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The Leaders’ Lounge With Kingfunks4 – Jerry

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – In a new column at CPAC, I will look into both influential and smaller leaders in “The Leaders Lounge” to delve into what they do, how they do it and the impact they have made on their respective army. Today’s leader we are focusing on the new ACP leader, Jerry, who has recently caused the first trio leadership within the army – labeling themselves the “Triumvirate”. I am going to look into what impact Jerry has had on the ACP.

Firstly, let’s look into Jerry’s past. Before he came to the Army of CP, he had led the Golden Troops to amazing heights before and was a part of one of the leaderships that got GT into high top ten positions, challenging the ACP for the top position on countless occasions. Jerry had been in the army for a long time and only really left when they shut down for good. Below is a picture of the Golden Troops at one of their high points.

After his time in the Golden Troops, he had a period out of armies, but soon returned to lead a medium army called the Black Rebels for a fairly short amount of time. While he led this army he had offers from multiple armies, including the Water Vikings, Army of CP and a new army that was going to be led by Lord Pain. He declined offers while he was leading the BR. Once he decided to leave this army, he soon accepted the role of 3ic in the ACP under the leadership of Cas as he took up the role of USA leader. This is when we look deeper into Jerry and what he has done in the ACP.

Before we look into Jerry’s leadership of the USA division within the ACP, we need to know the past of this section within the army. The United States division used to be the most powerful in the ACP, in fact it was the most powerful in CP Armies and it used to be ACP’s only division. According to some, the army didn’t truly have a UK division until around 2010 – which was 4 years after their creation.


Boomer 20 leads an ACP USA event with 65-70+ troops on April 18th, 2009.

The USA division continued to dominate armies until we come to more recent years. The USA division was not as strong as seen above in the Flen leadership, the second longest leadership in ACP history, but could still maintain sizes of at least 35, nearly 45, which was good enough in what was arguably a weaker community. When the USA division crumbled within the ACP is still debated heavily within the army. Some say that the USA division was already falling towards the end of Kenneth’s leadership, some say it was when the USA division lost influential leader Mchappy – but many say that the first back-to-back UK leadership of Kingfunks4 and Ekpenguin9 ultimately saw the decline of the USA division.

An all-time low for the ACP USA Division

Through this time, the USA division leaders were Capncook and Antant. Ant soon became ACP leader with Funks after Ek. Ant retired within a month sighting an “illness” and was eventually replaced with Swimmer after much pressure from the ACP to have a USA leader. While the ACP did see an uplift after the appointment of Swimmer, the USA division still failed to challenge and Swimmer and Funks’ practically forced removal by the Nachos and HSA saw yet another casualty from within the USA division.

The failing of the USA division continued until Jerry came into the position of USA leader. However, this success was not immediate as Jerry admitted upon Cas’ coup that he put no effort into improving the USA division and Cas described this as “sabotage” and claimed he “affected the ACP in a negative way”. When the new leadership of Sercan and Flipmoo came in, the ACP started to see the benefits of having the former GT Leader within their USA set-up.


Jerry leads a USA event with sizes of 25-30

While Jerry hasn’t and probably isn’t going to lead the USA division to sizes that Boomer did in the past, as that is surely impossible in today’s CP Army situation, but Jerry continues to build a previously terrible USA division, getting as low as 5 on occasions and continues to get towards the top of the pile in this division. While the ACP has the strongest AUSIA and UK divisions, which they have for a while now (most notably the UK division which has been the strongest in armies since Flipper took over), the USA division is on level terms with armies such as the Ice Warriors, Doritos, Dark Warriors and others and not far behind the Rebel Penguin Federation.


To get more information on Jerry and his ACP leadership, being the final piece of the first ever Trio-ACP Leadership, I interviewed him in the Leaders Lounge.

Q: Firstly, tell us what it’s like to lead the Army of CP. 

Compared to all the other armies I led it’s very, very different. Since ACP is unique in many ways, there are more issues and problems to deal with than there were in GT and SWAT.

Q: Why did you decide to not progress the USA division under Cassius Brutus?

It was strictly a political move. That’s all I have to say for now.

Q: How have you changed the fortunes of a previously poor USA division within the ACP? 

All it took was implementing a rigorous recruiting system. A few selected individuals helped bring in new soldiers and as we continued to grow, the ACP RF expanded.

Q: What attracted you to the ACP in the first place?

Becoming a leader of the ACP has always been a dream of mine, so when Sercan showed me the opportunity of a lifetime I took it.

Q: Do you have any other comments? 


That was an interesting interview with Jerry who clearly likes the challenges that involve leading the Army of CP and described the opportunity to lead them as amazing and that he had to take it. However, he refused to comment on the “politics” involved in the USA division and Cas’ removal.


To summarize, Jerry has overseen an amazing improvement for the ACP USA Division, completing the rise of all three sections of the army. However, he has been very selective of when he wanted them to rise and this made former leader Cas very angry, stating that his coup was fixed for a long time.

Now I want to know YOUR opinion on Jerry’s leadership. Will Jerry be able to continue the progress that he has created with the ACP USA Division, or will they stagnate or even collapse again? Comment what YOU think on Jerry.

-Kingfunks4 CPA Central EP


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  1. Thanks to slime for the name

  2. Nice post. 🙂

  3. Jerry is ausome!

  4. my uncle died today. his name was jerry.

  5. Jerry my hero!!

  6. I like this idea for a segment. I like it a lot keep it up Funks.

  7. No one else noticed the photoshop background in the title picture? 🙂

  8. “It was strictly a political move. That’s all I have to say for now.”

    You sir, are a knave and a cad. If I ever met you, I would surely call you out. But of course, you are no gentleman and would doubtless refuse.

  9. Jerry’s beginnings were in the Ice Warriors in 2008/2009 before he joined the Sun Troops with me. He led them in the Top 10 until the merge with Golden Warriors that made GT.

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