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Edd64, Nachos Leader, Announces His Retirement

FJORD, Nachos Empire – Edd64, the controversial leader of the Nachos, announced his retirement following the Legends Cup earlier today.

Prior to the Final, Edd had announced he planned to retire, regardless of the outcome of the battle. A few hours after the devastating loss which rests upon an otherwise unblemished summer of successes for the Nachos, Edd kept true to his word and released his retirement post.


Not many of you guys know this about me, but I am a man of few words.
About three years ago, I joined this army aspiring to be one of the best leaders that we’ve ever had. Well, as soon as I made my way through the ranks, I realized something. It’s not the leaders who make history, it’s the soldiers.

I’ve made so many great memories during my tenure, namely our Defense of Fjord against the Doritos. We hit 60 for the first time I’ve ever seen in the Nachos. But, this summer may have been the greatest summer an army has had in three or four years.
Sadly, my reign of leadership has come to an end. I would like to go over some of the best moments that have happened in the Nachos when I was in the army.


Nachos Final Battle With RPF in our long War. Reaching 70+


The First time in years an Army has his 60 on Club Penguin. (Recruiting Session)


Nachos Victory Over the Army of Club Penguin in March Madness. (Nachos go on to win the Tourny)


Nacho Armies 2013 Summer war Slogan that I created. (We didn’t lose a war)


2013 Legends Cup Finals (Maxing 65-70)

Now, I would Like to make a special edit for a Website known as “Club Penguin Army Central” You should honestly stop all of your tournaments and think about how retarded your website really is. Your news is bad, and your judges are even worse. You obviously cannot run a Tournament or a website. If  you call yourselves a new site, I’ve got some news for you.  Your website sucks major asshole.

Now, since I am much too lazy to think of a whole new way to make a retirement post, I’m just going to talk about the people I like, or who has helped me over the years.

Puckley: I love you. You’re the reason I was made Nacho Leader, and you’re the reason i stayed in Nachos for as long as I did.

Ads: Even though you demoted me 8,000 times, and fired me another 2,000 i still got leader, and I thank you for not firing me this generation of the Nachos.

Beeky: Even though at the beginning of our leadership you didn’t do much, I think you’re funny. Like that one time when you got IP Banned from all Word press Websites.

Fido: In 2010, we were pretty good friends, we patrolled everyday, and we became the last 3 Golden Troops there has been.

Jboy: Oh man, where do I start, I’ll start in 2011 when we were both ranking up together. We were planned to be leaders together in 2011 until you became inactive. But, you know, look where we are now. We’re best friends and that is all that matters.

Elmikey: Eh, screw you.

Commando: Get a life you 50 year old pedo.

Pechu: I feel like we haven’t even met. But I know one thing about you. You’re into Pokemon.

122344a: I thank you for training me to be leader. I remember when you paid me 800 xats to make 1 AR event in 2010 also. Maybe i should’ve kept that to myself, but you know, yolo.

Ioioluk: If you didn’t rage hardcore and demoted your troops every other day, I would consider you a good leader. But I still remember when we were in BMA together.

Capn: You’re worse at leading than Funks was. I hope you step down so ACP doesn’t die…

Tori: Even though you’re in ACP, you’re still a pretty  cool cat.

Alessa: You hated me in 2010… You hated me in 2011… And you liked me in 2012! I don’t get it. Just hate someone, or like some one.

Cool (Can Of Juice): When I leave, I might visit our side once a month, so i expect to see 2 UK events a week, and result posts. Keep up the good work.

Tanman626: Thank you for letting me be your golden troop. You’re the reason I am who I am today, You know, besides raging at CPAC for being completely retarded.

Dash: I hope you know this… You have the Brassiest ass in Club Penguin Armies.

Blue1: No, just no…

Blue 2: Fix your website bro.

-Edd64, Former Nachos Leader, August 10, 2013

Full post.

The Nachos experienced one of their greatest golden ages under Edd and his co-leaders, and his presence will be sorely missed by the army. His retirement comes in a controversial time, as rumors of war with ACP or RPF are circulating through the army.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣ 

CPA Central CEO


19 Responses

  1. Even though I see you as an enemy from RPF, I can really tell you did a good job leading the Nachos Empire. You will be remembered from your troops. *salute*

    Ps: I 50% agree with you about CPA Central.

  2. It’s true, Dash does have the Brassiest ass in CP armies. Just finished up my tests a couple days ago.

  3. See ya Edd. It’s sad to see one of the first leaders I’ve joined under, leave. You will be missed :c

  4. “Dash: I hope you know this… You have the Brassiest ass in Club Penguin Armies.”

    I’m getting a little tear in my eye. ily Edd. <3

  5. “Elmikey: Eh, screw you” xD

  6. Even though we did not really talk with each other, it has been a fun time watching you lead the Nachos. Have a fantastic life.

  7. Have a good life.

  8. These armies have becum dickaty

  9. Oh. Wow. Threw out all the PC huh? I can respect that.

  10. Personally I’d like Edd to explain what is wrong with CPAC instead of telling us we suck, our judges suck, and our staff sucks

  11. I actually genuinely like you during our casual conversations Edd, and you were a fantastic leader of the Nachos.

    That said, good riddance to the side that is the fountain of butthurt that has plagued my tournaments for almost a year.

  12. Lol, sad to see you go Edd, Viva Los Nachos, and, Fuck the ACP. Ps: I love the Commando but XD

  13. the world just got a little more peaceful

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