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Penguin Army Force Declares War on Arsenal of CP

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Penguin Air Force Capital – The Penguin Army Force, who seem to be rising lately, have taken it one step further in terms of building their legacy. The PAF leadership has decided to declare war on the newly made, Arsenal of CP. Let us find out what happened.

On the 5th of January, 2017, the Penguin Army Force decided to enter the stage of the war. However, this time they selected the Arsenal of CP as their opponents. Mirobrus made a post on Penguin Army Force website stating about the situation. This is what he said:

The Penguin Army Force le declara la guerra a Arsenal Cp, por los servidores Avalancha y Yeti en propiedad de la army mencionada anteriormente. Esta medida fue tomada por los 2 creadores de PAF

Now that PAF is a Spanish army, I decided to translate it into English so that our readers don’t get confused about what is written. Here is the translated version:

The Penguin Army Force declares war on Arsenal Cp, by the Avalanche and Yeti servers owned by the army mentioned above. This measure was taken by the 2 creators of PAF.

Here, both the creators of Penguin Army Force states that PAF will be officially entering the stage of war and will be competing with  Arsenal of CP. I also went to Arsenal of CP website, but I was not able to find any reply post.
Penguin Army Force has been doing great recently. Their last event, which was an invasion of the server Yeti, PAF maxed a total of 7 troops, while 2 Wild Ninja troops were also present there. Below is a picture of the event:

I then decided to interview both armies leaders and I waited for two days. However, none of the leaders turned up on the armies chat and I finally decided to leave it. Please note that interview will be added as soon as I get in contact with the leaders of both armies. This unavailability to interview could demonstrate on how the war will go as the leaders already appear inactive. The fact that they do not speak English means CPA Central will also have to rely on translation software’s to deduce what they’re saying.

So, what do YOU think? Who will win this war? The Penguin Army Force, or the Arsenal of CP? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion. So comment down below, and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


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