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RPF’s Leadership Turmoil Continues; Elmikey Leaves RPF for DCP

UPDATE [10:58AM GMT]: According to Elmikey, all leaders have been reinstated and everything has returned to normal, but there has been no update from Commando as his election still goes ahead.

TUXEDO, RPF Empire- Following internal turmoil among RPF leaders, former RPF leader Elmikey24 has retired from RPF and joined DCP as leader.

Since RPF’s own “Night of the Long Knives” earlier this week in which RPF leader Lilstar and advisor Snaily5 were removed from their respective positions in favor of “making improvements” within RPF, the RPF leadership has been under constant turmoil and change which finally came to a head Thursday night with the retirement of RPF leader Elmikey24. After accusations flew between RPF leaders Sir Pj and Elmikey, Elmikey officially retired from RPF, and later joined DCP as leader.

Commando717, former RPF leader, had stepped in and created an election for RPF leader, in which the candidates were Sir Pj, Elmikey, and ousted leader Lilstar. Several hours later, Elmikey retired from RPF and joined DCP.


With Pj projected to return to RPF as UK leader, Elmikey’s withdrawal from the election means Lilstar resumes her position as RPF leader.

DCP leader Andrew24 on the circumstances that brought Elmikey to DCP:


(Elmikey politely declined to comment on the transition.)

On DCP main chat, Elmikey and fellow DCP leaders Mustapha10 and Andrew24 discussed immediate goals for the army and answered questions from confused troops. Mustapha says that they plan on remaining allies with RPF going forward. Friday, DCP will take on the ACP, with a battle against IW scheduled for Saturday. Meanwhile, RPF will work on repairing the parts of their framework damaged by the internal events of this week.  Further updates will be added as they come in.

Elmikey’s popularity within RPF and around the army community has been disputed for some time now, and the rift between RPF leaders has been developing for days. How will this shift in power affect DCP, RPF, and the army community as a whole? Will Elmikey’s departure benefit RPF, or hurt it, in the long run? And what about DCP? As always, we want to hear what YOU think. Comment your opinion below.

-Foxtails, CPAC semi reporter


14 Responses

  1. Nope.

    RPF is too much like family to leave, all veterans have been unbanned and anyone previously banned can now re-join at their respected rank with a clean slate. The leadership will be how it was two days ago and everyone is equal. Everythings back to normal. RPF will rise. Fight the good fight.

    You should draft this post. RPF is happy now.

  2. I’ve seen this before where RPF break a part and then all jump back into eac hothers arms. Joke, and an even bigger joke is how everybody in this community had their hopes up over a single person being removed from power

    All too predictable, you just knew RPF would reunite. Nothing or nobody ever changes.

  3. I wish i could vote for the box of kittens.

  4. I don’t get anything.

  5. hot dogs are nice

  6. Haters gonna hate.


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  8. Now I see why people say Elm is a big bay.

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