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Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation Call Christmas Ceasefire

KLONDIKE, War Rooms, CP Army Central Headquarters – While this has been updated in the ‘Pain War’ coverage feed, it is big enough news to warrant its own post as the ACP and RPF have called a temporary ceasefire.

On December 22nd, Serp and Super Edwin met to discuss the continuation of war which includes the Nacho Army and the Army Republic who were not in attendance at this meeting. There, they decided that they would call a temporary ceasefire for the Christmas period.


For those who for some reason can not read the picture, the ceasefire as signed by Serpxn and Super Edwin reads as follows.

The United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation and its military propose a ceasefire with the Army of Club Penguin beginning on Saturday, December 24, 2016 and ending on Sunday, December 25, 2016.

Both those dates are of some importance to the Rebel Penguin Federation. Not only is December 24th Christmas Eve but it is also the date of the Christmas Chaos finals tournament that will see the Rebel Penguin Federation face the Doritos of Club Penguin in which one of them will take away the coveted trophy.

Following a conversation with Bounce on the Rebel Penguin Federation’s official chat, the decision to allow each of the rebels a day off to spend Christmas with family was crucial in making the decision to include December 25th in the ceasefire.


Currently, the allies have one victory with the Rebel Penguin Federation admitting defeat to the Army of Club Penguin on the server Half Pipe. Rebel Penguin Federation also have a victory with the Nacho Army admitting defeat on Parka. The Battle of Tuxedo and the Battle of Breeze are both yet undecided with both sides claiming victory.

The Nacho Army has not yet announced a ceasefire with the Rebel Penguin Federation meaning that both armies are still active in war. The RPF also hasn’t yet announced a ceasefire with the Army Republic who have decided not to invade until next week.

What do YOU think? If you were a leader, would you want your troops to have Christmas off? Or are ceasefires in warfare a stupid idea?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


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