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Doritos and RPF Clash in a Practice Battle

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – RPF and DCP dueled in a practice battle, showcasing the power of both armies in spite of recent leadership turmoil in RPF.

This was a highly anticipated “friendly” between the number two and three armies in the latest CPAC Top Ten, and was an important battle for both sides to make a signal of intent to the ACP that they are here to try and take the number one spot out ACP’s grasp.

The Doritos, with very good sizes, execute an Igloo tactic on the RPF

The Doritos, with very good sizes, execute an Igloo tactic on the RPF

The Doritos gather in the town after (I believe) the event.

The Doritos gather in the town after (I believe) the event.

I interviewed Mr Waffle45, a DCP 2ic, for his thoughts on this event:

CPAC (Ajman): How do you feel that the practice battle with the RPF went?

Mr Waffle: It went well judging by the pictures but I was unable to attend because I was UK.

CPAC: How do you feel the DCP are in terms of stability compared to the RPF.

Mr Waffle: Personally, I feel DCP is very stable and RPF quite stable as well.  RPF is simply in a slight time of problems but they will recover.

CPAC: How has the merge of the Golds this month effected the DCP?

Mr Waffle: No doubt it has affected DCP for the better considering we have the leadership of Andrew, 11, and Trader.  Not that we couldn’t fair before, but their work is any good.

CPAC: What is the next goal for DCP?

Mr Waffle: I want to bring our UK division to a solid 35+ and maybe even past that.  As a whole, our goal is to simply make number one on CPAC and continue practicing the good values we do as an army, and also to remain growing and help the community for the better.

Here are the RPF’s photos from this event:


RPF Executing a tactic before the event


RPF Executing a very good “angry” tactic on the Iceberg

RPF doing a pizza emote in the forts

RPF doing a pizza emote in the forts

I also interviewed Vo Yo, an RPF 2ic:

CPAC (Ajman): How do you feel that the “friendly” battle went for the RPF?

Vo Yo: I thought it went well.  No leaders were there so both Second in Commands lead.  Both armies did well.  Our sizes were even and we agreed to a tie.

CPAC: Do you think that soon you will be able to get the number one spot?

Vo Yo: Well, I’m confident we will.  RPF is going to start recruiting since the recent scandals have ended.  We will rise.

CPAC: How happy are you those scandals have ended?

Vo Yo: Very.  But I’m sure some Anti-RPF will try to destroy us.

CPAC: Are you confident you can beat those forces?

Vo Yo: Yes, RPF will never fall.

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

Vo Yo: No problem.  Fight the good fight.

This event was deemed as a good, fun event by the owners of both armies.  Of course, with the DCP they have their sights set on gaining the number one spot on the CPAC Top Ten, and the RPF after the current turmoil in leadership is over, which you can read about here, will have the exact same goal.

Both armies had decent turnouts for troops and today the Doritos have a practice battle with the ACP, a highly anticipated battle between two of the most powerful armies, and the RPF also have a battle against the ACP tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed this post today.  If so, please hit the like button just so I can see what you guys think of my posts, and also comment your thoughts on all this, and who you think sill win the battles this weekend!

Signing Off,



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  1. cool… that’s all I have to say.

  2. Waffle is a liar he is Usa

  3. In the picture where you said “after”.. it was actually like 20 minutes before. Nice post though

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