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Do Armies Have a Problem, and Is There a Solution?

Many older members of armies claim that Club Penguin warfare a few years a go was better than it is today. Most of them professed their reasons as being the battles at the old dojo on the server, Mammoth. What made this early era of Club Penguin warfare so addicting and fun? Has it stayed like this, become better, or become worse? This article will attempt to contrast the newer practices of armies from the old, and possibly be giving you a better understanding of why warfare no longer is the way it used to be. 

A major change that has developed since the “olden days” of warfare is the diversity of armies. There is no longer a way to possibly register the number of armies that are currently active. In 2007, there were basically three to five significant armies, depending on the month. However, with the presence of more armies, it splits the total army population in more ways. What does this mean? Armies are smaller. Most people believe that Armies have been shrinking since 2010, but they are most likely noticing the members of large armies, such as ACP, Nachos, and IW, moving into different armies, thus making it seem as if the Cp Army population was shrinking. An obvious downside to this occurrence is that the battles between two armies are no longer as “epic” and server wide(taking place in multiple rooms, and sometimes servers) as they once were. However, more army diversity has allowed for more leaders to arise and for more options amongst new members to the army community. 


A second major change that has occurred over the years are the news sites, such as CPAC and SMAC. 5 years a go, there was no official “Top 10 list,” or a an actively updated news blog that informed the entire army community on how each major army is performing. News was specific to each army on their respective websites, if they had one.  News sites changed armies in many ways. It nullified the necessity of intelligence departments in armies. Before declaring war, armies used to have their members research a different army to ensure it was winnable by entering their chats or participating in their battles. News sites have made it a convenience to all armies to show every army’s performances during each event. 


A third and final change that will be discussed in this post is the increase of organization amongst armies. For example, it is required to schedule an invasion in order to take another army’s server. During 2007, armies would randomly enter the mammoth dojo and begin throwing snow balls at each other. Soldiers usually did not ask for permission when doing so, but rather did it for the enjoyment of a continuous battle that lasted days every time. An obvious downside to this is that it would be difficult to declare who won and lost due to the chaos. Nonetheless, this random and unled fighting encouraged many troops to test their fighting skills and log onto club penguin without having to be ordered.


These three changes, amongst many others that weren’t mentioned, have obviously made Club Penguin Warfare a far different place than what it was a few years a go. Was it better back then, or is it more fun now? Do we change to the way it used to be or do we go bolder into new ways and practices of taking over the battle field on club penguin? That is for you to decide and interpret.


~Neos aka Johnnyluke


55 Responses

  1. I think we should just start going on CP more. I know that some of us don’t like going online, but us fighting on CP daily will likely spark interest in armies once again.

  2. Go back to old ways before it’s too late. I was just talking about this with Dj. You have less than a month before you miss your window. CPAC needs to organize something fast they have the power to get all the armies attention. CP recruiting will be IMPOSSIBLE if all these armies autotyper’s keep at it for the next few weeks thus ruining any chance we might of had at fixing cp armies.I proved CP Recruiting works, if one person recruits one CP player a day we’ve just doubled the entire community and have replaced the ones who don’t want to log on cp to battle. Heed my words, do it now before it’s too late. Even your warfare pioneers who made this are telling you what needs to be done. Even scheduling daily Club Penguin army gatherings/battles on the same server everyday can kick this off. Mammoth became a war server from two miniclip forum thread post’s which I’m sure got fractions less views than all of us put together.

    • Totally agree, CP recruiting is becoming necessary as more armies gather recruits from non-army cp xats

    • Stop preaching this doomsday nonsense. You cannot return to the “Golden Days” because that was a completely different era. It’s like trying to reform the current US to become the Roman Empire. The world has grown, changed, evolved, some for the better, and some for the worse. It’s not as if the Golden Ages were all sunshine and lollipops either, let me remind you.

      And as far as the autotypers go, you are just as guilty there as anyone else (if not more so).

      Mammoth is dead, accept that, move on. Miniclip’s Forums are gone, accept it, move on. If all you (and everyone else) do is talk about the “good ol’ days” of this and that, we’re never going to get anywhere. As Wg said, look around you. Armies are hitting record sizes. There is greater troop diversity and a larger amount of stable Top Ten armies than ever before. The First Golden Age is gone, and we need to stop trying to bring it back. Instead, let’s work toward bringing the Second one that is nearly upon us into the light.

      You can’t wish to bring back methods of war, recruiting, and play that have long been phased out overnight. Perhaps there was a reason they were phased out: evolution is not random, it happens because something works better than the version it replaces. Armies have evolved, and if you and all the others who preach of our death if we do not return to the “Golden Ages” cannot accept this, then it is YOU who will be bringing us down, not vice versa. People simply do not want to be on CP all day, every day, having random battles for what they see as no reason. The “war server” concept is long dead, you and dozens of others before you have tried to revive it (and I know because I sponsored most of their projects). All of them failed.

      Why, you ask? Because it is a remnant of the old days, when people were different, the game was different, and the way we played it was different. It has been phased out by the evolution of armies, and as you can well see it is far from critical to our survival.

      There will be no doomsday. Armies are not dying. Armies are evolving, and if you can’t get on board before it’s too late, then you’re nothing but an old man who refuses to accept that the times are changing.

