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Nacho Empire Joins ACP/RPF War

BLIZZARD – Nacho Army Capital – Following a declaration of war on the Army of Club Penguin at the hands of the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Nacho Empire have decided to come to the aid of ACP declaring war on the RPF.

Yesterday, we reported that war had broken out between the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation – to staples in our community. The Nacho Army have now also decided to join the war effort declaring on RPF toward the end of yesterday.
The post, written by Conno, Nacho Leader can be seen below:

Today, I found out that RPF has declared war on ACP and therefore in order to defend our ally the Nachos declare war on RPF. Like many of you reading this I don’t personally like RPF but this is different and I will explain how. This war isn’t about hatred or about pride, this is about survival… RPF is going to war to eradicate ACP, they are calling it Operation Shut Down ACP.
Not only is ACP our ally but I don’t want to see any army shut down due to hatred, who’s next after ACP? Army Republic? The Nachos? Who knows but I will not sit by and let this community fall to RPF. RPF is going crazy over this idea…ACP said it best, “This obsession with the Death of ACP will bring war with you, with no backing down”. The Nacho Army and I stand behind ACP and our alliance with Army Republic to defend ACP and possibly one day all of the CPA community.

The war declaration from the Nacho Army appears to be their attempt to get rid of a potential threat before it emerges. The Rebel Penguin Federation recently stated that they intended to take control of the community – which has led to the Nacho Army becoming the wartime ally of the ACP.
This alliance is certainly an odd ball one. The Nacho Army and Army of Club Penguin have been bitter rivals since close to the dawn of armies. This would suggest that the retirees in the army might not be on board with the current leaderships decision potentially meaning that a degree of civil unrest may be seen within the army.


With ACP, Nachos and RPF now all in the war, it’s likely that the RPF will attempt to also find an alliance. It’s unknown yet if any other armies will decide to come into the war as none have yet made their intentions to join the fray public.

The RPF and Nacho Army are respectfully the #1 and #2 top armies as according to our latest Top Ten. This should make for a very interesting war between the two forces – especially given the history between RPF and Nacho’s in the past.

What do YOU think? Have the Nacho’s entry secured an RPF defeat? Or will RPF manage to overcome the increasing odds against them? Are you surprised I haven’t been fired yet?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


10 Responses

  1. RPF will not be defeated.

  2. Of course, when one army will be fight with other… LET’S CALL ALLIES, BECAUASE ACP KNOW, THEY’RE TO WEAK TO FIGHT WITH ALMIGHTY RPF!
    so funny

    • Yeah because an army that is carried by multiple 20 year olds just to keep it afloat can laugh at kids trying to save what they have. Wow big RPF declaring war on a much smaller army, so impressive

  3. I have no regrets on how bad or good this war will be. I only hope this war will end in peace and that Nachos, ACP, and RPF will someday come together as one big family of allies, not enemies. To all Nachos, I hope this war will end in peace so that I can come visit you guys again without any worry. In my eyes, all armies that do not multilog are good armies, and I know that Nachos are a great army that deserves respect, even though I am from RPF. Armies are dying, and if we need to survive, we all have to set aside our differences and try to join and bond together to survive.

  4. I thought Fjord was nachos capital *wary*

  5. Nachos are hypocrites. They say RPF is bullying ACP by going at a 1v1 war, but they are the same army that used a 5 army alliance to war RPF this summer. Hypocrites! Read my post on RPF for more info!

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