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Golds Return To Club Penguin

Flippers, Golds Capital – After merging into Dark Warriors and being closed for 2 months, Golds have returned under the leadership of Antonio, Tilgen, Agent 11 and Jodie. Will this new generation be a golden age, or end up being another failed generation?

Golds have remained dormant since April when they merged into Jack’s Dark Warriors. Dark Warriors never took off and hasn’t had an event to this day. Jack declared Golds dead forever after many attempts by Antonio throughout 2016. Agent 11 announced their return yesterday and here is an excerpt from his post:

It is finally time for the Golds to return to the community, just as summer break for most people starts. Last time we were unfairly shut down and we were doing just fine, but now we are independent and can make our own decisions. We will not shut down for no reason this time, it’s time for us to try to achieve the goal of 1st on CPAC, something we have not achieved yet. The original goal was to get to this point but we never got to it. With a fresh leadership with some former great leaders, we will achieve great heights, hopefully getting 30+ at some point again.

Our perseverance is amazing and there is no doubt that we are a legendary army. At this point, I do believe it is our time to reach the top.

Troops, do not slack. This is the generation where we will become the best, no matter how long it takes. We have the tenacity to never give up despite our sizes, and that’s how this generation will be. No matter how small we get, we will come through and become strong again like we have always done. If you are a dedicated troop, you will try your best to keep the Golds strong. Whether it’s recruiting, hyping, or keeping the chat alive, you must be dedicated this generation. We are in a time in armies where effort is desperately needed.

In this post, Agent 11 talks about how Jack unfairly shut the army down, but that they were now independent and not controlled by any Godfather figure. They’re now aiming to take the highly contested first place on CPAC in a season where many legendary armies have returned, or are returning like Ice Warriors and Water Vikings. He is aiming for 30+ and warning troops to not slack.

Antonio has decided to leave Silver Surfers which many people considered an offshoot of Golds similar to Dark Warriors and Night Rebels. He has given up his rank as Premier of the Communist army and made it a colony of Golds. He has given Silver Surfers 5 servers as a gift and Silver Surfers will now be pioneered by former Gold’s Commander Coqui.


This year has proven an eventful year for Golds with many new faces being added to the army. Antonio has pioneered every generation, so far this year with the most successful being under Ganger90, Miyls and Antonio. This generation was able to maintain sizes of 25-30, but many doubts were made about the legitimacy of these sizes since Ganger90 has been caught multilogging in Special Weapons and Tactics various times. Ganger90 eventually left with Wenny and they remade the Club Penguin Police Department. The two armies went to war, but eventually they reached an agreement. This generation was ended by Jack/Donut who is a Golds Legend and a Godfather figure along with Spy and Andrew24.

Golds under Antonio’s leadership.

Interview with Antonio, Golds Commander

Why did you decide to remake Golds?

Golds deserve to stay alive, the community needs us.

What sizes do you expect to achieve?

I expect Golds to start maxing at least 15-20, then continue to be stable then hit 50+ with my multilogs.

Do you have any plans for war?

Not yet.

Any further comments?

Gold Rush.

It seems like Antonio wants to see Golds reach stability and last the whole Summer instead of aiming for domination like his comrade Agent 11. The leadership is strong, but we’ve seen this same leadership except for Jodie many times and it hasn’t worked. Jodie is an interesting addition to the Golds leadership, but doubts may arise from it because of Jodie’s multilogging scandals within Water Ninjas and her commitment to Hairy Bears may clash with her duties as Golds Commander. I think this leadership will last for a solid month, but won’t see sizes over 25 and I’ll be surprised if Golds hit 30.

What do YOU think? Will Chief Keef join Golds? Will Trader return? Will Golds become the biggest army in Club Penguin and surpass Boomer? Comment YOUR Opinion Below!

Lord Verum

CP Army Central Editor In Chief



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  1. I give them 2 weeks

  2. Nice post. Been years since I’ve heard about the golds. Cool to see kiddos try to bring ’em back, even if they don’t succeed.

  3. Soo, inb4 SS closes.

  4. That pic of the SS event was lead by me, not Coqui lol.

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