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Doritos of Club Penguin and RPF Call Ceasefire in 'Grinch Wars'

KLONDIKE, War Rooms – Following a couple of days of fighting, false promises and flame posts, the Grinch Wars have now ended as the Doritos and the Rebels have signed a ceasefire to halt the fighting. The ceasefire is effective immediately and has now begun.

On December 27th, the Doritos of Club Penguin announced the end of the Grinch Wars following a meeting of all their owners and Lord West in the owner pool. In what has come as a surprising turn of events, Badboy posted the news while offering up his apologies to the Army of Club Penguin and Army Republic.


Apparently with the permission of WweBestFan, a claim that has been disputed, the war between the RPF and the Doritos has now officially ended. This has come from a ceasefire which will last until March 1st, 2017. This ceasefire has seen a return of servers making the last few battles utterly pointless.

The clause for this agreement is that if any of the armies invades the other, they will be subject to losing their entire nation, but with the state of CP Armies, even if that were to happen – the army would most likely just ignore it anyway. 13yearoldn00b told CPAC today that the decision to end the war was made as a result of DCP simply not being ready for war.

Against me, Mike, and 32’s best efforts, 13yearoldn00b has taken it upon himself to sign a treaty with RPF, without the consent of any current DCP leaders, thus pulling us out of the war. Apparently he had Wwe’s consent, which wouldn’t make any sense to me considering Wwe isn’t active in DCP, and hasn’t really been keeping up with the war, but since CPA ( is no longer active, and their rule that a majority of the leadership must sign the treaty for it to be legit, then I’m afraid there is not much I can do.

The above comments were written by Badboy who claims he tried to talk 13 out of the ceasefire with several other owners but simply couldn’t do so because of WweBestFan’s alleged comments. Bad continued to once again apologise to the AR and the ACP about the betrayal.

The Rebel Penguin Federation also made a post more so directed at Badboy making several accusations against the Doritos Leader, here is an extract from the post.

Since day one of Badboy’s leadership over the Doritos he has spread hate and slander throughout the Doritos Empire… Badboy sullies their name, but he does NOT speak on behalf of our Dorito friends, and he will never have that power.

As you can see from the above, the Rebel Penguin Federation still are not at peace with Badboy who in return doesn’t seem to happy about the peace with RPF. It’s unknown right now how this will end up and whether or not Badboy will one day get his wish of being able to return to war with the Rebel Penguin Federation who have promised to rise to number one at the expense of other armies.

With the Army of Club Penguin and Army Republic still in the war, invasions against them are still currently valid. CP Army Central will continue to cover the RPF vs. ACP/AR war for as long as it goes on for. It’s possible that they might also try to get a ceasefire but many in the community are hoping for a non cowardly decision and for an exiting war to continue into 2017.

What do YOU think? Will there be tension between ACP and Doritos after the betrayal? Can ACP/AR defeat the Rebel Penguin Federation on their own?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


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