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Champions Cup V: Semi Final Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Champions Cup V draws closer to the end of the semi-final round; four competitive armies will battle to move on and fight in the final. 

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Nachos

The Army of Club Penguin was slated to face the Rebel Penguin Federation, but dropped out of the tournament and requested that the Nachos, who took a tough loss in the quarter-final. The battle began at the Pool, where the Nachos entered with an E+9 bomb and RPF with E+8. Both armies immediately circled up afterward and began their tactics. It was a very evenly-matched fight from the start, as both RPF and Nachos were maxing 21. 6 minutes in, the Nachos did an E+D suns waterfall, and RPF responded by doing jokes and moving to a plus formation. The Nachos also did jokes and doubled up on RPF’s plus. After a few more tactics, RPF did an E+7 bomb, then made 2 lines at the top and bottom of the room. The Nachos moved to an ‘X’ formation while doing E+T. Upon entering the second room, the Ski Village, the Nachos did a joke bomb and RPF troops attacked with E+9. RPF then made an upside-down ‘T’, and the Nachos a diagonal line. They were still even in size with around 20 troops each.
They went back and forth with more tactics in their formations, until the Nachos broke out with an E+C bomb, while RPF troops chanted ‘FOR CHARLES’ and did a joke bomb. The Nachos began forming a diagonal line opposite of their previous one, and RPF sat on their troops while putting up E+9. Shortly after, the Nachos moved to an upside-down ‘T’. The judges decided to extend this battle into a 10-minute overtime, which began at the Ice Berg. RPF troops entered the room doing a joke bomb, and Nachos bombed with E+9. After their entrance, RPF troops formed a plus, and the Nachos moved into an ‘X’. Their sizes remained close, but RPF was pulling ahead with 20 compared to the Nachos’ 16. Several tactics later, RPF troops briefly piled on the left bleachers, then bombed with E+5. The Nachos countered the attack with an E+K rake. Then, the Nachos got into a plus and RPF formed two vertical lines, where they pulled off a couple of impressive word tactics. The Nachos stayed in formation for a couple minutes, then joke bombed.
Another fantastic battle in the books for this year’s Champions Cup. After the overtime, the judges voted 4-1 that the Rebel Penguin Federation won the battle and will move on to the final.
Below is a  video of the overtime:


Golds vs Night Rebels

For the second semi-final battle, the Golds Army faced the Night Rebels. The battle began at the Ice Berg, where the Night Rebels entered with an E+9 bomb, and the Golds started off with an E+M bomb. Both sides took a while to get into their first formations. The Golds made a chat bar line, and NR first tried to form a plus, then opted for an ‘L’. The sizes were very close to start off with, both maxing around 16. They started their tactics in these formations until the Golds broke with a joke bomb as the Night Rebels moved to an upside-down ‘T’ and did E+9. Then, the Golds sat on NR troops, putting up E+T after NR did E+5. The Night Rebels then did an E+7 bomb and moved to a diagonal line as the Golds did E+Q. The two armies continued exchanging tactics until Golds troops moved into an E+3 bomb. NR responded with exclamation points, and the Golds stacked at the top of the Berg, attacking with an ‘RKO’ bomb.
The battle then moved to the Mine, where the Golds entered and formed a chat bar line, while NR troops made a plus. After several tactics, the Golds did an E+6 bomb, while NR chanted ‘GAME’. Then, Golds formed an ‘X’. At this point, they still had 16, whereas NR was pulling ahead in size with about 21. Both armies did tactics rapidly in their formations until the Golds made two piles and bombed with E+D and E+N. NR countered the attack with E+8.


The battle was very close at the Ice Berg, where the Golds had a slight advantage in tactics. However, at the Mine, NR significantly improved in size. The judges voted 2-1-1 for a Night Rebels victory.
This semi-final round went down smoothly, and regardless of the outcome, all armies involved did a fine job in their battles. Remember, the Christmas Chaos will start soon after the Champions Cup ends, so everyone will have another chance.

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

Guy Who Recorded & Added The Videos

CPA Central Associate Producer


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