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Advent Challenge: Day Fourteen


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – In the second Mega Challenge, Mkbw won three tickets, with Berba winning two and Abubakar winning one. Today there are two tickets up for grabs ion the second of our AUSIA challenges.

Tomorrow we return to weekday action with the 4pm EST challenge, and you will yet again get a chance to win tickets as we are over the half-way point in the Advent Challenges.


On This Day…

  • 1972: Apollo 17, the last manned space mission to the Moon, returns to Earth, bringing an end to America’s programme of lunar exploration.
  • 1995: Leaders of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia sign the Dayton Accord in Paris to end more than three years of bitter conflict.
  • 2003: The ousted President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, is under arrest after being found by US soldiers hiding in a cellar.


The Challenge

The Challenge is to simply answer the question below. 1st to comment wins 2 tickets and 2nd gets 1.

How many people have been leader of the Army of CP?


Good Luck everybody.


CPA Central CEO


20 Responses

  1. 30

  2. 31 6 leaders led two to three times

  3. 37 leaders

  4. 29 sorry

  5. 30, unless you count two seperate spells (e.g. Mchappy leading 3 times) then there is 37.

  6. 41?

  7. 29

  8. 500000000. Anyone can be leader these days. Slime is good. Fluffy and Maxy to join forces. Mrtchy and his 1 # star Ahmed for coup.

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