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Top Ten Armies: 11/30/14 || Top Ten Formula Official Changes

NOTE: Edits have been made due to a mistake in ACP’s event quality. The Top Ten has been changed accordingly.

As Christmas draws near, we see three new entries into the Top Ten, as well as another army rising back into the Top 5. After reading the Top Ten, the official edits to the Top Ten formula are announced below the Top Ten itself.

NOTE: Also, starting this week, scores next to an army’s name will be colored red or green depending on whether their number became larger or smaller than the previous week’s number. For new armies, their number will remain black.

1. Light Troops [+2] [80.94]

2. Army of CP [+0] [79.58]

3. Dark Warriors [-2] [79.00]

4. Ice Warriors [+1] [69.32]

5. Water Vikings [+5] [65.68]

6. Winter Troops [NEW!] [56.26]

7. Striking Raiders [NEW!] [53.63]

8. Chaos [+1] [50.58]

9. Rebel Penguin Federation [NEW!] [49.88]

10. Nachos [-3] [49.56]

To see the full statistics, click here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Light Troops: The Light Troops make a rise coming in at the first place spot this week as tensions rise between them, ACP, Ice Warriors, and Dark Warriors. To start their week, their UK force battled the Nachos with sizes of 30+. Their UK then logged in again for a training session with sizes of 33+. Later, their US division then logged in for a training session reaching sizes of 20+. They then battled ACP with sizes of 30+. In their defense of Thermal, they reached sizes of 40+. In the defense of Out Back, they managed to get sizes of 20+. At the defense of Sleet, they were able to reach sizes of 30+. To finish their week, they got sizes of 37+ in their defense of Ice Rink.

2. Army of CP: The ACP remain in the top three this week. To start, they had an AUSIA training session with sizes of 20+ and followed this up with 20+ at an unscheduled UK U-Lead session. The following day they came just short of 20 at another AUSIA training session. On Tuesday they had yet another AUSIA event and this time had sizes of 15-17+. The ACP also claimed to win a battle against the Light Troops at a UK/USA battle as they maxed 25. The Army of CP continued their war efforts against the LT with an AUSIA raid of Ice Box, as they had 22+ and an AUSIA invasion of Crunch with sizes of 21+. At a UK/USA invasion of Thermal the ACP had sizes of 20+. To end the week ACP maxed 30 at an AUSIA invasion of Tuxedo and 25 at a UK/USA invasion of Sleet. 



3. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors fall two spots coming in at 3rd this week as tensions rise with Light Troops. To start their week, their UK division logged in with 17+ for a war training session. This was then followed up by two US war training sessions with sizes of 25+ in both. In their first battle of the war. they invaded the server of Ice Box with sizes of 55+. In a battle with the Nachos, they were able to reach sizes of 45+. To finish their week, they invaded Ice Rink with sizes of 45+.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors make a small rise coming in at 4th this week as tensions rise between them and the Light Troops. To start their week, they held a training session with sizes of 22+. They then raided Ice Box with sizes of 17+. In another training session, they reached sizes of 21+. In the invasion of Thermal, they reached sizes of 25+. They then held another training session again reaching sizes of 21+. In the invasion of Outback, they were able to get sizes of 22+. In the invasion of Sleet, they reached sizes of 25+. To finish their week, they reached sizes of 33+ in the invasion of Ice Rink.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings take a massive leap into the top five this week, rising five places from 10th. On Sunday the WV had 16-17+ at a UK/USA Training session. The following day they had a similar event, but this time with sizes of 15+. The Water Vikings continued to have UK/USA training sessions and on Tuesday they maxed 14. They also had an AUSIA training session, maxing 12. They had yet another UK/USA training session on Wednesday, with sizes of 15-16+ and 15+ on Thursday at a ‘Thanksgiving Event’. They also had 8+ at an AUSIA training session. They had three events in the final two days of the week, maxing 14 at a PB against the RPF, having 13+ at a PB against the Golds and they maxed 18 at a PB against the PW.

