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Seven Days of Trivia — A Delve Into 2012

Untitled drawing (14)

The competition for the bonus 500 xats heats up as the CPAC 7 Gala is now only four days away.

Yesterday’s question was regarding the first Legends Cup that was held in 2010, and I asked ‘Which month in 2011 had the largest number of posts being published?. The answer was ‘December‘. The first person to comment a correct answer was Sonic, and will take home 150 xats and 5 points for their efforts. The remaining 4 (in order) were: Sammie, Turk, Bjkb1, and Ben. These people will all receive points that will contribute towards the bonus 500 xats at the end of the week.

So onto today’s song which has a 2012 theme.

2012 saw a restructuring at CPAC under the leadership of the Bluesockwa Brothers. In recent years the system for electing legends had become outdated- resulting in it becoming more of a popularity contest. Following a restructuring of the legends election system, 2012 saw a number of legends added to our CPAC Legends page. My question for today is- ‘Who are the four people that now hold a position on the CPAC Legends page as a 2012 legend?

Be sure to leave a comment below with the four names that we’re looking for to be in with a chance of taking home today’s prize. The answer for today’s question will be revealed tomorrow at the exact same time as this post comes out, and the winner of the prize will be able to collect their xats.

Be sure to return tomorrow at 16:00 EST for another chance to win!


20 Responses

  1. Pochoma123, SaW, xiUnknown and Waterkid100

  2. pochoma123, saw, xiunknown, and waterkid100

  3. Pochoma, Saw, xiUnknown, and Waterkid

  4. Waterkid100, Saw, Xiunknown,Pochoma123

  5. unk saw waterkid and poch

  6. Poch

  7. Pochamoma123, Xiunknown, Saw, and A-hole I mean Waterkid. Yeah I know am I late but I forgot all about it

  8. fuck off

  9. Pochoma123, SaW, Xiunknown, and Waterkid100.

  10. Pochoma123
    Waterkid100 < (shouldn't be a legend for a obvious reason though)

  11. Pochoma123, Saw, Xiunkown, and Waterkid100. Too easy fellas.

  12. Pochoma123

  13. Pochoma123

  14. Pochoma123, SaW, Xiunknown, Waterkid100

  15. Pochoma123, SaW, XiUnknown, Waterkid100

  16. Pochoma123 saw xiunknown and waterkid100

  17. Pochoma123, Saw, Xiunkown, Waterkid100

  18. Pochoma123

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