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Statement Regarding the Future of CPA World Media

Hello all. The Club Penguin Army World Media conglomerate was created some two years ago in the spirit of Sklooperis, one of CPAC’s most recognized executives, who envisioned a sense of community among warfare journalists that ultimately led to augmenting the quality of the thing he most loved giving to the viewers: information. Though Skloop’s vision, called The Network, was never fully realized, it set the pieces in motion for a more effective conglomerate down the road. We, as members of this community in the year 2016, are beneficiaries of that precedent.

However, like The Network, CPA World Media has taken some time to develop and fully realize its goals, moving out of its nascent stage only recently. Earlier this year, CPA World Media executed a merger between SM Army Central and SM Army Press, consolidating the staffs of two great sites to bring quality to small and medium army news that was suffering from a focus on overcoming the competitor, and not serving the viewer. I am proud to say that this merger went off smoothly, almost without a single hitch, and that the reformed SMA Central is bringing small and medium armies a higher quality news than ever before.

It is only fitting, then, that we now turn to CPA Central. Zakster, regretfully, will not be able to announce this for a few weeks due to technical issues, but he has resigned from his position as Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central. He looks forward to giving his final remarks to the warfare community once he is able. After his retirement, Zakster will assume the position of CPAWM Divisional Manager for Large Armies, and will work with the deputies and myself to perpetuate CPAC’s community outreach and reporting quality.

Gobby, whose ease in adjusting to the leadership role and in managing daily affairs has been unmatched, will continue as the sole CEO of CPA Central for the foreseeable future. Following Zak’s retirement, many of the 2015 administrators have been replaced. Among the former staff, there were some exemplary workers, and they have remained — however, by and large, many of the staff were either inactive or in direct contrast with the spirit of army media as theorized by Woton, Sklooperis, myself and others. I am proud to announce that a completely new administration has been transferred into the various ranks of CPAC as of a few days ago. That administration, who will be serving you throughout 2016 and hopefully much longer, can be viewed here.

This new group of staff, along with the most formidable S/M news division in army history, foreshadow great things for CPA World Media. Almost ten years ago, this community moved from a notion in someone’s mind into a tangible thing, and since then, it has evolved in ways its pioneers could not have even imagined. Surely, however, there are new challenges ahead. If you like what we do here, and you’re wondering whether or not to get involved, consider this: it is true that warfare needs leaders for its armies; it is true that those armies are what this community was founded upon. However, it is also true that the great majority of army leaders, especially in the modern day, prefer to build tribes than coalitions, prefer to be leaders of their army before leaders of their community. Warfare needs great leaders, but it also needs great consensus builders. If you think you’re one of them, join us. There are electrifying things ahead.


CPA World Media President


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  3. cpac master race

  4. Some bias shit

  5. Bias.

  6. The only way that armies could be saved at this point is if honestly we as whole community shun and banish all the cheaters from being part of this community entirely

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