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Do We Welcome Noobs? 2.0

KLONDIKE, Zoomey’s Cobweb Filled Desk – In September of 2015, Wenny, a former CPAC worker, done an interesting post about greeting troops. The results were interesting. Now with armies is a totally different state, I decided to do the same experiment to see if the results would come out worse to what they did back in 2015, since armies are in a decline. Maybe this would explain the lack of people in Club Penguin Armies nowadays. However, the results were much different to what I thought they would be.

Before reading this post, I ask you to read Wenny’s post, which can be found here. This way you can get a better understanding of how armies can change in a short amount of time.

 Doritos of Club Penguin

Let’s start off with the army that started off the last post. I entered DCP on a null so they wouldn’t recognize me. Straight away once I was automatically made member by DCP’s bot, Eridos welcomed me and 32op used a command on the bot for the bot to greet me and give me the link to join.

Me as a null being welcomed.

I wanted to see if I could get noticed more so I decided to pretend I hadn’t seen the welcome and asked how to join. Once again, straight away, 32op used the same command on the bot he used once I entered the chat, not giving me the attention I was hoping for.

Me asking to join on a null.

After staying on the chat for about five minutes to see if anyone would talk to me, I decided to leave. No one gave me any attention apart from the slight attention I got from 32op and Eridos when asking how to join and when I entered the chat. I decided to simply say I will join and then I said bye. 32op however did respond to when I said bye and when I said I will join.

32op saying goodbye to me.

Although DCP did greet me, they didn’t do a good job at talking to me or paying any attention to me. I found myself getting bored quickly at DCP’s chat because no one was talking to me so I didn’t have anything to do.

DCP’s old grade: 5.5/10

DCP’s new grade: 6/10

Army of Club Penguin

Going into ACP’s chat, I was very confident. Last time this was experimented on, they managed to get a high score of 9.75. However, the outcome was nothing how I imagined it would be. I entered the chat under the name “JOSHUAAAA” and pretended to by a happy-go-lucky type of person. Once entering, I was made member and greeting straight away by Elsa, ACP 3ic.

Me getting made member and greeted at ACP chat.

After a bit of silence after being greeted, I decided to nudge the chat by using the “wary” face emote. Straight away once I done that, Elsa began conversation with me. Although this was a nice thought, I was never told you had to join to be an official member therefore I never got a chance to join the army.

Conversation with Elsa.

After another bit of silence, I decided to private chat Edwin, ACP leader. However, there was no hope at me getting a response because he was nowhere to be seen.

Private chat with Edwin.

At that point, I decided to leave because I was only engaged with slight conversation before the chat went quiet again and I was never told how to join. Once I said bye, Elsa responded again saying “bi bi” before I left, which was a nice thing to do.

Elsa saying goodbye to me.

Although Elsa did a good job, no one else was active and I was never told to join. Yes there was the bot greeting and the little message above that, but no owner or mod decided to properly welcome me apart from Elsa.

ACP’s old grade: 9.75/10

ACP’s new grade: 3/10

Army Republic

The next army I visited was AR. This one was probably one of the most interesting ones to do. With no bot to member me, I private chatted TheMemeBean, AR leader, to let him know I was guest. Straight away he welcomed me with open arms and made me member.

Me being welcomed and being made member by TheMemeBean.

After being made member, I asked how to join and got a response from quite a few different people as well as the bot. As well as that I was once again welcomed by Queen Daniella, AR 2ic which was really nice.

I then decided to leave knowing AR would do a good job at greeting new troops. However, before I left, Daniella made conversation with me by asking me if I wanted to change my xat name to something else, something no other army had done up until that point. I simply responded by saying I’d do it next time before being waved goodbye by Daniella and TheMemeBean.

AR managed to show a perfect example of how to greet troops and made me very impressed.

AR’s grade: 9/10

Night Warriors

The Night Warriors one was very shocking. With so many troops, I was expecting the best from NW. Instead, I got the opposite. I entered the army being made member by the bot automatically. From there, I wasn’t greeted at all so decided to say hi. I got no response at all.

Me trying to say hi but getting ignored (The arrow points at me)

I decided to try again. This time be more effective by said hello instead of just the two letter word hi. However, once again, I was completely ignored and was left starring at the chat waiting for a response I wasn’t going to get.

Trying to say hello and getting ignore, even when Xxtoysoldier is clearly active.

I decided to be even more effective by saying I was new as well. However, once again I was ignored. This time however, not only was Xxtoysoldier talking on chat while I was trying to get noticed, so was Drake who also didn’t respond to my hellos.

Me trying to say hello AGAIN.

I tried once more. This time I decided to ask how to join as well. Hopefully they would respond to a troop asking how to join their own army. Thankfully, Xxtoysoldier finally responded and guided me to the join page, as well as the bot guiding me to the page with an auto response message.

Toy and the bot guiding me to the join page.

I decided to try make conversation to see if they could make up for ignoring my hellos. Sadly however, Xxtoysoldier was busy with another conversation and SH completely blanked out my question as if he didn’t see it. The other members were busy talking about their own thing and the owners and mods seemed to be not on the chat tab.

Trying but failing to make conversation.

I then decided to just say goodbye because everyone was clearly invested into a different conversation and my messages were just being ignored as if I didn’t matter. This was not how I thought NW would go. I thought NW was be one of the most open armed and greeting army as they have a lot of troops.

