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Badboy Removed From Doritos of Club Penguin

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin Capital – After a rather successful rebirth of DCP winning their first ever tournament, Badboy has now been removed from the Doritos of Club Penguin by the DCP creator, WWEBestFan.

On December 28th while sitting on the Doritos of Club Penguin chat, I noticed that the Doritos of CP creator, WWEBestFan was in attendance. It became very clear why he was there following a chat reset and the subsequent banishment of Badboy on the chat. Following is a screenshot of the very moment Badboy was banned on DCP.


CP Army Central apologises for Epic Master’s potty mouth. As you can see from the above post, the Doritos of Club Penguin’s owners are reacting visibly shocked to the news. I decided to PC WWE in order to find out more about his reasoning’s for the removal of Badboy. He informed me that 13 had evidence of Badboy multilogging on a minimum of four accounts and that Badboy has indeed been causing trouble in DCP.

This comes less than 24 hours after WWE announced that he would be giving his consent for 13 to sign a ceasefire with the Rebel Penguin Federation to end the Grinch Wars and in effect, leave the ACP and Army Republic to fend for themselves. Bad expressed annoyance with this decision on the DCP blog and actually questioned whether the decision had come from WWE as he was inactive in DCP but today’s display of events has seemingly answered that question.

A post has not yet been made on DCP in regards to Badboy’s removal and no replacement has been announced. As of now, 32op, Mikester and 13 are leading the army as a trio.  The chat appears to be fairly positive about this decision with no one announcing a dislike for the choice. Lord Pain was quickly onto the chat expressing his happiness for the decision.


I managed to get an interview with Badboy while he was active on ACP chat. This is an exclusive interview and the first written statement from Badboy since the genesis of the event.

WWE has stated one of the reasons for your firing was evidence about you multilogging, what do you think of these claims?

LOL. There’s no evidence of me multilogging anywhere, DCP was 100% legit for the last month.

Do you have any idea on what army you will look to join next?

At this point, Badboy requested to stop the interview and didn’t want to answer any more questions until WWE had officially published a statement on the Doritos of Club Penguin site. WWE went straight offline following his comments and chat reset so it appears that he may be making a statement as we speak.

What do YOU think? What army will Badboy join next? Will WWE and 13 actually have any multilogging evidence?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


9 Responses

  1. its a bummer…

  2. The Good Fight Prevails.

  3. >Confirm multilogging in Doritos.
    >Lead army legit after this.
    >Get removed from Doritos, becuase you was multilogged.
    “I have nothing to hide” – Badboy 2016
    Get rekt.

  4. DCP was multilogging
    A penguin called Bert80

  5. Oh come on! How many more leaders would i take until there’s no more multilogging!!!

  6. Potty mouth? Excuse me?

    • Epic “potty mouth” means the word you said because what goes into the potty? and you said it so potty mouth. there problem solved xD

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