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Top Ten Posts of 2016

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s that time of year again where we allow you to, once again, browse through our top 10 highest grossing posts of 2016. In this post you will be able to refresh your memory on the most popular events during the past year.

Changing the format slightly from last year, we’ve decided to order the Top Ten Posts of 2016 in regards to two different things. The first is the amount of views in which each post received during the year. Excluding Top Ten posts and subjects of the like, the top 10 most read posts will be seen on the list below. However, the posts will not be ordered in the chronological order (least to most views). Instead, the upper staff here at CPAC have ordered these on what they feel were some of the most popular, highly regarded factors of the year.

10. Bam117 Joins ACP Leadership

Written by: Chip

After going through a colony of different leaders within the past year, the Army of Club Penguin entered the year of 2016 with the induction of one person to their leadership ranks – Bam. After being declared as the army with the “and most dramatic fall of 2015”, it was clear that the army needed to do something about their leadership if they had any chance of making it through the tempestuous challenges of 2016.

The hiring of Bam came just days after declaring his return from being AWOL, which was published on the Doritos’ site. He was returning to the leadership realm of ACP after being an active member of the army’s upper in mid 2015. After his hiring, he was seen to be making impressive contributions to the army and its welfare, with many being happy to welcome him back to the army with open arms.

9. Mass removal of RPF Leaders

Written by: Goblin

Elmikey has been known in the community to experience sudden fits of rage and the tail that Goblin tells in this post is not much different. The post talks about Elmikey’s mass banishment of Rebel Penguin Federation leaders such as Toysoldier, Sprite and Drake and how he believed them to be a mistake. Former CPAC CEO, Goblin was lucky enough to be able to get a statement from Drake in regards to the mass banishment in which he referred to Elmikey as a 20-year-old Pizza Delivery man.

The comment section was divided between some ‘RIP RPF’ comments and other ‘Long Live the RPF’ comments. It also featured a rather random video by Change about Pinkguy busting a nut. Kyle103 also published a comment with a dad holding a son, weirdly coincidental as he would become known for his relations with children throughout the year. Another dimension was added when Luis claimed that Elmikey had been ratted by the trio which is why he removed them.

8. Nachos vs. Army of CP War So Far

Written By: Atticus947

The Nacho Army and Army of Club Penguin had one of the biggest wars of the 2016 year with Edd back to help rebuild the Nacho Army from their slump. This post published onto CPA Central takes a look at how the war had progressed in an attempt to establish a full and proper war count. The post acknowledged the Nacho Army as currently winning the war with them leading the Army of Club Penguin by five points to two.

The post soon turned into a fight with Fluffy representing the Nacho Army, Badboy insulting the Nacho Army and Trader calling for death of the Nacho Army. In fact, this comment fight reached such a level that Fluffy got blacklisted and banned from commenting on CPA Central by then CEO, Goblin who decided to take a shot at Phin for no given reason.

7. Underground Mafias Army Returns

Written By: 28Luis

At the start of January this year, many of the old Underground Mafias Army’s legends reunited with one another for the purpose of bringing the army back to the community in order to shine in their former glory. The army had been alive just two months prior to this, although failed to remain active and were soon greeted by closure.

The return of the UMA came about after the Doritos of CP declared their re-colonisation under the self-declared communist empire. The highlight of this generation was, however, the somewhat brutal demands which were announced for S.W.A.T. to meet if they wanted to spare themselves from a no mercy war. A poll on the post also showed that the majority of viewers agreed with the idea of a war between the two armies being seen upon the horizon, with many referring to it as another “Cold War”.

6. Trader and Badboy on Thin Ice During Multilogging Scandal

Written by: Kingfunks4

Multilogging was one of the most controversial topics throughout 2016. Within each of our regularly appearing Top Ten armies, there has been at least one allegation directed at them or they have been exposed for multilogging. Within the community, multilogging is looked down upon as it is “cheating” the system, trying to receive more points in order to gain a higher position in our Top Tens.

Two members of the community, however, saw themselves building a bad reputation for one another this year, after being exposed for multilogging numerous times across different armies. In the post, Trader is seen talking to Badboy about how he multilogs and they can also been discussing how many penguins they log per user. The comments section went on to show members of the community who had already acknowledged the two’s reputation for multilogging within an army and that it was to be expected from the pair.

