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'The Grinch War' – Battle of Deep Freeze [REVIEW]

DEEP FREEZE, Battle Territory – As the RPF & DCP war rages on, the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to take advantage, and hold the first invasion. Although this battle was supposed to be between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Doritos Army, the Army of CP decided to enter the battle field in place of the Doritos.

CP Army Central are not judges for your battle, we simply observe and publish the results that the armies come to. For more in dept coverage, check out ‘The Pain Wars’ – War Coverage.

The 26th of December was the date of the first invasion of the “Grinch wars”. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation faced the Army of CP instead who was defending in place of the Doritos Army. While battling against the Army of CP, the RPF faced another problem while trying to conquer the territory of Deep Freeze, the battle room was invaded by a swarm of bots. Every room the two foes went to, was filled up with bots. Deep Freeze was almost a four bar server whilst the raid was happening. Pictures of this raid can be seen below:


Bots raiding the battle

I decided to visit the chat of all three armies to know what the status of this battle was. Both the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of CP were confused on how to combat the bots. This poses a huge problem as it will dispute the result and most likely, cancel the invasion as a whole.

The RPF chat


The DCP chat

Finally, the Rebel Penguin Federation found a solution and decided to move to the server Yeti, while the Army of CP remained in their positions, continuing to battle the bots. The Army of CP failed to make a result post whilst the RPF made a short statement about this “battle” which can be viewed below.

Just like we expected, no DCP showed up and we ended up fighting the ACP instead. Facing the ACP was no problem but fighting their bots was the harder part. We were bot raided for 45 mins straight. This could’ve been a great AUSIA event, if it wasn’t for some stupid guy who just downloaded CuP.

RPF intel shows that these bots were most probably from the ACP. Because of this, RPF will claim victory as we had twice the size of ACP throughout the battle.

RPF owns Deep Freeze

Next time, TRY defending it yourself DCP

~Chip, RPF Leader

During this battle, the Rebel Penguin Federation maxed a total of 17 troops at Deep Freeze, and a total of 14 troops, at Yeti. The Army of CP maxed a total 12 troops at Deep Freeze, and a total of 0 troops at Yeti. The Rebel Penguin Federation claimed victory whilst the Army of CP refused to declare a conclusion.

Note: Now, before the Army of CP and RPF, blame me for cutting their size, let me remind you that I have counted each picture published on your websites. Not only one, not only two, but in-fact, every single picture that you have linked in your result post. On the basis of that, I have posted the size of your army during that battle. It’s possible that you might have had a lot of lockouts but I have only counted the size that was given in your picture.

Overall, this battle turned out to be just a bot raid instead. Both armies were unhappy with the result but the RPF have made it clear that they own the Deep Freeze server. This is only the first battle of this war and both the RPF and DCP will continue the war on Summit, at 3pm EST. CPA Central will continue to give you the latest updates on the “Grinch wars”.

What do YOU think? Who won this battle? RPF or ACP? Who was responsible for the bot raids? Comment YOUR opinions below! Here at CPAC, we value your opinion!


CPA Central Reporter


CPA Central Vice President


2 Responses

  1. Bots disrupted the battle and prevented either army from engaging, therefore the battle is void and there is no winner. Also why are you pointing out DCP chat size, ACP are handling all AUSIA battles, so their chat size should be included rather than ours. ACP made a result post too check their site lol

  2. “Facing the ACP was no problem but fighting their bots was the harder part. ” ~Chip, 2K16

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