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Nacho Army and Army Republic Clash Over Disputed Invasions

UPDATE: Despite being told otherwise by MemeBean, AR Leader – the Nacho Army have produced a screenshot claiming that AR did not have ‘Iceland’ on their Nation Page. MemeBean told CPAC that Iceland was there’s when Nachos scheduled the invasion so we now invite the AR to prove through their revisions that they did indeed have a claim to ‘Iceland’ and that on Wednesday 4th January – Thursday 5th January was in fact on their Nation Page.
UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Nacho Army Empire – The Nacho Army and Army Republic have taken a break from fighting on Club Penguin to having a war of words on both communication software, XAT and also their respective blogs. The Nacho Army has claimed that the Army Republic have no land and therefore can not invade, while the Army Republic has disputed this.

Over the course of the last few days, the Nacho Army has had many invasions of Army Republic’s server in a quick, blitzkrieg like fashion. The ‘blitzkrieg’ tactic is when you schedule multiple invasions of multiple different servers all in one go. The Nacho Army has used this successfully in wars in the past such as with the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin and Doritos of Club Penguin. Despite your morale opinion on the move, it is completely legal in our community and no rules have ever been made against it.
Now, the complication however comes from the declaration of war post on the Nacho Army’s official blog. The declaration of war was written by Verum. Luckily the Army Republic were nice enough to provide me with a print screen of the declaration from Verum. You can read the contents below.
At this time, I would like to invite you to observe the second rule on the bullet point list under the section ‘Terms of War’. You can clearly see that Verum has announced that only one invasion each can take place, this comment suggests that the Nacho Army is allowed to invade once, and the Army Republic is allowed to invade once in a calendar day, so a period of 24 hours. As of this writing, there is no evidence to suggest that this rule changed with the Army Republic outright denying that it did.
On Thursday 5th January, it came as quite a surprise to the Army Republic to learn that the Nacho Army had scheduled two invasions to take place on the same day, firstly, the Invasion of Iceland at 3:30pm EST and secondly, the Invasion of Southern Lights, taking place at 8:00pm EST. Now, this is a clear infringement of the rule that Verum announced as two events were scheduled to take place. You can see proof of the events being scheduled below.
The above screenshot comes from the Nacho Army blog and is their official events schedule for Thursday 5th January. While 24 hour notice was apparently given, this is still a breakage of a rule. The declaration, which ironically was constructed by the very army who broke it, is clear. The rule is clear.
The only possible defence for this could be that the Nacho Army did not log on to Club Penguin for the events as some troops have taken the liberty of informing me. This is however, simply incorrect. I decided I’d journey into the Nacho Army archives in order to see if I could find any proof of the events taking place. As the rule in the declaration said it shouldn’t – I should not be able to find two events otherwise the Nacho Army would have broken the rule.

screenshot_16 screenshot_17

In fear of post deletion, I decided that it would be better to screenshot as opposed to simply quote from the blogs. Above, you can see two results posts, both posted by Verum and both posted on January 5, 2017. It is also interesting to note that in both results posts, Verum uses the word “today” to connote a 24-hour period in which the events took place which goes hand in hand with the event schedule as posted above. If that was not enough, a troop also decided to post a video of the Nacho Army breaking the declaration rules.

To make matters even more confusing however, the Nacho Army have now claimed that the Invasion of Iceland was not against the Army Republic – but instead, they were invading their allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation in a bizarre twist of events. Iceland was however on the Army Republic’s nation page when the Nacho Army decided to invade it. While they may have believed morally that RPF owned it, the fact is – AR had a claim to Iceland when the Nacho Army invaded making their excuse null.
Following an invasion of the Army Republic capital, Toboggan – two days after the Nacho Army broke their own rules, the Nacho Army have declared that all AR invasions are invalid however this does not appear to be the case.


While the Nacho Army did not agree that Iceland belonged to the Army Republic, the fact remains that they invaded the server that AR claimed to own and therefore, by doing this – they invaded the Army Republic. This was directly before the second invasion of the same day, Southern Lights which Nacho Army also took victory for. This means that the Nacho Army did indeed invade two servers that Army Republic claimed to be their nation effectively invading the servers from AR.

In keeping with the idea of declaration of wars in the community, it is widely accepted that if an army breaks a rule, the army in the wrong would forfeit their entire nation therefore declaring the war to be over in the favour of the army that did not break the rule. In this case, the Nacho Army is the army that broke the rule and therefore logic and history would dictate that the Army Republic will be making a legitimate claim to the Nacho Army Empire, including capital server Fjord.

At this point, I would like to remind you all that CPA Central is not a government nor are we a police force. We are a news site that reports the facts as we them. The fact that we have seen is that the Nacho Army have broken one of their own rules by invading two servers in one day that Army Republic claimed to own. It is up to the Army Republic whether they will want to declare a victory here as once again, we simply report the news – not decide the winners.


