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Summer @ CPAC: CP Army Awards Voting

As the summer will soon come to an end, in partnership with Small and Medium Army Central, The Stale Nacho News, and The Clover, here’s the post where you, the viewers, will cast your votes on the highs and lows of the Summer. 

CPAC will be hosting this summer’s awards in conjunction with multiple sites. This post is for both the Large Army Polls and the Joint Polls — polls SMAC and CPAC are both holding, the sort of things that aren’t specific to a denomination such as small, large, or medium. Without further adieu, the polls are below, along with a short description of each category. For anyone who would like to cast their votes on SMAC’s polls, they may do so here.

The Large Army Awards

Best Leader

The best tactical leader must be a top 20 army leader (Medium or Large armies) and they have to had made a huge impact on the army community as a whole this year through their army. Many leaders have come and gone in the recent months, and you can vote for your favorite.

[polldaddy poll=7316362]

Most Achieved

This can be a leader, but we are looking for more of a person who has risen through the ranks in many armies and has made themselves known during this years summer. They may be someone who has become new high ranks in many armies or organizations such as a new site, or someone who has just generally impacted the community through their beliefs.

[polldaddy poll=7316384]

Biggest Army

Obviously, this means who has been the biggest army during the summer. Since the beginning of this June, countless armies have fought for dominance and many have held the number one spot, but we’d like to know who you think is the king of them all.

[polldaddy poll=7316388]

Most Dramatic Fall

A few armies have had huge falls during the summer. We are letting you vote on who you think has had the longest and hardest fall of the summer and for everyone to see who has fallen by a huge margin. This could be from going to first to tenth, or going from third to seventh or anything else.

[polldaddy poll=7316402]

Biggest Rise

We had the biggest fall, so we need to biggest rise. They might have reached the top three and stayed there for a large period of time, or beat a huge army in many battles.

[polldaddy poll=7316407]

Best Owner Rank

Leaders not included!

Second in commands and third in commands are a big part of an army. To be a good 2ic/3ic, you must be able to lead and post like a normal leader does. You should be able to take command when a leader is away and lead when a leader is AFK or talking to the other army. But, who is the best at that?

[polldaddy poll=7316430]

Biggest Retirement

Many People have retired from armies over the summer. We want you to decide which was the biggest retirement and who affected their former army[ies] the most.

[polldaddy poll=7316439]

The Joint Awards

Best Army News Site

Many news sites have both sprung up and continued to hold their position as one of the major sources of army news. We want to know which one is your favorite.

[polldaddy poll=7316506]

Best Army News Site Head

There are many prominent news sites in armies, and many others have risen to prominence this year. We want your opinion on who you think manages their site the best.

[polldaddy poll=7316442]

Best Tournament

Not only have CPA Central held tournaments,  SMAC and other sites have also held tournaments of their own. This tournament must be liked by a lot of armies and people, and should be a huge one.

[polldaddy poll=7316450]

Best Reporter

Any worker that has worked at any major news site during the summer as an official staff member is included. This includes people who retired during the summer and people who were hired.

[polldaddy poll=7316461]

Best Philosopher/Editorialist

Along with those on CPAC, SMAC, and other various sites who report the news, others are hired for the job of Philosophy. Also, the term “Editorial” has recently become prominent in many media sites, and have largely impacted armies during major wars. Many prominent minds have impacted armies recently, and we want your opinion on who has impacted us the most.

[polldaddy poll=7316467]

Best Satirist

The satire category has also recently come to fame here in the army world. Originally branching out of the CPAC Site, it has now also moved to SMAC, and has even had sites formed who are specifically devoted to that genre, such as The Stale Nacho News. We’d like to know who you think has been the most prominent in innovating satire and making you laugh the hardest.

[polldaddy poll=7316471]

Best GFX Designer

Following the retirements of two of major major GFX Designers, Pochoma123 and Tomb147, several other people have become prominent in the graphics world. We’d like to know who you think has achieved the most so far this year.

