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RPF Romps Home In Practice Battle With ACP

BREEZE, ACP Empire – In a practice battle today with the Army of Club Penguin, the new Leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation proved their worth. Although the battle was eventually called a tie. The results were significant enough to show that RPF has suffered minimal setbacks since the departure of former Kingpin Elmikey.

With the departure of Elmikey from RPF, many commentators believed that without the strong “recruiting” medicine that Elmikey enforced – the army would fall apart. They also believed that a significant number of people would defect to DCP with Elmikey. Both of these have been proven wrong. What is also rather significant is that many former RPF veterans who were removed from the army by Elmikey have rejoined.

Today, the RPF took part in a practice battle with ACP. This battle was crucial because it would define how the new RPF Leaders intend to continue.

Find the following excerpt from a results posts on the RPF found HERE

Hey RPF! Today we went onto Breeze to have a fun practice-battle with our allies, the Army of Club Penguin, and lets just say it was a battle to remember! In our first US event without Elmikey as Rebel Commander, we averaged 30-35 and maxed 40! The leaders from both armies agreed that this battle was a tie. I’m so proud of you, and this battle proved that together, we are all keeping the army strong, not just the leader!

At the time of writing, the Army of Club Penguin did not have a results post up. Their statement will be added when it becomes available.

What do YOU think? COMMENT your opinion. Will RPF be able to sustain this size? Will the upcoming war with DCP to re-instate Elmikey have any major effect on RPF? Are the RPF Leaders just on a high from Elmikeys departure? 

You might think that. I couldn’t possibly comment. 😉


[☧] Max [☧]

CPA Central Vice President


12 Responses

  1. inb4 “bias” comments b/c max returned to RPF…

  2. Popular new words,-inb4 and biased-

  3. “Romped” lol. Many people who have been rebelling against Elmikey are helping the RPF. Oh and the fact RPF entered rooms early doesn’t help either.

  4. Great battle with great allies 🙂

  5. It’s what they do in the long run that matters. RPF might be getting a slight boost now, but in 1 and a half months is what matters.

  6. *insert rage comment from Elmikey*

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  8. Couping him day ago, then having a decent event the next day, doesn’t prove a thing. Give it time.

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