I decided to interview the Army Republic leader, Memebean in regards to Army Republic’s stance on the recent developments and what has happened in terms of the Nacho Army breaking their own rules. I also attempted to find out what Army Republic’s plan of action is and exactly what they will be doing, whether that is continuing the war or simply declaring victory. This is what I found out.

Can you begin by confirming that Iceland was the Army Republic’s server on Thursday 5th January 2017?

We invaded Iceland six days ago and were able to successfully capture it.

Following the recent developments, are the Army Republic declaring victory in the war?

Frick yeah! AR can actually follow a set of rules.

It’s unlikely that the Nacho Army will admit defeat here, what is your take on that?

They can get upset all they want. They’re the ones that made the list. They’ve gotta deal with their own incompetence.

Where does the Army Republic go from here?

We plan on celebrating and growing our sizes while shifting our focus to the war with RPF!!

As of this moment, the Army Republic now lays claim to all Nacho Empire servers, including main stays in the army such as Shiver, Sleet, Fjord and Blizzard to name a few. Army Republic will be able to actively defend them and to host events on the servers without it being considered a raid. Furthermore, it appears AR will be focusing on war with the ACP, so if the RPF do invade the Nacho servers from the Army Republic, the RPF could choose to give them back to the Nacho Army – but if they do not, then Nachos would need to invade the Rebel Penguin Federation.

What do YOU think? How do you think Verum could have prevented this happening? Are you glad that the Army Republic won the war?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


17 Responses

  1. #complications

    • I’m sorry – what’s complicated? Nachos made a rule, they broke the rule, AR wins the war? I don’t get the complications?

      • Iceland was an RPF server, check RPF site we removed any claim to server after invasion. We did not break any rule

        • If anything we broke the RPF treaty nothing to do with AR, the rules were terms of war, that doesn’t include any invasion of any server outside AR territory, unless you’re retarded, it’s pretty simple to understand

          • “retarded” says you loool

          • I’m capable of putting a sentence together unlike you. I don’t find insults from a paedophile who committed a federal crime offensive, even though your whole career has been some DW owner everyone made fun of.

          • yawns… thats what all you said everyday just by repeating that word. Spell pedophile right, Verum. Go back to Englash class, or l will teach you a lesson and kick your ass, while you became an idiot and you have no idea what the f*** you are talking about. You’re probably acting just like Mr. Bean when he did things that was stupid, and you are studid too. Your army sucks man. The easiest way to kill off the Nachos, is eat chips and your army is done.

          • It’s spelt paedophile, not pedophile, if you have a problem with that bring it up on the dictionary. Why do you keep using Mr. Bean as an insult when you literally look exactly like him, you’re a criminal and have the intelligence of a 5 year old, stop trying to insult my army when we manage to stay alive longer than two weeks. If you want to keep flexing, just declare war.

          • I may be wrong, but spelling pedophile would be the right word. I used Mr. Bean as an insult because that’s what you literally do when you are a brat nachodes leader who cries, then replies to me with your s***** c***head army. I am a criminal?!?! BRUH I AM LITERALLY LAUGHING MY ASS OFF FROM THIS DAMN COMMENT YOU SAID!!!!!’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😫😫😫😂😫😂😫😂😫👏👏👏👏
            You are a fraud, my friend. I bet your name comes from a wine place where you get drunk. I bet you haven’t got an job yet but acts very retarded and sits on chair, watching the computer to reply with your weak a$$ insult comeback. I 💪 on more than you ever will, you skinny bony-man looking and when l do, I will flex EVEN more when the Night Rebels are ready to kick some ass and you will be sorry.

          • That made no sense…………

          • While RPF may claim it is theirs – when you invaded it, the AR also claimed it was theirs meaning you technically invaded both armies; this was explained in the post.

          • No they didn’t, they maxed 12 at the invasion of Iceland while Nachos maxed 25, RPF maxed 25 and they both showed up to defend the server, please explain how that’s contested?

          • Also if you don’t believe me check RPF & Nachos result posts and check AR’s, that should sum things up.

  2. @What Verum commented above.
    Also, in the Terms of War there was nothing stated what happens if the terms were broken. So you have nothing to go off of to say that we lose all of our servers.
    It’s ok Zing, although you’re wrong, you’ll keep spamming the same bullshit saying you’re right.
    AR lost the war. End of it. You’re retarded.

    • Ganging up with Verum will not work. Zing still got the point because he’s doing it right.

    • Even if Iceland wasn’t AR’s (which I don’t believe the AR leaders have officially recognized as fact), you cannot simply claim victory at every disputed battle and declare the war as over.
      AR still has servers listed, battles under dispute, and physical invasions of Nacho servers that you guys didn’t bother to defend.
      This style of logging on for 30 minutes, logging off, and then claiming victory regardless of circumstance or dispute has been going on for nearly four years and its one of the reasons wars and nations are so corrupted. If you have issues with how this war is being conducted, then be civil and actually try and discuss your POV with leaders instead of reverting to ignorance and flame posts.

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