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Golds Enter Lockdown

FLIPPERS, Golds’ Empire – With the Christmas holiday only being 2 weeks away, schools give their students a break to go on vacation. While armies’ troops go on vacation, armies like the Golds decide to enter lockdown until they return to continue doing more events.
On the 13th of December 2016, Golds’ leader, Antonio960, released a post titled “Lockdown / Active Count [READ]” on their website. Here, Antonio states that the Golds will be on mini lockdown from the 14th to the 23rd of December. To answer some of the people’s questions if they are wondering if Golds were dying, Ant stated that the Golds were not dying but troops and some leaders have been going on leave lately and that other troops or leaders are busy due to the Christmas break. Below you can view Antonio’s post regarding the lockdown:

Ave Golds,
Golds will be in mini-lockdown starting December 14th until December 23rd, 2016. Golds is not dying, this is due to the fact that leaders and troops have been going on leave too frequently and are busy before going into holidays, that’s why we expect most people to be active in the return

~ Golds Empire

Then, the Golds’ leader, Antonio960, released another post that was titled “Quick Apology”. Antonio apologized for his inactivity and how he’s been a bit off the edge with some people. Below you can view Antonio’s post regarding his apology and inactivity in the Golds army:

I’ve noticed that I might of been slightly off edge these past few days with people, sorry for that. I’ve been having to deal with a lot lately which explains why I’ve been inactive but everything is cool now so let’s get things going.


Interview with Golds’ leader, Coqui:

CPAC: Do you think that the mini lockdown will affect the Golds, itself?

Coqui: Well yes, if everyone else in Golds is willing to make an effort to help out as well.

CPAC: When troops return and when the mini lockdown is over, what sizes would you want to accomplish?

Coqui: Range from 10-15 but the sizes aren’t what really matters to us in Golds.

CPAC: If the lockdown does affect Golds, what would the leaders and troops do about it? Leave it be to die or try to make it great again?

Coqui: We are not Republicans, Ben. We will do all in our power to try to make sure Golds is healthy and alive, I’ll tell you that much.

CPAC: As stated in Antonio’s post regarding the mini lockdown, troops have been getting on leave, will Golds find anyone to replace them?

Coqui: We will not replace anyone, we will just hope that they will come back from their inactivity and eventually whether they do or do not, Golds will recruit regardless if needed.

CPAC: Thank you for your time, do you have anything that you would like to add and to say to our viewers?

Coqui: G’day to you.

From the interview above, Coqui states that the Golds army will not replace anyone who will be on leave or who are on leave. Coqui believes that if everyone else in Golds makes an effort and try to help out, then their mini lockdown won’t affect the army, itself.

What do YOU think? Will the Golds’ mini lockdown affect them and their sizes and make them go into inactivity? Do you think this will benefit the army, giving them the chance to work things out with their troops? Here at CPA Central, we value YOUR opinion!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Vice President



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