[polldaddy poll=7316475]


Make sure to place your votes, voting only lasts a week! Good luck to all those who have been nominated!


CPA Central CEO


77 Responses

  1. Tbh Loiy1 should’ve been in there for best owners, ran the Shadow Troops for 2 weeks to sizes of 15+, without much army experience before.

  2. funks 4 best leader, best reporter and most achieved.
    wv 4 biggest army and biggest rise.

  3. HSA shouldn’t be in these awards, they died down well before June

  4. Reblogged this on CPA Central and commented:
    Check out this voting for the CPAC Network!

  5. Vote Dash and WV for free cookies. ;D

  6. Nn for best News Site Head ofc. Not as if his “The Clover” gets 2 views per day or anything…

  7. im best cactus slug

  8. You know there was shit leaders when Freezie/Mr Co Ninja is on the poll for Leader of the Summer. Never knew stealing others credit (Dx, and Funks) would get you on here.


  9. dpd 4 best reporter

    where the fuck am i

  10. I vote for best Chippy

  11. As leader of WV for 2 weeks this Summer, this is an injustice that I am not on the ballot.

  12. The stale nacho FTFW

  13. Nachos don’t vote for RPF. RPF don’t vote for Nachos. It’s that easy.

  14. I didn’t get nominated for best owner, and fiffylog who’s been inactive for over 2 months did? Come on D: fix it plex?

  15. Vote Tomato for all the polls that he is on (wary)

  16. Where is the most negative award.. 🙁

  17. where is lord jay that army republic 2ic on best owners poll? i mean really you put blondie and emma and candy but not lord jay?

  18. why aren’t i there fools

  19. Thanks again B1

  20. DCP had a pretty big rise from 8th to 2nd lol


  22. Vote Candy for best owner and AR for best army and get free candy ;D

    • why get disgusting free candy form you that probably has razor blades in it when i can just wait till halloween

  23. For me being Kevin, I’m going to be trolled hard. Elmikey deserves best leader. Yeah, he was annoying. Most of the worlds leaders being Presidents, Warlords (ALALALALALA), Prime Ministers, etc. are annoying as f*ck. But Elmikey led an army out of the ruins of Tuxedo, to number 1. RPF> Biggest Rise>Best Leader> Elmikey. Someone will probably win just for being well liked, but the true best leader is Elmikey.

  24. i think we can all agree that the stale nacho has all the good reports and best award-winning reporters.

  25. The Most Achieved Award shall go to our buddy, Lawd Pain.

  26. You should all vote me, West for best owner rank. If you do, I’ll give you a free light up dildo! 😀

  27. The fact that Im not even on best owner rank, or even best leader, or even just most achieved irks me. Considering I’ve led DCP, and been a loved owner rank in DCP for a year now.

  28. so you ppl put me on there… cool. am i suppose to do something now? like a campain where i go around saying “VOTE FOR BLONDIEE!!!!!” like some others are? o.O

  29. Complete bias. PR should be in Biggest Army poll.

  30. Great to be nominated!


  32. I should be on there somewhere -wary-

  33. I’m gonna go for Dash since he promised me KFC AND COOKIES! dash ily <3

  34. Vote TSN, its just too damn funny

  35. Greetings, CPAC. I have created a DDoS’ing program which I will be using to help RPF. I will be publicly giving it to troops on the RPF chat.

    If you’re an enemy of RPF, you’re screwed. 5k shells loaded into this program–locked and loaded.

    ~Fight the good fight

    • I should comment that I checked this comment and the copy one left on the Satire Top Ten post: both have the same email, but two different IPs. None of the IPs, nor the email are anywhere close to the comments left by Elmikey.

      In other words, it’s fake.

  36. Voted! I’m aiming to be on the next awards ;D
    You should have made a ‘Best Moderator’ and ‘Best Member’ award along with the owner one.

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