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Blue Troops enter Lockdown

WINTER LAND, Blue Troops Capital – After several months of training, the Blue Troops have now entered lockdown. Is this truly the end or will they make a return?

The Blue Troops entered the community in the summer of 2016. Since then, they have had a rocky ride. They have participated in several CPA Central tournaments as well as participating in the alliance war. The Blue Troops have mostly been under the leadership of Wolfalb and Olimad who are one of the many controversial figures of CPA. Even though they have threatened to bot raid several times, they still managed to lead the Blue Troops to great heights.
After changing sites, the Blue Troops slowly headed downhill. After the retirement of Blue Troop creator, Olimad as well as the disappearance of E Pengo and Jay, the Blue Troops has suddenly fell into inactivity. The problem was hard to combat and eventually, the army has given up.
On the 11th of December, Wolfalb, long time leader of the Blue Troops has announced that the army is heading into a lockdown state. You can view an excerpt of his post below.

blue troops are going on lockdown just for a bit a week or maybe less. i havent been able to do events lately. sizes have dropped and iv been really busy with school. at are comeback event i expect sizes of 10+

-Wolfalb, BT Leader

From Wolfalb statement, you can say that the Blue Troops are going on a lockdown for a week but it has now been more then 2 weeks. Wolf has also explained the reason for this isolation suggesting that he is too busy with school and that he can’t find time to hold events. But, the Blue Troops leadership have made it clear that this is not the end of the army and that they will be making a comeback very soon.
To find out more about the current state of the Blue Troops, CPA Central has interviewed Olimad3 who is the leader of the Blue Troops.

Interview with Olimad, former Blue Troops leader:

CPAC: Why did you decide to close down the Blue Troops?

Olimad: Because we were not doing as good as before and all our troops that we get at an event are not even in BT.

CPAC: Will the Blue Troops return?

Olimad: Maybe me and Wolf will agree to reopen one day.

CPAC: What do you think of the performance of the Blue Troops in the last few months?

Olimad: It was okay. It was much better than the first generation when Wolf multilogged.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Olimad: I am sorry for the raids.

As you can see from this interview, Olimad isn’t very happy about the closure of the Blue Troops but he has suggested that it was the best option to take. Olimad has stated that the Blue Troops may make a comeback one day but has told CPAC that he might just rejoin the Light Troops instead which are returning soon. To end, he told me that he is proud of what the Blue Troops has achieved in the last months and he will miss leading an army.

In my opinion, the Blue Troops has had an amazing stint in this slowly dying community. Even though, they have been regarded as the smallest army, they have always managed to pull through and continue to survive, even in the hardest times. Until they return, this army will truly be missed for its humour and confidence.

What do YOU think? Is this the end of the Blue Troops? Or will they make a stunning comeback? Comment YOUR opinion below! Here at CPAC, we value your opinion!


CPA Central Executive Producer 


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