6. Winter Troops: After being ranked at the top of SMAP’s top ten last weekend, the Winter Troops are placed just outside of the top five on CPAC this weekend. At the start of the week the WT had 13+ at an unscheduled UK/USA training session. They had two USA invasions of the Puffle Warriors on Monday and Tuesday, maxing 15 and 16 on Vanilla and Sparkle respectively. They invaded the PW once again on Wednesday, maxing 10 at a UK invasion. On Friday they hit 17+ at an AUSIA invasion of Winter Land and then on Saturday they had an AUSIA cleansing of Vanilla, with sizes of 10+ and they maxed just short of 20 at their invasion of Southern Lights.


 7. Striking Raiders: The Striking Raiders also enter this weeks top ten, after being ranked 3rd on SMAP’s last top ten. The SR move into 7th on CPAC this week. They started the week with three events, maxing 4 at an AUSIA Training Session, 12 at a UK Training Session and 7 at a USA Training Session. They had the same three events the following day, hitting 6, 10 and 10 respectively. On Wednesday they had a decent UK Training Session, as they had sizes of 11-12+. Two days later the SR had a PB against the Winter Troops, maxing 15. To end the week they maxed 15 at a tournament battle against the IH and won SMAP’s Tribute to the Troops event, with sizes of 12+.

 8. Chaos: The Chaos Army retain a spot in the top ten, moving up one spot into 8th this week. At the start of the week, Chaos had 15-18+ at an Unscheduled Training Event and they also had 10+ at a USA Training Session. They had their third event two days later, with sizes of 9+ at another Training Session. This was followed by sizes of 5+ at an AUSIA Training Session. They had a good UK event on the same day as they had 15+ during that event. On the 27th the Chaos Army had 7+ at an AUSIA event and they had another AUSIA event the next day on the 28th, but this time had slightly bigger sizes of 10+. At the end of the week Chaos had 10+ at an AUSIA Training Session and they maxed 14 at a USA event. 

9. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF are the third army to move into the top ten this week, as they are ranked 9th following their placement of 2nd on SMAP last weekend. Their first event of the week came on Monday as they had sizes of about 9 at a UK event. Two days later they had their second event as they had sizes of 5+ at an AUSIA training session. They had another AUSIA training session the next day as they had sizes of 10+. They also had 10+ at a USA event on this day. On November 28th the Rebel Penguin Federation maxed 8 at another AUSIA training session. Their next two events saw they have 10+ at a UK training event and they had 4+ at a PB against the Water Vikings. Their next event saw them hit 15 at an AUSIA training event. To end the week they maxed 10 and came third in SMAP’s tribute to the troops event. 


10. Nachos: The Nachos drop down three places to the foot of the top ten at 10th. To begin their week, the Nachos maxed 8 at an AUSIA recruiting session and 7 at an AUSIA/UK recruiting session. On the same day they had 23-24+ at a PB against the Light Troops. The next day, they had 8+ at an AUSIA recruiting session and 12+ at a UK training session. Their final two events of the week came on Tuesday and Wednesday as they had 8+ at a raid of the ACP and 14+ at a PB against the Shadow Troops. 


weekly poll

Recently, bans have increased throughout armies, as moderators have been cracking down noticeably tougher on troops. One main reason that we’ve been given for these bans is the concern of “third party advertising”, which mainly comes from the heralded recruiting method, autotyping. Amongst the recent debates concerning bots and autotyping and the consequences they both may bring, we decided to ask you, the viewers, whether bots should be allowed for recruiting or not. The opinions were ridiculously even, almost breaking at 50-50. Out of 110 total voters, 56 of you (50.91%) voted they should not be allowed, while 54 of you (49.09%) voted they should be allowed. How close the voting was proves that this is a debate that won’t be going away any time soon.



Last Saturday, I made an announcement that changes would be coming to the Top Ten formula, and in that announcement, laid out many things that we were giving some thought. After a week of working with Boomer20 and both of the Bluesockwa brothers, definite changes have been determined. While there aren’t too many to the formula itself, we’ve made a hearty amount of changes to the process of determining the numbers that go in.

