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Top Ten Armies: 02/23/14

As we sit on the brink of CPA Central’s March Madness Tournament, there’s a lot of rank changes in this Top Ten, especially up at the top. 

Top Ten

1. Doritos [+2] [94.00] 

2. Army of CP [-1] [93.11] 

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [85.78] 

4. Dark Warriors [+0] [74.28] 

5. Nachos [+1] [73.88] 

6. Ice Warriors [-1] [69.43] 

7. Light Troops [+4] [68.08] 

8. Army Republic [+0] [67.08] 

9. Underground Mafias Army [+1] [63.60] 

10. Water Vikings [+4] [57.74] 


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!] [50.75] 

12. Romans [-5] [45.75]

13T. Striking Raiders [NEW!] [42.75] 

13T. Redemption Force [NEW!] [42.75] 

15. Metal Warriors [NEW!] [39.75] 

The full statistics can be found here.

1. Doritos: The staggering rise of the DCP continues as the arrival of ousted RPF Leader Elmikey joins the leadership in a stunning turn of events. They started the week with a bad point as many Moderators were demoted for being inactive, but this did not see many people complain as they were seen as deserved demotions. They started the week well events wise, however, as their first on Tuesday saw them hit sizes of 35-40 with good tactics and this was followed by sizes of around 35 again as they had a fun battle with the RPF. This was followed by a friday battle with the Army of CP as for a third time they had sizes of about 35. Elmikey joined the Doritos after being removed from the RPF leadership soon after this and soon after agreed with the new leadership to declare war on the RPF and invade Tuxedo. Their final event of the week came as they had sizes of 40-45+ against the Ice Warriors in a PB.


2. Army of CP: It’s been another great week for the ACP, but they dropped below the new DCP Leadership this week. They started on Sunday with a training session of sizes 35-40 and great tactics. The UK division followed this up with 35-40 once again, with decent tactics and 25-30 for the USA division. There was also good success for the ACP Ausia Division as they had 20-25 on the Wednesday. Before their final event, there was some unrest within the army as Flipmoo and Sercan both made posts stating how retirees had to leave during events and that they had to stop disrupting the army. Some of the things originally said were taken back and made less offensive. They ended the week with a fairly under-par event compared to recent standards as they had 20-25+ against the Rebel Penguin Federation, who were, for obvious reasons, without Elmikey.


3. Rebel Penguin Federation: It’s been a historical and pivotal week for the RPF as they saw influential leader Elmikey removed from the leadership by Sir Pj and Lilstar, with an election by the troops. They started the week with a UK PB with the Ice Warriors as they drew with sizes of 20-25+. This was again followed by similar sizes at another UK event the following today. Elmikey later stated that Sir Pj was “the worst UK leader” despite these being among the best UK results in armies for the week. They hit 20-25 again, this time against the Doritos in a PB, as they drew the army that Elmikey would eventually go to the following day. The leader election took place between the PB and their last event, with Lilstar winning and placing a new leadership of Lilstar, Ultipenguinj, Sir Pj and Silverburg. Their final event saw them 35-40 against the ACP in a victorious PB. They also had 5-10 in an AUSIA event.

4. Dark Warriors: DW kicked off their week with a declaration of war on AR, followed by a post later that day in which Freezie claimed AR were the worst army he had ever seen. Their first event of the week came on Monday when they had an AUSIA event against AR at which they maxed 15. Later that same day DW invaded Toboggan where they maxed 20. The war was soon ended when Vinny and Freezie agreed upon a tie, just 2 days into the war. They topped off their week with an event on Saturday where they maxed 32, following this Flare was removed from the leadership in a  coup d’etat.


5. Nachos: Their first event of the week came on Monday when they had a recruiting session at which they averaged 30-35 and maxed 40. On Saturday they welcomed Danny to the leadership, making it his second reign as Nacho leader. Nacho’s second and final event of the week came later that same day, where they maxed 17 and averaged 15. Nachos come in at 5th this week.


6. Ice Warriors: At the start of this week we saw Tes and Ben announce their temporary absences. IW had their first event on Monday, when they had an AUSIA training session where they maxed 18. They had another two events later that day, when they maxed 20 at one and 22 at another. On Friday they had a ‘chaotic’ UK event where they averaged 10 along with good tactics. IW are currently holding an election for the rank of 3ic, which are the first elections of the new ‘BesT’ leadership duo.


7. Light Troops: The Light Troops have had a very interesting week. They began the week with a practice battle with UMA, which they won with 25+ on CP. The Army then began to claim that ACP had been editing pictures and going on 5 bar servers constantly. Former Leader Spi returned to the army on Thursday. They then had an AUSIA event of 7 on CP, and a UK training on Friday with sizes of 10. The army finished the week with a training session in which they maxed 21.


8. Army Republic: The first major event for AR this week was when DW declared war on them on Sunday. The first battle of the war came on Monday at the Battle of Marshmallow where AR maxed 16. Later that day, it was agreed upon between Vinny and Freezie that the war would end in a tie. They had an event earlier that day at which they were assisted by LT, at this AR averaged 20. On Tuesday they averaged 15 at a Euro training session, this was followed by another event later that day when they maxed 24, and again 27 the next day. On Thursday AR maxed 33, sizes of which they hadn’t seen in a while .


