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The Death of Armies: 2016, 2017, When?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The community has been at a tight position for quite some time now, and people kept stating years when armies would cease to exist, but when will armies actually end? Read more to embark on a journey with I, Emperor Flor, throughout the history of armies, and into my theories of why armies have yet to die, when they might die, and how they might die!

Clans first started appearing in the middle of 2006, and they weren’t as normal as armies now-a-days, they were “armies” based off of colors, with the Red and Blue clans becoming the most popular of all thanks to the Sport Party in August, 2016, which centralized with red and blue as the two primary colors. These series of unorganized battles took place in the Dojo, which are now known as World War I – The Color Wars.
After the Color Wars ceased with the Red clan dying out due to the coup of Korn, the leader of the Red clan, clans began to undergo a major change that affected Club Penguin warfare in the long run. With the color clans now deceased, new clans were beginning to rise, but these clans weren’t based off of colors, but rather on names and clothing. Clans were now experiencing “organization” thanks to the Miniclip Forums, which are now dead. The Miniclip Forums allowed the penguins to text with each other, and establish what is the forum server: Mammoth. From then on, all the battles held on Mammoth are now categorized as World War II – The Clan Wars.


After World War II, armies like the Army of Club Penguin, Romans, Vikings, Pirates, Penguin Secret Agency, Club Penguin Army, and the Club Penguin United Nations Space Commission were created. Armies like the Underground Mafias Army, Club Penguin Marines, and the Nachos were still forming. But, finally armies became a thing, and since then, they have greatly advanced to what we have today.


After 10 years of armies, we have reached a point where armies are no longer as big or as fun as they used to be. This has been decided and agreed upon by everyone if not by almost everyone in the community. But why did armies come to this? Was it because of the toxicity in the community, the aging children who are now teenagers, or the fact that Club Penguin is decreasing in size as well? The reason why armies are dying is because of all of these reasons. All the children who one played and participated in Club Penguin warfare, are now probably teenagers, and as old as 20. They have moved on from their childhood and have continued on with their lives. When armies first began, there weren’t any accusations of multilogging, or the amount of toxicity that we have now-a-days in the community. It was just one big, happy, competitive community. Both of these factors have also helped make the last factor happen, which is that Club Penguin is slowly decreasing in size. Toxicity exists in all forms of online gaming and social media, so even Club Penguin had its own toxic players. Not only were there toxic players, but along with the botting and the cloning some armies did to gain more recruits, enraged some Club Penguin players and could have even caused them to quit.
Now that I have explained both the history of Club Penguin armies, and what could have caused the death of this community, I can now guess when the community itself will end. This probably wont be any time soon, as long as those currently in the community keep bringing in new faces into the community that will soon take over those old faces. But, if this does fail to happen, armies might as well die in 2017. Only if the nostalgia that has kept the community going up until now continues, then armies will surely last a lot longer, and will most probably soon upgrade with all the updates soon to come on Club Penguin.
The death of armies is unavoidable. Soon, Club Penguin will close down, and when that day comes, so will Club Penguin armies. But, until that day does come, it is our job as a community, as a family, to delay when armies will die, and to continue having fun as a fun community for everyone and anyone.
Here at the CPA Central, we value the reader’s opinion! Do YOU believe armies will die either 2016 or 2017? Do YOU believe armies will continue to live on? Do YOU think that armies might die because Club Penguin for the desktop will shut down? Comment YOUR opinions about the death of Club Penguin armies below!

Emperor Flor


26 Responses

  1. Repetitive topic. Armies are only dying because of incompetent leaders. RPF has gotten over 550 join page views in the past 35 hours, which means over 500 people have visited RPF through simple autotypers on CP.
    Fight the Good Fight

    • True but it is still an issue to talk about. It has been ringing CPAC’s bells for so long so it is just the “solution” of the problem or the root of the problem.

    • lol ok, keep telling yourself that

    • 7 dislikes because army leaders FEAR RPF. The RPF is the epitome of loyalty, and greatness. No one can stop the RPF. The useless leaders disliked this because they can’t get up and recruit like RPF does. They are incompetent; so brainwashed into thinking armies are dying that they waste every second of their time in armies doing nothing useful.
      Fight the Good Fight
      I love every RPF soldier

    • 7 dislikes because army leaders FEAR RPF. The RPF is the epitome of loyalty, and greatness. No one can stop the RPF. The useless leaders disliked this because they can’t get up and recruit like RPF does. They are incompetent; so brainwashed into thinking armies are dying that they waste every second of their time in armies doing
      nothing useful.
      Fight the Good Fight
      I love every RPF soldier

    • No you didn’t Chip, what’s the point in lying to yourself and everyone else when it clearly isnt the case.

  2. CPI confirmed that it will be for mobile, not computer. I am so tired of CPAC posting about this nonstop because they can’t figure out a topic.

    • Nobody said anything about it NOT being mobile. I’m absolutely tired of people questioning it when nobody said anything, we get it, it’s mobile, I wish everyone would stop bringing up the obvious.
      >Philosophy post about CPI being our death
      > Comment section: they confirmed it to be mobile!
      >History post
      > it’s mobile!
      >any post
      >ITS MOBILE!!!!!!1111

  3. this post was like half bad summation of our history page, half overkill of a dead topic that you really didn’t give any insight to

  4. If CP die… we will find new game. Easy.

  5. We are dying slowly…all of us. I think if we want to survive, we all will have to set aside our differences and join together as one. It’s the only option left if everything else fails…

  6. good i can’t wait till armies die

  7. I got bored and stumbled upon this. Been around the scene since 2007, what caused the demise was when autotyping and bots became a big theme. Club Penguin found a solution to work around that, by filtering certain words and phrases, which lead to the extinction of army recruiting events on a server. Elmikey and Waterkid both played huge roles with bots and autotyping. Yes you do get a hand full of recruits congrats, but them and their influence in their armies, leading to mass autotyping helped play a role in the down fall of armies. To be honest CPAC could be said to play a role in army extinction too, back in the days of CPUN and CPAZ, even early CPAC this wasn’t such an issue; news sites have too much influence over the community now a days. Now it wouldn’t be fair to blame just a couple of bad influences, armies and their leaders are much at fault too. But now I’m getting bored typing this so I’ll just leave it at that. Armies are boring, nothing is fun about standing in a line and doing emotes, troops are lazy, leaders don’t have enough leadership skills to keep their army going, and the game has changed.

  8. In my opinion there is a chance of buying the armies because most of the secondary leader (who make small armies ie cpsmac)are retired and currently there are only few large armies only
    After some years the CPA will be a nostalgia for many people

  9. arrmies aint dieing in 2016 lmfao probaly 2017 but not in 2016 cuz we only have 16 days until 2017 and if they die by then life is retarted

  10. Armies has been dead to me since 2016 started.

  11. So unncessary, very irrelevant.

  12. lol

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