Changes in the Formula

  • As discussed, Event Quality will now be downgraded to 20 points compared to the 25 points it previously took up. In correlation, event quality points have been made more difficult to obtain.
  • 3-5 bar events are now worth 0.5 points, down from 1.5 points. The category has now stretched to contain 3 bar events as well.
  • 1-2 bar events are worth 1.5 points, down from 2 points.
  • Head-to-head events are now worth 3 points, down from 4 points.
  • A Divisional Flexibility metric worth 5 points has been added, measuring how effectively an army uses its divisions.
  • A UK Curve has been added that falls somewhere inbetween US and AUSIA.

Changes in the Process

  • As stated before, 3-bar servers are now listed in the lower tier.
  • ALL events on a 3-5 bar server are worth 0.5 points, not just recruiting events.
  • ALL recruiting events are now worth 0.5 points regardless of server size.
  • Time restrictions have been made to determine what truly classifies as an event in a certain division (Click HERE for more detailed information)
    • On weekdays, the following time restrictions apply:
      • Ausia events can only occur between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm JST (8:00 am to 1:00 pm GMT, 3:00 am to 8:00 am EST)
      • UK events can only occur between 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm GMT (8:00 am to 3:00 pm EST, 10:00 pm to 5:00 am JST)
      • US events can only occur between 3:00 pm and 3:00 am EST (5:00 am to 5:00 pm JST, 8:00 pm to 8:00 am GMT)
    • On weekends, the following time restrictions apply:
      • Ausia events can only occur between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm JST (1:00 am to 1:00 pm GMT, 8:00 pm to 8:00 am EST)
      • UK events can only occur between 10:00 am and 12:00 am GMT (5:00 am to 7:00 pm EST, 7:00 pm to 9:00 am JST)
      • US events can only occur between 10:00 am and 3:00 am EST (12:00 am to 5:00 pm JST, 3:00 pm to 8:00 am GMT)
    • For an easier way to view these time restrictions, click here to see a table outlining all restrictions in all time zones.
  • In the event of an overlap between two or more divisions, the event will be counted in the time zone with the smallest curve (i.e. AUSIA/UK will count as UK, UK/US will count as US)
  • Tactics will now be scored on a scale of 1-10, as opposed to the previous scale of 1-8.

We here at CPA Central hope that this can now allow us to bring you top tens that are more accurate than ever every single week.

So, what do YOU think about this week’s Top Ten? How about the changes to the official Top Ten formula? Comment with your opinions below.


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central CEO

Lord Jay

CPA Central Executive Producer

Lord West

CPA Central Editor in Chief


65 Responses

  1. groov- oh, nevermind already

  2. Good top 10, but it’s pretty obvious the “Winter Troops” are faking pictures, or using bots. All the tactics in all of their pictures are perfect, and I mean every single one (check their site). Also, it’s quite odd that an almost unknown army had that kind of size jump. Nonetheless, good top 10.

  3. Great job WV!

  4. WV is here to wank and Rise to the top five

    And were all outta lotion

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Great Job Water Vikings! ~The Tide is Rising~

  6. ACP got full event quality, please recount.

  7. Good job IW!





  9. Congratulations to the new armies in the top 10.

  10. Holy crap.

    Does this Army-Controlling ego ever stop? Now CPAC wants to dictate when we can and cant have events?

    You’re a news site. Not a rule book and not a clock.

  11. #WeWantChristmasChaosEarly

  12. Who said LT would fall under my dictatorship?

  13. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU????? :@ . NACHOS can’t be 10th,look at that image and compare it with the sr! How do you judge these things?

  14. Wow only 4/18 armies that I love are still alive and they are all in the top 5 congrats to Water Vikings Ice Warriors Dark Warriors and Light Troops the rest irdc and fanatstic top 10 though

  15. huehuehue IW’s score is 69.

  16. Winter Troops are clearly botting. They are dancing at the same time and tactics are perfect. -_-

  17. “hehe, HARDER” that’s one horny gerbil

  18. you guys do know that the nachos label bad US events as ausia right?

  19. Good job LT. In the words of the sonic generations announcer… AMAZING!!!

  20. Congrats Water Vikings!
    We are still hiring, so if any of you are interested, you know where to find me. 😉

  21. < Explains it all. I find it quite suspicious that almost every penguin in that picture are waving besides the leaders of the Winter Troops.

