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End of Year @ CPAC

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central – Some how, we’ve done it. We have managed to survive yet another year of Club Penguin Armies. In order to properly celebrate this, CP Army Central will, as usual be hosting several things to put our stamp on the end of the year activities.

Legend Inductions

Many of you will by now have already seen that CP Army Central has posted Legend Inductions for both the Major Community and the SM Army Community. During the SMAC-CPAC merge, a decision as to the SM Army legends placement was not determined but rest assured, it will be. After some questionable biographies, we will be redoing some. If you have an issue with your biography please contact a member of staff as we want only to ensure a fair and just Legend Induction.

End of Year Awards

The annual End of Year Awards have also recently been posted in which you will be able to have your say in this year’s achievers, multiloggers and also noobs. The End of Year Awards is all just good fun and we can reveal that much like we’ve done in recent years, all winners will receive a custom made trophy to commemorate their award.

Person of the Year

Also a tradition here at CP Army Central is the annual Person of the Year voting. CP Army Central is currently composing a list of candidates for this award and that post will be on the site shortly as your opinions are important to us on who you think should win this award! Oh joy, more bios to write.

List of Dates

Feeling nostalgic? Each year, CP Army Central publishes a list of dates that runs down the most important and significant things that have happened in the year. How many Multilogging Scandals can you count? The List of Dates will be published as one of the first posts in 2017!

Christmas Chaos Finals

Armies have been working tirelessly this month to prepare for the Christmas Chaos and following a successful semifinals, we can reveal that the Rebel Penguin Federation will face off against the Doritos of Club Penguin. The winners will be the Christmas Chaos champions! The champions will receive a trophy because everybody likes trophies. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control – this weekend is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day therefore we’ve not yet been able to decide a time and date that suits all.

Top Ten Posts of The Year

Every year around this time, we here at CP Army Central like to kiss our own backsides and present ourselves with an award. The list of the Top Ten Posts of the Year will be up in 2017 listing the ten most thought provoking, debate starting and well written posts – Guess nothing Gobby’s ever done will be on the list then – the best post will receive, you guest it – a trophy!

The Return of the Gala

Following a hugely successful Gala last year managing to fill up three pools giving out over 50k in xats, we’re doing it again. The CP Army Central staff have asked and pleaded with Jodie to bring it back and she’s obliged. More information will be available in a separate post so look for that to come out rather soon.

Top Ten Armies of the Year

We’ve decided to dust off Kingfunks4, put the batteries back in and put him to work once more. Funks will be providing statistical information taken from 52 weekly Top Tens to reveal the official Top Ten Armies of 2016. This can be any army that has been alive in 2016 even if they are dead now. This article will follow the last Top Ten of 2016.

The CPAC Sugar Daddy Convention

Oh, nevermind. Jodie says I can’t do this one. Right moving on.

Christmas Site Hunt

‘Tis the season to have fast broadband. The Christmas Site Hunt will once again be a thing this year when you lucky people all get the opportunity to search CP Army Central for snowflakes each containing a number. Once again, more information will follow for this – the prize is for some reason going to be XATs. Personally, I think you will all much rather enjoy a trophy – amiright?

Movie Night

Okay I’m running out of colours now. CP Army Central will also be hosting a movie night for all. A post will go up in regards to details about when and where this movie night will be held. It’s designed to be a fun night for all who can’t get laid (so I’ll defo be there.) CP Army Central will more than likely be using sites such as Netflix to stream these movies.

We hope you all have a lovely End of Year in the Community, well you better because I’m not doing all this work for a bunch of miserable bi-

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


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  1. Welcome back, Zingod! Nice post; really looking forward into these events.

  2. you’re such a funny guy zingy

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