5. The Rise of the Night Warriors

Written by: Kingfunks4

With the Night Warriors returning for what seems to be the 100th time earlier this year, they rose to the top fast after receiving a new leadership team and rebuilding themselves as an army. After being recreated by Xxtoysoldier and Drake at the end of January, many believed that great success would come from this generation of the army.

However, many also lost faith in the legitimacy of this leadership and the army as they gained rank rather rapidly and their expansion was somewhat unexplainable. Some also found themselves wary of the army after Toysoldier was seen taking control of and defacing chats that belonged to other armies, such as the RPF.

4. Water Vikings Multilogging Penguins Leaked

Written by: Atticus947

This post was made after information was compiled and given to CPAC by Trader, a well known multilogger. The evidence provided created a stir throughout the community, with the legitimacy of it being widely questioned. With the penguins and passwords of penguins which had been seen in events being leaked and, with strong evidence, proven to be behind a mass multilogging scandal, the Water Vikings were proven guilty.

This came after having their best generation throughout their history, making it to our number one spot numerous times and seeing some of their largest ever sizes. This exposure placed a dent on the army’s phenomenon and their reputation fell dramatically. Eventually, the Water Vikings saw themselves entering closure and still hold a well-known position amongst the past of Club Penguin armies.

3. The ‘Pain’ War 

Written by: Zing King To

The Pain War coverage post demonstrated a new way at war coverage providing constant play-by-play to one of the biggest wars of the year as Lord Pain returned to lead RPF against the ACP. It was the first of its kind and was met with huge amounts of positive feedback from the community as it highlighted important points and got comments from several troops. It also helped both armies to establish the official war count making the Pain War post so unique.

The post was so good that it led to the creation of another post like it for the Grinch Wars. This format will most likely be used again as we managed to cover just about everything that happened in one of the most important wars of the year and the most important war of the month which is still in many ways, ongoing.

2. Launch of the Coalitions Project + Server Map

Written By: Goblin

The Coalitions Project and Server Map were two attempts to help restore some pride back into the community which ultimately failed due to how utopian of ideas they actually were. While both were in good nature, they simply didn’t stand the test of time due to several contributing factors like poor leadership and a lack of supervision over the projects. Goblin and Commando did manage to get placed on the person of the year list for their contributions to this idea.

The post was met with a mixture of positive and negative thoughts with some believing that it was a good idea destined to lead us into a new era, while some people didn’t agree with the decision. This ironically brings us to the number one post on this list, written by Kingfunks4.

1. Boycott of CPA and the Server Map

Written By: Kingfunks4

…and this really was the beginning of the end for the Server Map and some have said the beginning of the end for Gobby as CPAC Chief Executive Officer as Funks reported on the mass walkout and boycott from some of the major armies in the community such as ACP, Water Vikings and the Nacho Army. Funks rightfully announced that more armies could indeed be on their way to joining the armies in throwing away the server map.

This also managed to show the community spirit in a way that no other post last year had managed to. It showed that when the community came together, they could indeed stand up against ideas that they deemed to be stupid and unworthy of taking place in the community.


What do YOU think? Were there any posts in which you preferred over these? Is there any articles which you feel deserved more views than it received? Comment your thoughts below. Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer



9 Responses

  1. Indeed it is true that the armies run this community, and no one can control them through ideas deemed unfitting. Interesting year showcased in those top ten posts.

  2. zing you literally no nothing about the server map, the coalition, and what i did with it.
    “The Coalitions Project and Server Map were two attempts to help restore some pride back into the community which ultimately failed due to how utopian of ideas they actually were. While both were in good nature, they simply didn’t stand the test of time due to several contributing factors like poor leadership and a lack of supervision over the projects. ”
    that had nothing to do with why cpa fell
    “and some have said the beginning of the end for Gobby as CPAC Chief Executive Officer”
    i had already quit ceo at that point, that happened BECAUSE COMMANDO IMPLEMNTED IDEAS I VETO’D WHEN I LEFT
    everything you said about the coaltion was incorrect

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