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Brave Shuts Down Pretzels Indefinitely | Joins Current WV Leadership

MATTERHORN, Former Pretzels Nation – After a generation consisting of eight events over a seven day span, Braveboy24 (Pretzels Creator) announces an ‘indefinite shutdown’ six days after their last event and joins the Water Viking’s current leadership.

The Pretzels have had a rollercoaster of generations over the course of seven years since the first generation in 2009. Under the helm of each and every generation is none other than Braveboy24. Brave opened Pretzels alongside Kingfunks and Milkyway on September 15th, 2009. Throughout these six years, Brave has stayed true to his home army. It was not only until just recent that things have taken a new direction.

First Event In September of 2009. Max 5.

Pretzels First Event

The generation of PCP just before the shutdown may have been short lived, but while short, it was the best placing for PCP on the CPAC Top Ten to date, reaching a record reaching third place.

Hello everyone,

I, Brave, will be closing down Pretzels indefinitely. No one is to ever recreate Pretzels without my permission

 As seen above, Brave has decided to shut down Pretzels ‘indefinitely’. The Pretzels have died off and shut down before but this is the first time Brave permanently banned the Pretzels from recreation.

Now if you’re a big Pretzels fan; don’t lose all hope because there may be a glimmer of hope. Brave also said this in his declaration of the Pretzels shutdown:

Maybe one day, Pretzels will come back, but the way that Club Penguin Armies are going right now, I honestly don’t see a return.

Braveboy also stated that he will be heading to the currently number one army: The Water Vikings.

I will be joining the Water Vikings as I will be making one last push for CPA Central Legend status.

So, why did Brave shut down the Pretzels? I took some time to interview Braveboy24 himself to get some of his perspective on his choices.

CPAC: What was the reasoning behind the shutting down of Pretzels forever?

Braveboy: Well, I didn’t want to continue to tarnish the legacy of Pretzels and diminish all that Pretzels have accomplished.

I also had the opportunity to interview some of the leaders at WV. Here are their opinions on Braveboy’s decisions

CPAC: Do you think Braveboy was a good choice for WV? (Why, Why not?) Also what  do you think of Brave’s choice to lead WV as his last run?

Buddy: Hiring Braveboy was an easy decision to make for all of the WV leaders. He’s a fantastic AUSIA ;leader and has already helped our AUSIA division this week. Regarding his decision he came to the right place for his last run. Fear The Wave (cool face on xat)

Jack283: He was a good choice. He is a great AUSIA leader and will certainly help our division rise, and I think WV is the correct army for him on his last run as well.

CPAC: Since you are also new to the WV leadership, what do you think new leaders bring to the table here at WV?

Lord Revan: It’s a new breathe of fresh air for the Water VIkings. We can look at things,see  the flaws where others in the army wouldn’t, and improve on them. Not only that but we can also bring more new people who many not join WV without our persuasion


We can gather that Braveboy is protecting the Pretzels name and honor by shutting them down, but who knows? Maybe a new generation could prove more worthy. We will have to see how things play out. We will keep you up to date here at CPAC!

What is YOUR opinion on Braveboy’s decision to shut down PCP and Join WV? How will Brave benefit WV? Will the Pretzels return? Tell us what YOU think in the comments!

– Tondra✗ –

guy at cpac who does some stuff here and there

p.s. it is my first post here at cpac, and brave didn’t answer my kiks. rip. don’t hate too much pls





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  1. Why are you posting this like 20 days after it happened

    • If you read the last part you’d see that he was awaiting an interview from Braveboy who failed to answer.

    • As Zoomey said, my post was ready. I was fully awaiting the reply of Brave. I still didn’t get to complete the post as he has not replied in full. Thanks for reading, and your worry towards late posting. 🙂

  2. Nice post! 🙂

  3. Great first post!

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