” until we saw that not matter what we did, no matter what we maxed, no matter if RPF showed up to defend or not RPF always declared victory. RPF were sore losers who refuses to admit defeat, so we took the most reasonable course and decided to just ignore you. Also you can’t annihilate something that you didn’t touch.

  3. Sorry, but you don’t get to ignore our completely legitimate, legal invasions just because you’re unhappy about getting annihilated. You didn’t seem to care about the legitimacy of any invasions at all until you didn’t have help from your allies. Also you didn’t seem to care about how “fun” the war was when there were 4 armies at war with RPF, and when you and your allies would schedule simultaneous invasions of RPF, thus making it nearly impossible for us to defend, (which we still did successfully). The hypocrisy of the ACP is undeniable and laughable. Fight the good fight.

    • RPF 101
      1.) RPF are sore losers.
      2.) Pain is gay, he doesn’t pay respects for female. Why gay? I ain’t talking about his gender, I’m insulting his own ignorance against feminism.
      3.) ACP is not dead, we are still an army.
      4.) You can declare victory all you want RPF aren’t like us, you can never declare history about destroying us
      5.) Go bicker “hypocrisy” this is CPA anyways.
      6.) Sorry but you are definitely brainwashed.
      7.) The condition of declaring war is pointless.
      8.) Pain is probably using RPF for his own desire of taking revenge over his own losses.
      9.) Lame.
      10.) Congratulations, you just played yourself.

      • 1) But it’s ACP not admitting defeat?
        2) How does that make him homosexual?
        3) With no servers, but sure.
        4) What
        5) So you’re not going to refute that?
        6) Evidence to back up your claim?
        7) CP Armies is pointless in general.
        8) That’s what leaders do.
        9) What is?
        10) In what rgards?

        • 1) They can’t admit defeat because to them, no invasions happened that would render them defeated.
          2) Lord Pain has achieved more than rockstar has in cp armies, thats why he’s mad.
          3)The only ways an army should be considered ‘dead’ is when the army admits it themselves or the community starts ignoring them & their events.
          4) Yeah I have no idea what that was either.
          5) What?
          6) AMU will unbrainwash the most brainwashed
          7) If CP armies never had a point I don’t understand why we’re all still here.
          8) Pain just hates ACP, always has & you can’t really do anything about it.
          9) AMU NOKA FOR LEADER
          10) Overused cringey meme.

      • If you actually have an intellectual response you’d like to discuss I’d be happy to do so, because all of your points are either namecalling or pointless whining…

      • 1. RPF is army of the year 2016.
        2.We Fight The Good Fight. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! How many times we must telling this every1… .
        3. You don’t have fun, because you maxing less than 5 people in last times.
        4.WTF you can know, Pain is gay?
        5.Dude, you ignored invasions, because you agreed with defeat. “CP Armies are for fun” Oh really? But X time ago you treat this REALLY REALLY seriously. But wait, you’re to weak = you don’t have motivation = YOU’RE DEAD.
        6.RPF are REBELS, so we are want to create new, BETTER rulers on this world. You can try to defend tradition, but if you very suddenly now think, Armies are for fun, LET’S SCHELUDE FUN EVENTS/TRAININGS/U-LEAD’S!!!
        7. RPF are master of the world – we closing eyes on your hates and jealous opinions.
        8. Fight The Good Fight, RPF won “Pain Wars” and took ACP nation.
        Have a good day/night/afternoon.whatever you have now.

      • Only name calling, and bringing up no logical points. l0l

      • 1) We didn’t lose. You did. Hypocrisy.
        2) Immature.
        3) Well uh technically nah.
        4) Makes no sense. Also we won.
        5) CPAC
        6) No. Pain believes in this, why can’t i have the same opinion to him.
        7)Why do you care then?
        8) I… errr… but… that’s just a lie. What more is there to say?
        9) Oh, yeah. Ya know what isn’t lame? Lying down and letting us have your servers, but still claiming you own them.
        10) Thank you. I deserve congratulations, i helped destroy the original CP army.

  4. I’m about to debunk nearly every one of Edwin’s reasons to ignore the war. The only reason was “the war wasn’t fun” YEP! because ACP is hilariously weak.

    We actually did inform you guys of every invasion, giving you guys nearly 48-72 hour warnings before the majority invasions, and for the remainder, 24 hour warnings.
    As for another topic, the CPA Conventions says that the invader follows the defender. Like in the battle of Breeze, you guys ran from the battle a few times, which I don’t mind, as you are the defender (hence the tactic “YOU CANT HIDE” – But you claiming that it’s the other way around after your way of playing it is ridiculous. The current video is evidence that ACP acknowledged the primary CPA Convention rules:
    The current rules are the old rules, nothing has changed. The invader follows the defender, there must be at least a 24 hour warning, and many more other (irrelevant to this) rules.
    RPF declares total victory over the pain wars, have a good day.
    Fight the Good Fight.

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