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RPF Holding Leader Elections – The Circus Continues


UPDATE: 19:58PM GMT – A statement from Elmikey suggests that this election may just be a public facade to calm down the growing tensions inside RPF – and will actually have no real bearing on who will become the new Leader of RPF:


UPDATE: 15:17pm GMT – The elections end in 8 hours and Lilstar still holds a strong lead in the elections with Elmikey’s removal expected at 8pm CST today]

TUXEDO, USRPF – While Elmikey has left and returned to the Rebel Penguin Federation in the past day, temporarily moving to the Doritos, Commando looks like he is going to end the turmoil as he sets up leader elections. Elmikey, Pj and Lilstar are all in the running and all three are out of power for the time-being, with Commando putting himself in Interim Leadership for this election.

While this election has been set-up, Elmikey has claimed that the RPF set-up is like it was before – with all retired leaders and veterans regaining their respective rank. In a comment on the CP Army Central website on our most recent post, about his leave to the Doritos, he said:

RPF is too much like family to leave, all veterans have been unbanned and anyone previously banned can now re-join at their respected rank with a clean slate. The leadership will be how it was two days ago and everyone is equal. Everythings back to normal. RPF will rise. Fight the good fight.

However, nothing has been changed on the RPF website, with Commando still holding elections for a single leader. Also, all the people that have been banned by Elmikey have since been unbanned and this looks to have a massive say in the elections as CPAC has counted the votes that are not in pending comments up to 21/02/14 at 5:16am EST.

  • Elmikey – 19
  • Lilstar – 29
  • Sir Pj – 2

[DISCLAIMER: The above numbers may be inaccurate by a maximum of 2-3 numbers, but they still show the general way the people within the RPF are voting. Also, we are not sure if “advisors” are counted within the election and they are included in the numbers]

With these numbers that are coming through, is this the reason to why he is offering everyone there ranks back, with the fear of losing his leadership position? He could also be doing this as he can see that he has done wrong, or he wants to regain lost troops. However, it’s hard to see Elmikey and Sir Pj, in particular, working together again as recent posts have been fired against eachother on the RPF site. Elmikey recently posted saying “Pj Everything you say is a lie”. He also said the following about the new elections for the army:

“If I do win RPF will be rebuilt and it’ll come-back 10x better.

If You & Lilstar win RPF will be dead in 3-5 weeks and will be ripped to shreds and have no potential of growing.”

Prior to this post, Sir Pj said that Elmikey was only in the army for his rank and that he didn’t care about what the RPF do and how they do. He also said that Elmikey banned anyone that spoke against him and he only cared for himself and his reputation.

Elmikey states that he will invade RPF with another army if he losses.

This news is after the outrage of Sir Pj’s removal and after Lilstar and Snaily were removed. It was also after many things that Elmikey said about his troops and former leaders, including the calling of some of his mods and owners “noobs”, angering many troops. However, Elmikey has claimed that everything he done was in an attempt to improve the RPF and he didn’t do anything to harm the army. However, the news does not stop coming in from the chaos within the Rebel Penguin Federation and we will keep you up to date with anything that happens in the leadership struggle.

What do YOU think about the leader elections? Will all three return to their leader positions, or will one of them take the leader spot and will this result in the removal of Elmikey? Comment YOUR opinion on these developments.

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central EP

-Max, CPA Central Vice President


52 Responses

  1. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  3. Before anyone mentions it, I only have 2 votes because I told anyone who wanted to vote for me to vote for Lilstar instead. I also told them to not vote for me in my retirement post.

  4. Pj you are a true leader,unlike Elmikey,the dumbass-demoter-who-demoted-for-opinions-and-2-flip-emotes-and-also-demoted-like-50-ppl-for-unknown-reasons

  5. Commando for dictator! He rules with boxes of kittens!

  6. RPF is too much like family to leave, all veterans have been unbanned and anyone previously banned can now re-join at their respected rank with a clean slate. The leadership will be how it was two days ago and everyone is equal. Everythings back to normal. RPF will rise. Fight the good fight.

    ”If i were to lose i would simply join another army to take with me. And declare war on you. And kill you”
    Yeaaah… Really too much of a family you say?


  8. People be sucking Elmikeys dick

  9. CPAC is like a kid in a candy shop with RPF these past few days.

  10. as of 9:53 PST lilstar has 33 votes. There are 111 total comments. Pretty sure Elmikey is winning.

  11. […] RPF Holding Leader Elections – The Circus Continues […]

  12. Elm ragequit for the DCP again.

    Let’s see how long it takes for Mr. Bipolar to come back and act all sorry again.

  13. With Elm possibly gone and Lil reinstated as a leader, maybe we can possibly regain the respect that we have lost due to Elm’s terrible attitude towards the community and even his own troops

  14. So far elm has Posted almost every 5 minutes I’m online, Elm is nothing with-out RPF’s Troops, If He was the guide to RPF why didn’t HE create it? The fact he posts every 5 minutes proves hes TRYING to defend himself, Why he’s staying when half the community Hates him is the real question He is doing more harm to RPF by getting CPAC attention than PJ was.

  15. No matter what it’s clear none of the leaders have any power in RPF. It has been made clear all power lies within Commando’s hands.

  16. Anyone have an update on the voting with a little under 3 hours to go?

  17. I honestly believe Red Gush is capable of leading.. And for Pj, I think is a very fair leader. He cares for others, and I do not blame him at all for demoting somebody who does the ‘flip’ emote. He knows how to lead, and what is right. That is what RPF truly needs.

  18. vote results
    elmikey-51 votes
    sri pj-51
    lilstar-36 votes
    100% counted.

  19. sorry there was a recount:
    sri pj-50
    non voting-2.
    101% counted.

  20. it’s true. your 1000000000000% wrong dude

  21. THIS JUST IN: RPF is officially dissolved
    commando told me on RPF chat. And merging into doritos and lilstar

  22. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 9
    Structure & Language: 10
    Overall grade: 9.5

    woo, great post.

    This post was added to the staff record page.

  23. Ogod, now all of DCP is going to be trapped under Elmikeys spell. Once again, ELMIKEY HAS MANIPULATED YOU. I also find it funny how in Elmikeys retirement post he mentions “I’m turning 18 soon, I am to old for this game.” *Joins DCP* HAHAHA. You know this shit is getting funny to me now.

  24. Wow, my trust definitely is betrayed

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