  22. How come Chaos only got 3 points for Aus/Asia and we had 4 events of 7-10

  23. iw 5eva

  24. Is it just me or is someone else has got the feeling that the new CPAC leadership can’t make a top ten without a mistake……. last 3 top tens contained errors. Why not look over the statistics before posting it??

  25. Good job armies! 😀

  26. Recruiting events 0.5 points? This is utterly the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. Honestly, people in CP armies nowadays have gotten so lazy that it’s worrying. I believe that recruiting events should be encouraged instead of discouraged. I find it much more fun actually having a conversation on Club Penguin to future recruits than getting a robot repeating the same thing over and over again.

    It’s better to connect and make friends with your future recruits than getting an autotyper simply telling them what to do. Also idiotic leaders asking soldiers to autotype for the army is another problem. Most of the soldiers don’t have permission or are too cautious about downloading autotypers so they don’t bother recruiting.

    Now let’s say if recruiting events were encouraged it would be everyone pitching it to help build the army. Also it would be a lot more fun, and instead of everyone recruiting on one server, the leaders of the army should set up a plan showing who should recruit on what server.

    Keep in mind kids, this is only MY opinion but rage all you want and defend your laziness.

    • sure you can do that and get like 2 recruits only because 1. less and less people play CP, which means players must recruit harder and for longer to achieve the same turnout as before and 2. people don’t have the time regardless of their work ethic

      i wouldnt say its laziness that causes us to autotype anymore so much as it being a necessity thanks to the circumstances thrust upon us both by CP and our own community

      • I agree with you that less people are playing CP but autotyping isn’t as effective as it used to be anymore. CP users are getting annoyed by the fact that that there are autotypers spamming the same sentence where they hang out and try and chat with friends. By having a recruiting event you are giving the future recruits a slice of what the army is like and showing what events would be like if you joined. Besides the average age group of CP users are 6-15. I believe that they would join more quickly when there is a bunch of penguins in the same army uniform, having fun and doing emotes rather than having penguins acting like robots, that say the same thing over and over again and don’t reply to a future troop that asks for some information, or still doesn’t understand to join.

        Also why do you think these troublesome circumstances occurred? Directly telling people to go on another site which is against CP rules and constantly doing that for long periods of time is why. If you were having a recruiting event and there are a bunch of penguins saying recruiting phrases your penguin has a better chance of not getting banned since they only last 15-30 minutes. Also at the recruiting events that I have witnessed before. There weren’t even phrases that tells you how to find the army site but instead saying the army’s name and “join now” And when people ask how to join, the army members at the event could explain to them instead of having the autotyper repeating the same thing over again and not providing any assistance to the person asking to join.

        Hardly any armies are popular around CP anymore and that’s because of the autotypers annoying the CP players and not giving a reason for them to like the army. Back in 2010, I remember armies having numerous recruiting events and many people would join in and find out how to officialy join the army on their site making that army popular. But again there are less people playing CP which is a shame for CPA.

        Also I’ve recently found out, that ACP did stop autotyping for a while but started autotyping once again because they didn’t get any new recruits. I don’t believe that stopping autotyping caused that but since having recruiting events is so idiotically discouraged now. They didn’t have has many recruiting events as they should have done. And since ACP weren’t doing autotyping, the mods and other owners didn’t bother manually recruiting at all which was lazy and uncaring about the future of the army.

        That just shows you the effects that autotyping has brought onto this community. Then ACP started autotyping again and recovered since mods and owners are unfortunately used to autotyping now and find it “easier”. Shame really.

        I do not intend to offend ACP by the way. I was actually impressed that ACP was the only army brave enough to give a go at stopping autotyping. I wasn’t surprised really, ACP has a knack for doing unexpected but impressive things. The only reason it failed was because nobody bothered to manually recruit and again since CPAC have discouraged recruiting events, ACP tried to not have many of those.

    • We stopped scheduled recruiting events last year because troops penguins were getting banned for recruiting. Now only those who volunteer to create & sacrifice penguins recruit.

  27. i know this is after WT bot usage post but its kinda obvius to see that WT used bots

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