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Christmas Chaos V: Recap || Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Nachos Army

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – To hype up this years Christmas Chaos VI tournament final, here is an overall recap of CPA Central’s Christmas Chaos V Finals.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Nachos Army

The final battle that took place in CPA Central’s Christmas Chaos V, was Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Nachos Army. Rebel Penguin Federation and Nachos Army, both logged on to the server Klondike at :00. The first room of the battle was the Ice Rink. As expected, both armies entered the room with tenacity, leaving behind a plethora of lockouts. Although both armies preformed spectacularly, the Nachos had a slight size advantage going into the room.
The battle continued in the underground pool. Due to the small nature of the room, the armies overlapped which made it difficult to get an accurate head count. Tactics played a critical role in this room.
The final section of the battle took place in the Iceberg. Despite the obvious obstruction caused by the CP party, the Iceberg once again proved to be one of the best battle rooms on Club Penguin, providing us with a nail-biting final 15 minutes of the tournament.
However, in the end, there could only be one Christmas Chaos Tournament Champion. In a 4-1 vote, the victors of the tournament were..

The Rebel Penguin Federation

To hype things more, CPAC managed to interview last year’s Christmas Chaos winner, the Rebel Penguin Federation. Interview with Serpent, RPF Leader, can be seen below:

Interview with Serpent, RPF Leader.

CPAC: How do you feel about last year’s Christmas Chaos win?

Serpent: We put a lot of time and effort into last year’s Christmas Chaos and I expect similar results this year if not better.

CPAC: How do you plan to win this year?

Serpent: We’re going to take the strategy we used last year and increase the amount of people doing it. Hopefully we see amazing results

CPAC: How did the Nacho Army play last year?

Serpent: Pretty well.

CPAC: Any last comment?

Serpent: Fight the good fight!


What do YOU think? Who played the best in last year’s Christmas Chaos? Who will win this year? We here at CPAC would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! Thank you for tuning in for the 2016 Christmas Chaos Tournament! Here’s to an even better 2017!

P.S: Best of luck to finalists (Rebel Penguin Federation and the Doritos Army) this year.


CPA Central Reporter


One Response

  1. My 1st tournament in armies.
    I remember that day.
    So many troops. So many emotions.
    And that beautiful moment… when CPAC told:
    “And the winner is… REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION!”
    Ahh… #nostalgia.

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