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The Evolution of Recruiting

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central History Desk – Pioneers like Elmikey have constantly said that recruiting is the key to bringing an army to the top. Recruiting is bringing new blood into the community and increasing the amount of people in CP Armies. In this post, I will take a look at how recruiting has evolved.

As we can clearly see, armies are falling. Normally, this community would look to recruiting to increase our sizes and bring in a flow of new recruits, but we’re running out of options. The key to understanding how we can bring ourselves out of this blight could be looking at how we recruited before Bot Recruiting and Autotyping. There has been 6 ways that this community has recruited in the past.

Manual Recruiting 2007-2009

Manual Recruiting was when we logged onto Club Penguin and tried to notify Club Penguin players about our armies. This method was largely ineffective, but many people think this led to the rise of armies such as the Army of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors, but this is largely false. Many potential recruits just saw one penguin chanting about their army and didn’t really care. It wasn’t until Recruiting Sessions started that the community started to gain a massive influx of Club Penguin recruits.

Recruiting Sessions 2009-2012

Many people regard Recruiting Sessions as logging onto Club Penguin, chanting turn green and doing tactics, but the way that this method worked in its prime was very different. Armies like Night Warriors perfected this method and it was the main reason Night Warriors were able to compete with armies like the Army of Club Penguin. They logged onto to Club Penguin daily with about ten people and they chanted recruiting phrases together. This led to people joining the army and looking it up because they saw real people dressed up in a uniform and they looked cool.

Night Warriors under Vendetta and Tomb.

Various armies also did the exact same thing. Ice Warriors would recruit all day on Sunday and bring in recruits regularly. The Army of Club Penguin also did this and former Army of Club Penguin leaders like Purpleslime4 were recruited through this method. In my opinion, if we want to try to emulate the success of leaders like Boomer20, Mchappy, Iceyfeet and Vendetta, then we need to try to revisit this method of recruiting. Sadly, this method started dying out in 2012 once Club Penguin bloggers started hosting tracker chats on xat and we started recruiting off them.

Chat Recruiting 2012-2013

Chat Recruiting was like an art. There was some people like SaW who were amazing at chat recruiting and from it, their armies rose to be the biggest armies of 2012. Chat Recruiting started off chats like Riffy8888 and had armies fighting for control of certain chats. People would offer moderators of Club Penguin tracker chats owner in their armies and try to get owner on certain chats. This method worked if you could pay the person who owned the chat, were great at convincing recruits to join, or licked the owner of the chats ass so hard that they would get owner. This method started to die out because tracker chats became inactive. We’ve seen some S/M armies recruit of CPPS chats and armies like Light Troops paying for CPPS sponsorship, but apart from that this method has died out.

Ice Warriors in 2012.

Autotyping 2013-2015

Autotyping existed long before Elmikey took advantage of it, but he took the use of it to the next level. Person used autotyping to rise Nachos, but only two people in the leadership took advantage of this method and the community expected that they were botting. This led to a confrontation between Person and Elmikey, so Elmikey took advantage of autotyping and had his whole ownership using it. RPF rose from being on the verge of death to beating Nachos in 2013 and becoming a legendary army. Autotyping uses ‘rsclient’ which is a tool for autotyping and autoclicking on Runescape which was a game that was popular in 2013. People used this program to go onto Club Penguin and autotype recruiting lines. Club Penguin eventually started banning and censoring lines. Autotyping rose armies like RPF, Dark Warriors, Pirates and Light Troops during 2013-2014. This method would be replaced by bot recruiting in 2015.

RPF in 2013.

Bot Recruiting 2015-2016

Bot recruiting has existed in this community far longer than Waterkid. The Army of Club Penguin attempted to bot recruit before, but were penalized by the CP Army Council and this method was frowned upon. Waterkid started using scripts off Rile5 and eventually had them made for him. Light Troops started bot recruiting three penguins and giving out memberships leading to them maxing 60-80 on occasions. Eventually, other armies found out how to do this. Ice Warriors started bot recruiting and Doritos took it to a whole new level. DCP started putting 6-8 bots per server and lines started quickly getting censored. Army names like the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos, Nachos, Light Troops and Ice Warriors were blocked. Hardly any phrases exist today and bot recruiting accelerated the amount of recruits coming into armies for a time, but has made Club Penguin players hate us and CP have blocked many of our phrases.

I think if we’re going to have to either revert to recruiting sessions like before 2012, or look for other ways of recruiting. Recruiting is the key to keeping this community alive and currently this community is dying and bot recruiting is like the use of fossil fuels, eventually we’ll run out of phrases, so we need to find an efficient way of recruiting that will benefit us in the long-term.

What do YOU think? What recruiting method works the best? Can you think of any new ways to bot recruit? Is Phin really a whale? Is Gobby really a goblin? Comment Your Opinion Below!


CP Army Central Editor-In-Chief


11 Responses

  1. The fact that one member in DCP bot recruited last summer, and we are still being used as an example of bot recruiting is disgraceful. Say what you please but I find it bias and unperfessional

    • He isn’t blaming DCP for nothing. He just stated that DCP was one of the armies who bot recruited the most. Also, this post is an editorial and he is supposed to express his opinion.

      • It isn’t an editorial and I pointed out various armies, but it is a fact DCP mass bot recruited and brought it to another level. It isn’t unprofessional to state facts and telling me that I shouldn’t point out what DCP did is you asking me to be bias. I provided evidence about DCP, so please explain how I was bias?

  2. Great post, verum, and ya im not back I just checked whats going on in cpa 😆

  3. Good post, but I don’t think the for recruiting method is entirely unhelpful.

  4. Recruiting is dead.

  5. The best is a Recruiting Sessions.
    “. This led to people joining the army and looking it up because they saw real people dressed up in a uniform and they looked cool.”
    YEAH! But CP moderators was banned Nachos after recruiting event, so… yes @Flame , recruiting is dead. (Bots+Autotypers = BAN)
    Meh, we are really dying + Super Secret Project… OMG, god why?

  6. phin is totally a whale

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