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The Army Republic Declares War on Kings

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic’s Capital – After being allies with the Kings of Club Penguin for a few months now, the Army Republic of Club Penguin has decided to declare war on Kings. Let’s go further more into this topic.

History of the Army Republic

On the 18th of August 2007, the Army Republic of Club Penguin was created by both Mr.Geggie and 122344a. The creators worked hard and recruited for the past few days with 122344a’s old friend, Tb25. As the month of September arrived, the Army Republic made a rival army that called themselves the Sun Clan. The Sun Clan troops maxed around 8 and the Army Republic maxed around 6 troops. 122344a and Mr.Geggie weren’t afraid of the Sun Clan even though their troops maxed more than theirs. Finally, on the 8th of September, 122344a declared war on the Sun Clan. Though the Army Republic declared war on the Sun Clan, the Sun Clan haven’t even heard of the Army Republic which leads to the first battle of the Sun Clan vs. the Army Republic war. The first battle took place on the next day of the declaration of war on the Sun Clan, the Army Republic troops waited for the Sun Clan to arrive and battle them. The troops who waited for the Sun Clan are known as Mr. Geggie, 122344a, Sting TV, 007Bond, and Tb25. The Army Republic got their troops to spread out into small groups which were actually strange at the time but the strategy worked. The Army Republic and the Sun Clan fought until the Army Republic made the Sun Clan troops retreat to where they disappeared which led to the Army Republic’s first victory in the war. Days later, the Sun Clan’s leaders surrendered to the Army Republic which gave them the victory.

History of the Kings of Club Penguin

The Kings of Club Penguin army was created on the 1st of May 2015, by King89698. The Kings of Club Penguin started out as a small army maxing sizes around 5 but grew later on in the generations. Their first war was with the Atlantic Warriors, an army that maxed lower sizes than the Kings of Club Penguin. The Kings grew, improved, and started maxing 12 during the Atlantic Warriors vs. Kings of Club Penguin war. In their second generation, one of the Kings’ leaders betrayed them which led to the war with the United Shadow Agents. As the third generation arrived, the Kings got into two wars, one with Golds, and another with the Takis army. Golds maxed similar sizes to the Kings of Club Penguin which made the war a 50-50 chance to win. The Golds somewhat maxed a little bit more than the Kings in some of the battles during the war.

On the 3rd of December, Army Republic leader, Sai, released a post stating that they have declared war on the Kings. Sai stated that the army didn’t have any personal hate towards the army but that the Kings held their most historic servers and claimed one of their servers, the Kings’ capital. The Kings’ leader, Zach, replied in a post as well saying that the Army Republic are trying to steal their most important servers . Below you can view both Sai’s and Zach’s post regarding the war and the servers:

Sai’s Post

Don’t get us wrong, we do not have personal hate toward the Kings but, they are currently holding our most historic servers (including the Sheep holy land, as their capital) and after months, after months of negotiating to no avail, it’s TIME.

 Zach’s Post

Don’t get us wrong, we do have personal hate toward the AR but, they are currently trying to steal our most greatest servers and they are crossing the border as they are illegal immigrants(including the “Sheep holy land”, as it is OUR capital) and they even said: “after months, after months of negotiating to no avail” WHICH IS A LIE, from this day we shall crunch the AR, it’s TIME.

UPDATE: The Kings have shutdown which gives the victory of the war to the Army Republic. More information on the shutdown will be released soon on the website. 

Personally, I feel that the Army Republic vs. the Kings of Club Penguin war might come down to a tie. Both armies have similar sizes and the Army Republic have beaten the Kings before on top tens recently, but that doesn’t say that the Army Republic will definitely 100% win the war. The fact that the Army Republic beat the Kings on top tens just says that they have better scores or have more events than the Kings do.

What do YOU think? Who do you think will win the war at the end, the Army Republic or Kings? Do you think that there will be a tie in some of the battles? Here at CPA Central, we value YOUR opinion!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Vice President



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  1. What the fuck kind of news report is this, “lets go further into this topic” -just two paragraphs of history of each army- stupidlmao

  2. wow post why they declared war not the history of both armies. CPAC sure has fallen off include interviews with both sides on how they think about this war and there opinions on it.

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