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Nacho Army Declare War on the Army Republic

FJORD, Nachos CapitalAfter the banishment of Ryan, the Nachos have been going through several changes in terms of their administration. As Verum is settling into his leadership position, the Nachos have decided to declare war on the Army Republic.

The Nachos have recently been engulfed in a war against the Rebel Penguin Federation. Assisting the Army of CP and Army Republic, they managed to claim several of the war victories. After, the Nachos announced a ‘ceasefire’ putting a temporary ending to their part in the war. After the war, it was decided that Ryan, Nachos leader, would be overthrown due to causing trouble and mayhem within the army. After the exile of Ryan, Verum and Dan101 were inaugurated into the leadership.

Most Recent Nacho Event.

The Army Republic has been in “war mode” since December 2016. They have been helping the Army of CP invade the Rebel Penguin Federation in the ‘Pain Wars’. Ironically, the Army Republic helped the Nachos in their war and now they are both against each other. After the retirement of Burr, the Army Republic has been under the leadership of Sai and Meme Bean.
After the inauguration of Verum, he decided to make a statement regarding his declaration of war to the Army Republic. You can find an except of the declaration below or view the full statement here.

A few days ago, the establishment of Army Republic and the Army of Club Penguin decided to contact Puckley in an attempted coup of the leadership. We don’t know who the person is, but we’re going to make a statement by showing YOU, Army Republic, this is OUR army, not YOURS. You don’t get to make them calls, that’s for the people in the army to do. You’ve constantly used and abused us and we’re standing up against it. We’re not going to take it anymore, we will take your empire and conquer your forces. You messed with the wrong army.

~Verum, Nachos Leader

From the statement above, you can see that the reason for this war is due to the fact that the Army Republic attempted to coup the current leadership, a move which Verum is not happy with. The post then went on, saying that the Republic has constantly threatened and abused the Nachos. He made his final threat, stating that he will destroy the Army Republic and that they will ‘take your empire’. CPA Central sources has also found out that the Army of CP may be getting involved in this war as well.

To find out more about this war and get an insight about how the Army Republic may have reacted, Sammie, CPA Central Vice President, conducted an interview with Bluey, Nachos 2ic.

Interview with Blueysib6, Nachos 2ic:

CPAC: How do you believe the Nachos have been performing, under the leadership of Verum, Dan and Conno?

Bluey: It has been performing well. We have been getting sizes of 30+ which is much better than we have had in the past.

CPAC: Why did the Nachos declare war on the Army Republic?

Bluey: The Army Republic has attempted to coup our leadership.

CPAC: Do you think the Nachos will perform well in this war?

Bluey: I think that we will perform very well. We are already improving and during the war, we will improve even more. Nachos are doing much better than the Army Republic.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Bluey: 87

After, Yank, former Army Republic Leader, has given CPA Central an exclusive statement regarding this current situation.

The Nacho Army are clearly trying to distract the Army Republic from fighting the Rebel Penguin Federation, if you want to fight people that helped kept your army alive, than be my guest but expect consequences.

From this interview, we can infer that Bluey is confident about the future of the Nachos. He is happy with the current performance of his army and he is assured that the Nachos will succeed in the future. Bluey states that the Nachos will perform well in this war and that the army is strategically much better than the Army Republic. An Army Republic representative could not be reached and the CPA Central HQ will try to make contact soon.

In my opinion, I believe that the Nachos will take the victory in this war. Even though, they have went through several changes in the past few days, they have experienced people at the helm and they are constantly ranking in the top 3 on our Top Ten. The Army Republic have also been performing exceptionally in the past weeks but they will now have even more weight on their shoulders as they have to take on two armies. CPA Central will keep you updated on this war.

What do YOU think? How will the Nachos fare under their new leaders? Will the Nachos will their war? Comment YOUR opinions below! Here at CPAC, we value your opinion!


CPA Central Vice President


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