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'The Pain War' Coverage

DISCLAIMER: This post will go off what it says on the sites of the armies involved. If you believe there is a mistake in the War score, then please come and talk to me or leave a comment on this post. I’m not bias, just possibly having a hard time watching multiple armies! If all armies agree on a winner, the winner will get the point but if the armies fail to agree on the winner, the point will be contested. CPAC is not the judge of this battle so it is not our place to choose a winner, so we’re going to let you do that – we just report on your decision.

Allies (1) – RPF (3) – Contested (7)

KLONDIKE – War Rooms, CP Army Central Headquarters – In an effort to keep up with news in regards to the ‘Pain War’ between the RPF and the Nacho Army. We have decided to make this coverage feed which will constantly be updated with around the clock updates in the war hopefully as it happens. This will also hopefully help to keep a score on who is winning. If this project is successful, CP Army Central may indeed do this for future wars.

December 20th: Lord Pain returns to Rebel Penguin Federation prompting a declaration of war against the Army of Club Penguin.
December 20th: The Army of Club Penguin responds to the threat of war by announcing they’ll be bringing the fight straight back to the RPF.
December 20th: Fearing they will be next, the Nacho Army also join the Pain War on the side of the Army of Club Penguin.
December 21st:  The Rebel Penguin Federation respond to the Nacho Army’s declaration calling them hypocrites and welcoming them to lose.
December 21st: Army of Club Penguin uses AUSIA Division to raid Rebel Penguin Federation’s capital – Tuxedo.
December 21st: Army of Club Penguin claims the server Tuxedo in the first invasion following a no-show from the Rebel Penguin Federation. RPF have yet to contest this victory.
December 21st: Following a Private Chat conversation with Lord Pain, Rebel Penguin Federation are contesting the Army of Club Penguin’s ownership of Tuxedo claiming not to have been told about it.
December 21st: Army of Club Penguin declare victory following the defence of Breeze aided by the Nacho Army. The Rebel Penguin Federation have also declared this a victory on their behalf claiming to now own the server.
December 21st: Nacho Leader, Ryan has been accused by RPF and also several Nacho Army members, both active and retired of bot raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation and an account called Qarv. Ryan is disputing these claims.


December 21st: Army Republic have now also joined the war on the side of Army of Club Penguin and the Nacho Army as RPF have been a long time enemy of theirs.

December 21st: Army Republic former leader, Yank, has now accused the Rebel Penguin Federation of multilogging presenting photographs of several “suspicious penguins.” The Rebel Penguin Federation are disputing these claims.

December 21st: Former Army Republic leader, Yank has called upon Snickers to take appropriate action against Ryan for the suspected botting offences if he believes it. Snickers has claimed that he does believe it.

December 21st: CP Army Central Vice President, Ben and community GFX designer, Dawix have following a Teamviewer discussion with Ryan, proved the photo above to be false.

December 21st: Dawix has now claimed that former Nacho Leader, Dan101 is in fact Qarv, botting the events in an attempt to frame and get Ryan removed from the Nacho Leadership. This has been denied by Dan101.

December 22nd: Army of Club Penguin leader, Noka has now accused the Rebel Penguin Federation of illegal drug use.

December 22nd: Rumours about the legality of the ACP’s invasion of Half Pipe have now serviced following multiple reports that ACP have changed the time.

December 22nd: Former Army of Club Penguin Leader, Trader has stated that it’s his belief the ACP can not defeat the RPF in a one-on-one situation.

December 22nd: Rebel Penguin Federation leader, Chip has announced that he intends to talk to the Nacho Army in regards to them not fighting the good fight.

December 22nd: Former ACP Leader, Trader has now called for the alliance to give the RPF a fair fight.

December 22nd: The Rebel Penguin Federation have successfully defended Parka against the Nacho Army.

December 22nd: The Army of Club Penguin have successfully invaded Half Pipe from the Rebel Penguin Federation.

December 22nd: Nacho Army Leader, Ryan admits to being Qarv and admits to countless botting offences. Ryan has since announced that he doesn’t intend to step down unless asked to by the veterans.

