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Into the Vault: Dark Warriors vs. Light Troops


Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – Today is the first edition of CPA Central’s Into the Vault! Into the Vault is where we look back at some old & cool battles from the past in the CP Army Community, we post this once every Tuesday! Today we look back at one of the most anticipated & legendary battles to have ever happened. The Dark Warriors vs The Light Troops in the Christmas Chaos IV finals.

Today is our first edition of CPA Central’s ‘Into the Vault’, we look back at a great battle between the two biggest armies at the time, the Light Troops vs the Dark Warriors. It wasn’t just an ordinary battle though, it was the Christmas Chaos IV finals, the most anticipated battle of all armies that year. The battle was great to look back at, as both armies had sizes of 80+ which was amazing sizes for the time. Following the battle there was also a lot of hate, fights, joy and other emotions. Today we look back at all of these. We hope you enjoy today’s version of Into the Vault!


Before the first round of the battle, the Dark Warriors had reclaimed the 1st position from the Light Troops, while the Light Troops dropped down to second. These positions remained the same for the top ten prior to the second round of the final – making the Dark Warriors the favourites to win in what was potentially one of the biggest finals we have seen.
Both armies, however, were confident in their chances of winning and this was shown an hour before the start of both rounds – with round one, the Dark Warriors having 90-100+ on their chat and the Light Troops hitting around 80. Both armies had slightly smaller sizes of 80-90+ on the DW chat and 70-75+  on the LT chat. This, as expected, was to make for a huge battle.

Round One – The Ice Rink

In the Ice Rink, on the Saturday section of the battle, the Dark Warriors had the better of the room entry, with upwards of 40 of their troops getting into the room. The Light Troops had about 30+ in the Ice Rink and were, at times, outnumbered. However, the LT started well and had some good tactics and quickly made formations, but the Dark Warriors pulled back in the tactics section and their superior size meant that it was hard for the Light Troops to win the Ice Rink. The Judges had decided that this room, and therefore the round, went to the Dark Warriors.

The Dark Warriors circle the Ice rink, while the Light Troops form a plus.

The battle was then supposed to go into the Mine, but early room entry from the Light Troops resulted in the room having to be changed to the Pool, but glitches resulted in a suspension of the battle to be called. The Berg was then tried, but communication errors and lag resulted in another failed room change. Club Penguin glitched on the final attempt to switch rooms, to the Forts, so the battle was suspended until Sunday – which would be called ‘Round Two’ – the final two rooms to finish from the Ice Rink.

 Round Two – The Berg and Dock

The second round, on Sunday, started with the Berg. This was a very close room and the Dark Warriors had about 35-40+ troops in the room, while the Light Troops had slightly smaller sizes of 30-35+. However, the Light Troops tactics were superior for the first half of the room and their formation, originally a circle, was more organized than the Dark Warriors’. However, the Dark Warriors pulled away in the room to comfortably win the second half of the room and both their size and tactics were better than those of the Light Troops. The Judges decided that the Berg went narrowly to the Dark Warriors, but this did not mean it was all over as a big victory in the Dock could win it for the Light Troops.

The LT form a circle, while the Dark Warriors make a plus.

The final third of the final was the Dock, the best room that wasn’t taken up by bots trying to raid the battle. Both armies were unorganized and had similar sizes of 30-35+ each. Tactics were average and neither army managed to get organized until near the end of the battle. This room was the closest of them all and the Judges decided that this room was overall a draw, and the battle was then over.

The Results and Post-Battle

The Judges had taken both round one and round two into consideration, and four judges voted for the Dark Warriors, while one voted for the Light Troops. Therefore, that made the Dark Warriors the victors of the Christmas Chaos IV. The announcement of the CPAC chat was met by jubilation from the Dark Warriors, and understandable disappointment from the Light Troops who themselves had superb sizes and performed magnificently.

There were many posts regarding the victory for the Dark Warriors on their website, with DW Leader Drake saying the following:

This has been the biggest battle in Dark Warriors history. It took 2 days to finish. This was truly a great battle. We got 100 troops on the first day, and 80-90 troops today. I am proud. We still have to be consistent even after this tournament and rise to defeat our enemies in war. Just because this tourney is over, does not mean it’s slack off time. We have a war coming up, and we need all dark warriors to attend our events.

Former DW Leader Freezie, who has been assisting the army over the winter break and through the tournament, also made a post stating how he is glad that he decided to help the army to victory in the Christmas Chaos IV and said that they did something that he could not do.

I know I’ve fought with many of you in the last few months, and I’ve even led you. But make no mistake about it, what you guys did today was something I could never have done. Sure, I won a tournament, but I didn’t win the Christmas Chaos last year. After the final last year, I wasn’t really ever the same leader. I take back everything that I’ve ever did that harmed anybody here in the last few months, whether it was cussing one of you out, trolling one of you, or joining RPF/another army, I truly do apologize. I fought with many people that I was close to in this army, and I didn’t really realize the damage that was done until we achieved greatness this week. I’m glad that you avenged my loss against the very person, Elmikey. I know that a united DW is the most powerful army ever and that’s why there’s always been attempts to make it work. However, I truly don’t think it didn’t work – until this week.

Many people from the community had joined in to help either armies for this battle or had even watched. It was a truly amazing battle, even just looking back at it amazes you at how armies have changed since then. Many people from the Dark Warriors claimed it was their “best year ever” and some people from the Light Troops claimed the victory too.

What do YOU think about this battle? Was it a great one to look back on? Did the Dark Warriors deserve the victory? Will we ever see a battle like this again? Comment down below! Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinions!

**Make sure to come back next week for our 2nd edition of Into the Vault!

๖̶̶̶ۣۜEpic Master

CPA Central Associate Producer


3 Responses

  1. Yeah but dw christmas chaos 2013 was great too, christmas chaos is my fav tournament and l am always there for dw during christmas chaos. (:

  2. haha do 2013 mad people will get tight

  3. Although this took place quite some time ago, it was definitely my most memorable moment within armies. We slaved day and night in the Dark Warriors to mass recruits. In the end, the overwhelming sensation of hard work paid off and ultimately made it all worthwhile. I remember Unk and I coming up with predetermined tactics the night before. We pulled them off in rapid succession once we were in position at the Ice Berg despite being short on leaders. I believe the LT administration at the time consisted of Andrew24 and his fellow leaders. Despite our grudge war, both sides were honorable/humble in both victory/defeat.
    Thanks for recapturing the moment in a nonbias way. The LT/DW war was overshadowed by CPAC history the last time I checked but had such an impact that people will still acknowledge it to this day.

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