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Dark Knights Return || Threaten Army Republic With War

PARKA, Dark Knights Empire – Since being banished from the Army Republic a few days ago, Flame has decided to revive the Dark Knights along with Earthing. Dark Knights have already announced their intention to fight against Army Republic, but will this generation be a failure and cease to exist in a few days, or will they make it as a consistent army?

Earthing announced the return of Dark Knights on Christmas Day on their website with a short post outlining their goals for this generation. Here is an excerpt from Earthing’s post:

Hello Friends,
First of all I have not returned to armies,this is just a temporary effort to help my friend Flame who has been backstabbed by Army Republic.Me and BullHour will be helping the Glorious Dark Knight Empire for a week before we leave.

It seems Earthing and Bullhour have joined the Dark Knights just to help Flame get his revenge on the Army Republic for firing him. It seems likely that they will go to war with them, and Flame has enlisted the help of one the community’s most well-known AUSIA leaders to give them an advantage in this war.
Dark Knights were founded by Flame in 2013, after a merge between Shadow Troops and the Army of Club Penguin. Many troops were unhappy about this, so they established their own army. They went through a string of wars, facing the Soda Pop Army and the Ice Hounds. They were unable to establish themselves as a strong S/M army yet, due to constant inactivity in the army.
Their next generation started with another war with Ice Hounds, which they came out victorious and another war with the Soda Pop Army which they managed to win as well. They would soon die a few weeks later after a short lived war with Golds, where they lost to their much stronger opponent. They decided to merge into the newly created Redemption Force.
The Dark Knights came back for another short-lived generation, where they fought the Teutons and exposed them for picture editing. They managed to average 15 but soon died out due to Flame retiring. The army would come back a few times after that with their most notable generation being under Rocks, Flames, Benimish and Popcorny where they averaged sizes of 15. They would soon die due to a site deface and a feud between Rocks and Flames.


Dark Knights in August

Dark Knights have had two AUSIA events so far where they have managed to max sizes of twelve. They’ve also agreed to become a colony of Nachos, once Flame decides to retire. I don’t know if this army will be successful because their leaders don’t seem to be that committed and cannot dedicate a lot of time to making this army big. They haven’t been able to pull off a consistent generation in the past, so I don’t know if they’ll be able to do it now, but they could end up establishing a presence on the Top Ten as a regular army.

Dark Knight’s reopening event.

I was unable to get an interview with anyone involved with Dark Knight’s

What do YOU think? Will Dark Knights have a successful generation? Will they defeat AR in a war? Where will they place on the Top Ten? Comment Your Opinion Below!


CPA Central Reporter



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