December 22nd: Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin sign a ceasefire until the Christmas period is finished. RPF and the Nacho Army and Army Republic are still actively at war.


December 22nd: Nacho Army Leader Ryan announces that the Nacho Army still intend to invade Rebel Penguin Federation tomorrow. No word on Army Republic’s stance as of yet.

December 22nd: The Nacho Army 3ic, Snickers accuses the Rebel Penguin Federation of multilogging in a post entitled “Suspicious Penguins.”

December 23rd: Army of Club Penguin declare victory on Cozy in AUSIA. The Rebel Penguin Federation also declare victory on the server.

December 23rd: Army of Club Penguin declare victory on Tea in AUSIA. The Rebel Penguin Federation also declare victory on the server.

December 23rd: Army of Club Penguin declare victory on Beanbag in AUSIA. The Rebel Penguin Federation also declare victory on the server.

December 23rd: Nacho Army leader, Ryan claims that a full exposed multilogging article on the Rebel Penguin Federation will be out within the hour.

December 23rd: Nacho Army 3ic, Snickers not too positive about chances of successfully invading Crunch from the Rebel Penguin Federation.

December 23rd: Army of Club Penguin cancels several United Kingdom Division invasions on their site.

December 23rd: The Rebel Penguin Federation cancel the Invasion of Ice Cage after “not meaning to schedule it.”

December 23rd: The Nacho Army publish a post to their blog supposedly exposing the Rebel Penguin Federation for multilogging.

December 23rd: Super Edwin of ACP accuses the Rebel Penguin Federation of cancelling Ice Cage after they were caught out breaking the rules.

December 23rd: The Nacho Army declares victory on the server Crunch. The Rebel Penguin Federation also declares victory on the server Crunch.

December 23rd: Rebel Penguin Federation successfully defends the server Sled from the Nacho Army.

December 23rd: Nacho Army chat supposedly “hacked”. Rumours running wild that it was the Army of Club Penguin. News report to follow.

December 23rd: Nacho Army chat restored by Ryan; Army of Club Penguin cleared of blame after Trader’s multilog, Elsa said no and Nacho Army leadership blame former Nacho Leader, Camperjohn.

December 23rd: Former Nacho Army leader, Dan101 reports mass banning of Nacho troops on the Army of Club Penguin chat, this is yet to be confirmed.


December 23rd: Nacho Veterans announce growing concern about the young Nacho troops being infested with Hitler propaganda.

December 23rd: Nacho Leader, Ryan accuses Rebel Penguin Federation leader Chip of trying to Blackmail him. CP Army Central has approached Ryan for proof.

December 23rd: Chip has denied claims that he tried to blackmail Ryan, he has instead claimed that he asked Ryan for a favour for saving his career, not blackmail.

December 23rd: Rebel Penguin Federation successfully invade Snow Fort after an Army of Club Penguin no show. ACP have yet to publish a post contesting this.

December 23rd: Rebel Penguin Federation accuse the Nacho Army Leader Ryan of attacking them with bots at the Invasion of Snow Fort.

December 23rd: Rebel Penguin Federation declare victory on Christmas, Army of Club Penguin declare it is invalid. Army of Club Penguin have now asked RPF to publish their revision history to prove there was 24 hour notice.

December 24th: Ceasefire between Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin comes into play for next two days. Nacho Army announce they will also not be invading.

December 24th: Lord Pain informs Rebel Penguin Federation troops that they have dominated as Chip claims the war score to be 8-1 to them.

December 24th: Chip has published a post on the RPF blog referring to the Nacho Army of morons after what he considers to be a failed multilogging expose.

December 24th: Rebel Penguin Federation UK Leader, Shiny calls the Nacho Army out for lying about multilogging. The Nacho Army have yet to reply.

December 24th: Nacho Leader, Ryan has been ousted as Nacho Army leader. Kevin has announced that war with the RPF will indeed continue.

December 24th: Doritos of Club Penguin have also declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. DCP have announced that this war will be a separate thing to the Pain Wars.

