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Army in Focus – Rebel Penguin Federation

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Welcome again to CPA Central’s new column, “Army in Focus”. I’m your host DrFlen, and today, we will be taking a look at the army who landed on the first spot on our recent top ten, the Rebel Penguin Federation. Let us get started!


Table of Contents 

1. History

2. Current Status

3. Leadership



The Rebel Penguin Federation, also known as the RPF, is a group of militant vigilante penguins based in Club Penguin that has sworn to protect the island and to destroy enemy armies.
On May 8th, 2007, the Army of CP and Underground Mafias Army were locked in a brutal fight known as “World War III”, and the allies weren’t doing well. The UMA was promoting hacking on Club Penguin to gain coins and other items, and under their leader Pink Mafias, it seemed that the UMA were going to get their way. That was until one day when a UMA general realized that he and his division were fighting for the wrong side. This UMA general came to be known as Commando717. RPF is one of the best armies to ever live in CP history. A Picture Perfect edition on this will soon be released on the 23rd January.
Commando717 launched a rebellion against Pink Mafias, and UMA soldiers quickly sided with him. This rebellion would be known as the “Rebel Penguin Federation”. RPF took Tuxedo, but after a dispute with the ACP, a rebel force rose from within Tuxedo, called the Tuxedo Rebel Army (TRA) and was led by Bobo405. Once driven out of Tuxedo by the smaller army, the RPF then invaded Parka and Tundra. TRA chased them briefly but then realized they had succeeded in liberating Tuxedo from ACP/RPF control and returned home. Once the RPF force was large enough, an invasion of Mammoth was commenced which put the RPF on the radar for the UMA high command and the ACP. RPF fought alongside the ACP, and soon the UMA was no more, RPF had won a three-month-long war and successfully accomplished the impossible. RPF would be known as the largest rebellion to ever succeed in Club Penguin Warfare.

The Revolution of the Rebel Penguin Federation

In May 2013 RPF’s First Second in Command: Elmikey, rejoined the Rebel Penguin Federation. He is known for revolutionising army recruiting. Elmikey retired from RPF in late 2007, disappearing completely in 2008. Although he visited RPF a few times throughout the years, he never stayed. In May 2013, Elmikey decided to make a full return to the RPF. Within no time at all RPF began to rise, the army saw sizes no one has ever seen in years. Elmikey was forgotten in history and time, but not anymore. RPF went from maxing sizes of 5-10 to reaching sizes of 70-100+ regularly. The Rebel Penguin Federation stood as the #1 Army throughout Elmikey’s leadership. Always staying in the top 3, unless Elmikey went on vacation, RPF would fall to the lower top 10. Elmikey became CP Army Legend & Person of the Year in 6 months of leading RPF. His recruiting brought in a new generation of members for all armies. It is said that he has led Club Penguin Armies out of the Dark Ages. He may be the reason CP Armies are even alive today. His recruiting brought in a whole new world of recruits, during this RPF Victory Era and also RPFs creation in 2007. During his time leading RPF defeated all it’s enemies, some armies never recovering. Then in February 2014, Elmikey left the RPF because the army became corrupted. His own people were tricked into turning against him. After Elmikey left RPF it only saw a short burst of success, because his haters who wanted him to be defeated joined for a day.


Current Status

The Rebel Penguin Federation has been doing a great job recently, reaching the size of 35-40 troops. We can surely see Elmikey’s recruiting skills, skills that brought our community so far. The Rebel Penguin Federation also entered war the Army of Club Penguin last year and this war is still going on. Last year, Chip and Bounce also became the leaders of Rebel Penguin Federation and post then, the army is rising continuously.
The army was also able to receive the honour of being in the finals of the most recent CPAC tournament unfortunately coming up short against their opponents but ended the year being named the Top Army of 2016. A Picture of RPF’s recent event, where they maxed 35 troops, is given below:



The Rebel Penguin Federation leadership current consists of total six leaders, which are, CP Army Legend, Elmikey, RPF Legends, Lord Pain and Serpent, former Water Vikings Army leaders, Bounce and Chip and former Ice Warriors leader, Ghost. This leadership is strong, for sure, and we can see the power of leadership in the events of RPF. RPF Leadership is really experienced with leading and training troops about the future.


CPAC managed to interview RPF Leader, Serpent. We asked Serpent a few basic question about how he feels about the recent rise of the Rebel Penguin Federation. The interview can be seen below:

Interview with Serpent, RPF Leader

CPAC: How do you feel about the Rebel Penguin Federation and the recent rise?

Serpent: RPF has aa lot more leaders and we’ve been putting a lot of our effort into recruiting and hyping, the two necessities for an army to rise. The more recruiters on Club Penguin and more hype the chat has, the quicker the army rises.

CPAC: How plan to remain as #1 on CPAC Top Ten?

Serpent: We’ve learned that it’s important for RPF to have a lot of events and perform well at each event. That is what is the most important to earning a seat high on the Top Ten. However, RPF’s main goal is not to do well on the Top Ten. We have other things we’re working on the inside of the army. Hopefully, our progress with that will benefit us on the Top Ten.

CPAC: How strong do you think is the leadership?

Serpent: RPF’s leadership is very strong. We have a system worked out to ensure RPF’s success during events when a certain leader is not online. Each leader actively recruits, and each leader has a specific role within the army. If a leader were to go absent that structure would be adjusted accordingly; we have it all sorted out. The leadership is very strong.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Serpent: RPF will only continue to grow, and plans are being put in place to rapidly increase the rate at which that happens. During times, to havoc and accusation being thrown around it is important for all of us, I believe, to remember that this game and we just want to have fun and fight the good fight. So let us do just that, and fight the good fight.

As said in above interview, Serpent if very much confident about the army as a whole. He says that RPF is a really strong army and their motives are not to do well on Top Ten but continue to grow. At the end, Serpent says that RPF will only continue to grow as they are putting plans in place rapidly. Can this lead to an even bigger Rebel Penguin Federation?

So what do YOU think? How has the Rebel Penguin Federation been doing recently? What do you think about the leadership of the army? Can the Rebel Penguin Federation maintain there #1 spot on the Top Ten, or will they fail eventually? We here at CPA Central need your opinion!


CPA Central Reporter


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