9. Underground Mafias Army: UMA has had a better week than last week, they have had slightly improved sizes all round, and better tactics too.  They had 12 events in total, averaging 20 in the UK/US Division and averaging 7 in the AUSIA Division. The army has also maintained good chat sizes throughout the week, aswell as some good tactics. They come in at 9th this week.


10. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings regain a spot in the Top Ten this week. Their week began with a Training Session where they averaged 17, along with an AUSIA event following this, where they had sizes of 15. On the 22nd, the Water Vikings’ AUSIA Division had sizes of 8. To finish off the week, the army had sizes of 12-15 during another Training Session.



weekly poll

This week, Blue2 decided people thought he was funny and made a poll about Lord Pain. Of course, the lesson learned from this is to never let Blue2 out of his cage, but in any case, the results are below.

Click to enlarge.

New polls released every Sunday!


So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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83 Responses

  1. RPF and Nachos both had two events each, I dont understand how they could be above other armies that had 11 each

  2. Good job to all the armies who got a space in this list. All deserved it, glad the Nacho’s are back in the top 5.

  3. u know ur army sucks when you get more points in AUSIA than UK/US
    jks good job WV!

  4. How are IW above LT and AR

  5. Bullshit top 10 you noobs

  6. Acp will be number 2 seed now

  7. are the battles gonna change due to this new Top Ten?

  8. by one point XD darn it.

  9. I love how on that cp army tribute site it has LT as 5th and DW at 7th lol..

  10. 1. Doritos [+2] [94.00] Perfect

    2. Army of CP [-1] [93.11] Biased should be 4th

    3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [85.78] Perfect

    4. Dark Warriors [+0] [74.28] Biased should be 2nd

    5. Nachos [+1] [73.88] Good

    6. Ice Warriors [-1] [69.43] Good

    7. Light Troops [+4] [68.08] Biased should be tied at 15th

    8. Army Republic [+0] [67.08] Good

    9. Underground Mafias Army [+1] [63.60] Biased should be tied at 10th

    10. Water Vikings [+4] [57.74] Perfect

    Close to the Top Ten:

    11. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!] [50.75] Perfect

    12. Romans [-5] [45.75] Perfect

    13T. Striking Raiders [NEW!] [42.75] Good

    13T. Redemption Force [NEW!] [42.75] Good

    15. Metal Warriors [NEW!] [39.75] Good

  11. Great top 2!

  12. Why isn’t LT PB with SWAT where we maxed 33 not counted? It was at 2 PM EST on Saturday.

  13. > has 2 events
    > gets into top 5
    > lol’d

  14. >inb4 Elm talking shit

  15. pickle juice is the winner.

  16. Andrew didn’t even merge Golds, lmao. Like 3-4 of his friends join DCP, and he went and started recruiting with me and Toy. Get your facts straight before you get butthurt that we’re 1st

  17. Next week is when the numbers from the RPF drama will show.

    • yeah, like RPF will lose more than the 5-10 traitors who ditched us for DCP. Anyway, more people rejoined than left.

  18. 1. Doritos [+2] [94.00] PERFECT

    2. Army of CP [-1] [93.11] PERFECT

    3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [85.78] PERFECT

    4. Dark Warriors [+0] [74.28] PERFECT

    5. Nachos [+1] [73.88] GOOD

    6. Ice Warriors [-1] [69.43] GOOD

    7. Light Troops [+4] [68.08] PERFECT

    8. Army Republic [+0] [67.08] PERFECT

    9. Underground Mafias Army [+1] [63.60] GOOD

    10. Water Vikings [+4] [57.74] GOOD

    Close to the Top Ten:

    11. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!] [50.75] PERFECT

    12. Romans [-5] [45.75] PERFECT

    13T. Striking Raiders [NEW!] [42.75] GOOD

    13T. Redemption Force [NEW!] [42.75] GOOD

    15. Metal Warriors [NEW!] [39.75] GOOD


  19. good job LT. Although they should have been 1st :@

  20. Good Job, dont agree with the 11-15 but okay.

  21. LT in seventh place? That’s some bullshit right there.

  22. See Andrew? I’m not the only one who thought you stole DW’s troops to Golds.

    As said by Freezie,

    “Built an army by yourself before letting Musta/Elm/Toy inflate your ego.” – Freezie66.

  23. 1. Doritos [+2] [94.00] BIASED

    2. Army of CP [-1] [93.11] BIASED

    3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [85.78] BIASED

    4. Dark Warriors [+0] [74.28] BIASED

    5. Nachos [+1] [73.88] BIASED

    6. Ice Warriors [-1] [69.43] BIASED

    7. Light Troops [+4] [68.08] BIASED

    8. Army Republic [+0] [67.08] BIASED

    9. Underground Mafias Army [+1] [63.60] BIASED

    10. Water Vikings [+4] [57.74] BIASED

  24. Why is there always one retard to say biased like seriously shut up nigga

  25. Hopefully this rise from UMA will last 😛

  26. Bluesockwa1 can u plz meet me in xat wat chat u on always

  27. DCP got 1st because elm multilogged again

  28. true thing friend,true friken thing

  29. this was the funniest thing i have read in along time

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