December 24th: Elmikey has announced that he believes Nachos/AR and ACP are surrendering and stepping down to allow RPF to fight the DCP.


December 24th: New Nacho Army 2ic Verum has stated war will only end with an RPF Surrender; RPF doesn’t appear willing to give this.

December 24th: Nacho Army have now apparently backed out of the Pain War breaking off alliances with the Army of Club Penguin.

December 24th: ACP Owners currently unaware of status in war; awaiting to hear from Super Edwin in regards to war.

December 24th: Elmikey has begun mass banning CP Army Central and RPF retirees, the reason for doing so is currently unknown.

December 26th: The Pain War officially ends as the Army of Club Penguin and Army Republic join in support with the Doritos/RPF Grinch War.

Feel free to comment about the war on this post. Please also keep checking back for updates! 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief



50 Responses

  1. The picture was proved fake. I never go on stealth and didn’t go on stealth during the battle (as witnissed by my troops), it had no home page for me, I run a old windows 7 that can’t load a bot program and cp (as I was logged onto cp at the time for the battle, Nachos were there- so why would I raid my own army? And this was made by my buddy Void:


  3. that picture is fake me and ben were on teamviewer and i help prove its a fake people say its Dan101

  4. Fix this post, Dan is not Qarv and I do not claim him to be.

  5. I would just like to add more proof that the screenshot was edited. – In the screenshot, this covers Ryan’s message. – I went to Nachos’ chat and put my cursor on his name and it was above his name and not covering the message. Clearly, the screenshot was edited and someone probably took a screenshot of the part where it shows Ryan’s ID and then pasted it into the picture and covered one of Ryan’s messages

  6. The defend the accusation of Dan having done this, I will show these pictures of the real botter pcing me. To prove I did not open up another browser or fake this, I took a full picture of my entire screen:

  7. Funny how wrong Yank is. I know for a fact that RPF doesn’t multilog. With the ID check now public, anyone can check when a penguin was created. It’s literally impossible to multilog now and I invite you to check every RPF penguin. Also, I can confirm that Dan is not Qarv.

  8. Love this post, glad to see armies picking up a bit.

  9. come on that was a obvious RPF victory, go on RPF’s website and look at the photo’s and they NEVER told us about the invasion. (which was un-scheduled)

  10. The funniest thing about that picture, which was proven fake by CPAC, is that it doesn’t even sound like me.

  11. Now this is something…

  12. I will be home in 1 hour. Need a long talk with the Nachos. They are not fighting the good fight!
    Also, you’d have to stupid to claim that RPF didnt win the invasion of breeze. I will happily admit defeat on behalf of RPF if we lose a battle.

  13. Can confirm ACP and Nachos are not fighting the good fight. If you’re going to constantly banter with someone and your way out of it is teaming up with people and spamming invasions, you are no longer apart of the good fight. Either change the system so that RPF has a fair chance and doesn’t have to deal with spam invasions, or make Nachos drop out. Fight the good fight.

  14. I’d like ask everyone to read the post about my confession and why, but I can’t justify my actions. I am ashamed of myself and I apologize to everyone for my actions.

  15. A ceasefire has been signed between ACP and RPF for the tournament finals and Christmas.

  16. wait i never claimed that dan101 is qarv

  17. Awkward moment when Noka isn’t acp leader

  18. There were 5 minute gaps between each AUSIA battle on the schedule, and if the enemy shows up, the first battle automatically turns into a 30 minute one, automatically taking over the other event’s times, abolishing the 24 hour notice rule. Only 1 out of 3 Ausias should be contested if they declared victory on the first one, the other two are automatically RPF wins. Please use logic.

  19. I’m gonna guess RPF cancelled their invasion of Ice Cave because they were failing to be able to provide us with 24 hour proof

  20. This is the most well covered war I have ever seen.

  21. World War 7 anyone?

  22. This is amazing war coverage.
    One problem, though. I’m not in it. Fix that.

  23. ACP also wanted 24 hour proof of the snow fort invasion and ACP aren’t surrendering/backing out

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