NW’s grade: 2/10

I went around to four more armies. Since this post is already long, I’m going to just do one more army in detail and give the grades of the other armies with a little explanation.

Golds Army

Straight when I entered the Golds chat, I said hello and got responded to by Ant and Jared. I then said I was new and got told “welcome” but in a special way.

A very special welcome.

As I was getting told welcome, I got a private chat from Blaiz. The question was a different question to what I thought it would be. He asked me if I was Sec (Security from DCP).

Being asked if I’m Security.

I was then asked if I want to join by Jared. As I was getting asked if I wanted to join, Blaiz once again insisted that I was Security. While he done that, Jared said he’d get me the form sheet to join.

Being asked to join as well as Blaiz asking if I’m Security.

I was then given the form sheet. However, once I was given the form sheet by Jared, he suddenly started believing I was someone on a null. I mean, I was but that doesn’t matter.

Suspicions starting to arise.

After seeing all I need to see, I decided to say goodbye. However, before I could leave, Antonio jumped in and accused me of being a null before kicking me as a “test”. That kick still hurts by the way!

Being kicked for the reason “test”.

I then decided to come clean before I got banned. After coming clean, Antonio said something I didn’t think any army would admit to be true. “You’re checking on an army that doesn’t cp recruit, clever” he announced on the main chat.

Ant coming clean about Golds’ recruiting issues.

After that, I went to leave, not before Blaiz had one more request. To add a photo to make the viewers chuckle a little bit.

I wasn’t to happy with Golds because they were always in doubt. However, even though Jared had doubt, he pushed on greeting me, helping me and making me feel welcome which is a great thing to do in case I was a real person.

Golds grade: 5/10

Nachos grade: 6/10
Reason: Instantly when going into Nachos chat, I was welcomed by Verum and only Verum. Dominus and Camper were also active but sadly they were too busy to greet me. Verum asked if I had joined and I said how. I then waited about a minute before he gave me the page (clearly the wait was because he was fetching the page, which is okay). After that, I wasn’t really involved with any conversation so I just said goodbye. I thought I was going to get more from the Nachos since they’ve grown a lot but sadly, I wasn’t left with what I hoped for.

RPF’s grade: 8/10
Reason: RPF done a pretty good job. When I entered the chat, I was greeted by Aloxeo, RPF member and SmokeyLynx, RPF mod. It was cool to be greeted by mods and members. When I asked how to join, their bot gave me an automatic response. I then noticed Aloxeo also seemed to be new. He was asking questions about RPF and being answered straight away by Lord Pain and SmokeyLynx. I then new RPF done a good job at greeting troops as I saw them greeting two at the same time, although, only one of them were real (probably).

Wild Ninjas grade: 9/10
Reason: Straight when I entered WN’s chat, I got greeted by owners, mods and members. Although I had to use google translate (since they’re a Spanish army) I could tell they were saying hello. I then got a private message from Mario asking what my penguin’s name was so he could add me to the ranks. This was very nice. I then private chatted him and came clean about the whole situation because I wanted to let him know how well Wild Ninjas did. Meanwhile on the chat, members and mods were starting conversations with me which was really cool.

Conclusion on the experiment: For some reason armies were surprised when the saw troops. Other armies didn’t really care because they deal with new troops a lot. It’s clear to see that one problem we’re faced with right now is troop greeting. People have seemed to forgot how to greet troops. Either that or they just don’t take notice of new troops. Since it’s rare for a new troops to join nowadays, people have forgotten how to greet them and/or are not bothered to greet them. For the armies did that greet, some forgot to even ask me to join, others had doubt that I was a real person. This is a real problem for armies at the moment. If only three armies did really well, you know you have a problem.

What do YOU think? Can we sort out the noob greeting problem? Do you know a way of solving this problem? Does the army you’re in or used to be in do a good job at greeting troops?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Vice President


23 Responses

  1. do nr :$

    • I did NR but I didn’t put them in this since I’m in Night Rebels and I don’t want anyone thinking I was bias (even if they scored like 4/10)

  2. lmao look at NW. This shows how they are good at recruiting? -wary-

  3. All you need is one person welcoming you and telling you how to join.

  4. Best post seen in a long time. Well done Zoomey!

  5. Excuses, don’t make me laugh.

  6. Pretty retarded, we don’t recruit DURING events so we won’t welcome “recruits” during them. You should have waited until our battle was over, when recruits come on our entire chat says welcome.

    • I did wait for the battle was over lol. I happen to be in NR so would of had to wait until after the battle to start.

      • If you were in NR, then you would of been completely aware of our situation considering it was NR that we were battling. That was absolute shit/inconvenient timing and you know it. I’m pretty sure the the pictures of chat are self explanatory. Overall, that “test” was very inconclusive and is not an accurate representation at all especially when you go to armies who aren’t recruiting at the time.

    • and that shows how mean you are as night warriors leader, for calling someone else “retarded.” l bet your troop would be shocked af

  7. “I then new RPF done a good job at greeting troops as I saw them greeting two at the same time, although, only one of them were real (probably).”
    lol what ^

  8. Do you even know the difference between n00b and newbie you noob?

  9. 🐑🐦🐰🐇🐀🐱🐅🐈🐩🐶🐕🐤🐏🐂🐮🐨🐧🐻🐫🐊🐳🐋🐡🐙🐚🐬🐌🐛🐞🐲🐉🐾

  10. Idiot, “RPF”. You didn’t do RPF lol. You did NW

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