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Doritos Declare War on Underground Mafias Army | Battles of Bunny Hill and Mittens

DCP Empire, BUNNY HILL, MITTENS- Just as the war between the Army of Club Penguin and the Underground Mafias Army came to an end, UMA found themselves in war once again, this time with the Doritos.

On the tenth of August, DCP declared war on UMA.  They posted several invasions of UMA servers on their website.  At first, UMA dictator Wgfv hadn’t planned on fighting  DCP, as stated in a post on the UMA site:

However, every few months the DCP get an insane notion that they are people and start to get greedy and take more land. This is just that time of the month for the DCP as they think they are somehow an army. The DCP invaded Bunny Hill today, because I had told the UMA to go ahead and ignore it seeing that I do not really consider the DCP an army.

Now that they think they actually hold UMA land we have to get involved :roll: . So we are actually going to go defend from the silly colonists.

DCP went ahead and invaded Bunny Hill.  UMA did not show up to the battle.  Below are some pictures from the battle:


dcp vs uma war

The defenses from DCP were then posted on the UMA site.  The next battle that took place was the Battle of Mittens, which was far more interesting.

Below, UMA does the E+H tactic while DCP does a joke bomb in the Town.

Below, DCP does a joke bomb while UMA does an E+9 bomb in the Town.

Following the battle of Mittens, both DCP and UMA claimed victory.  UMA posted the following on their site:

We started in the Town where DCP saw our sizes and decided to run likes rats to the forest. Eventually, they came back challenging us to a twerking contest. We accepted. First up was Wg, who blew Mustapha out of the room a d that was enough to win the town. The battle continued at the Snow Forts where DCP didn’t dare continue into. Thus forcing UMA to attack them back in the town. DCP attempted a circle but it ended up looking weak and they soon abandoned. UMA destroyed DCP in town and we decided to end the battle in the Forts.

When asked about who won the battle, DCP leader in training West replied:

Our sizes were bigger than UMA’s.  We clearly won the battle.

There are still more battles left in the war, and there’s no telling when it will end.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battles.  Who won the battle of Mittens?  Who will win this war in the end?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief


11 Responses

  1. bad pics 🙁

  2. The war has been ended. But this is not fully confirmed by both sides yet.

  3. you motherfucker tomato
    I made a draft of this report meaning to complete it later and you stole my idea and posted before i could

  4. “This is just that time of the month for the DCP as they think they are somehow an army.”

    Its that time of the month when Musta gets his period.

  5. UMA is much better than DCP.

  6. West claims their sizes was bigger when UMA had a bigger chat and 2 more on CP, suck it whore.

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