      • All those times you tried armies weren’t getting CP Reruits, The Rebel Penguin Federation brings in 800+ CP recruits a month. I’ve talked to dozens of kids that I brought in from CP and they ask why we don’t throw snowballs and have real wars. They also say this whole method is completely retarded and stupid. The reason why armies on cp are dead is because the leaders of today prefer to compete on your top 10 instead of compete on the actual game Club Penguin so instead they have smiley face dance offs to take a picture and send it in to you. The reason the old ways were phased out is because the RPF ended a massive war that should have never ended then had the idea of a nation process, eventually armies moved out of mammoth and into xat. Over the years people stopped wanting to play CP like we used to, but the CP recruits do. The CPAC doesn’t have to support us because they don’t want this change to occur probably in fear of losing “business” You say people don’t want to be on CP all day that is true you’re acting like to keep this alive people actually have to be logged in 24/7 that is completely false we have different members come on at different times of the day. Are you stupid? I was referring to miniclip forums because I’m positive the army threads that were on it for a short amount of time got way less views than all of our army websites. That’s great that armies have evolved and whatnot though we’ll still be able to invade/defend land but why can’t all the armies just send their recruits to play together on the same exact server? At least tell me why you cant support that, are you scared?. I’m not trying to bring back mammoth we’re trying to bring a different server to life and let mammoth rest in peace. If you’re against this that’s fine because you know armies will stop wanting to compete on your website that’s holding us all back and they’re terrified to go against you in fear of losing their “top 10 status” . Done.

        • Why is it that you somehow believe RPF was the axis of every pivotal event or change to ever occur in armies?

          And I’m not going to support something that is unneeded and destined to fail.

        • You are the most hypocritical person in this community. If you are so indifferent to the Top 10 why do you herald RPF’s first ranking as a hallmark of your return?

          This did not happen over night Elm. We took something that was fun and made a community of it and it is because of innovation that websites sprung up, chats were formed, graphics were made.

          If you want to see what happens if you stay on one server all the time. I encourage you to delete RPF’s site, reset your chat, and just stay on CP. If you do this we can REALLY see how well things will function.

          If you truly suggest that this was a golden era over something like this then you are mad.

          • Why are you comparing a small RPF recruiting event in 2007 to a 2013 Nacho snow fort smiley face dance off?

          • You don’t get it. When you were around 30 was massive. Armies were smaller which is why we had more fighting, because we could fit. You want us to go BACK to when we were on all the time, when armies got 15-20 and were huge? We were there, it was hell. 2007 armies were small. 2013 armies are large. If you want to go back to the old days, go right on ahead. We prefer having these “dance offs” as you say. Why? Because it makes it easier on us to direct and lead these battles. You missed Wg’s point completely. Go ahead and go for his suggestion, see how long RPF will last if site is made private, Chat reset, and you only fight on CP. Your troops will be lost, unable to do anything, your army will die. Quit telling us to go back to the old days when you yourself cannot do it. Actions speak louder then words.

          • It’s not a smiley face dance-off, it’s MODERN CP warfare. You don’t see people preaching constantly to the army about bringing swords back because they were historical, do you? Then don’t do the same thing here. Nobody is bothered about some snowballs and miniclip, because if we used snowballs, nobody would admit to being hit by them anyway PLUS it’s boring. Warfare’s EVOLVED, and besides, it’s much more interesting to see how your army develops when the amount of emotes on the screen gradually rises. So please, quit ranting about the ‘old days’ and accept that we’ve moved on and re-enacting the old days would be a massive FAIL. If you wanna go ahead and delete your site, chat, do no tactics(meaning you’ll lose every battle) and stay on a server which belongs to somebody else (putting you in endless war), then be my guest.

        • Oh my… Firstly, stop acting like RPF are the Gods of CP and they can bring change, secondly, stop living in the past. Just stop cring and accept that we’ve moved on.

        • >Armies care too much about Top Ten

    • CP Armies aren’t BORING or ‘worse than they were in the old days’, you just won’t accept that you have grown out of CP. As I said in my other comment, nothing will reignite the veterans’ interest in CP- throw all the miniclip and snowballs you want into CP, but the truth is, nothing will change (in fact, it would be worse) and you’ll find that you probably just aren’t interested in CP. You can’t blame the adaptations of CP warfare for this. Think, though- why are you one of the only few who proposes these ideas? Everyone else (aka the audience most likely younger than yourself) can adapt to these changes comfortably.

  3. The solution is probably to recruit more………. Isnt it obvious?

  4. Club Penguin warfare will never be what it was because Club Penguin will never be what it was. End of discussion. Us old guys need to learn to let go because we need to learn that it just wont ever be the same. And recruiting nowadays is so hard, you have to worry about being banned for saying certain things, and kids on club penguin are just plain stupid, they never seem to actually find the website or they just like don’t know how to join…

  5. Well the shit were doing now is booorrrrinnngggg.
    Perfect lines, organization, joke bombs, and mad faces? Wtf.
    No wonder we’re laughed at. + Flame Wars

  6. The real solution is sacrificing a few armies to the Gods of club penguin (billy bob and Rsnail), then after that good blessing will surely come from the club penguin enforcement team

  7. Most people here are in favor or CP, let me describe why I think it won’t work so easily.
    Bots are becoming a norm for armies whether they admit it or not. That tactic is not new, just it has become more popular. Going on CP for some of us is a chore because our computers cannot handle CP, I know mine can’t when there are many users. Also Club Penguin recruiting is not as easy as you think. For you big and old names it is a breeze but how about new armies? How will they recruit on CP when it is hard to find their site. Recruiting is needed, but recruiting is harder then before.

  8. When people talk about going back to the “Golden Age” I scoff. The reason the age was so “golden” is because we made it out to be. If you look at the pictures from then you will find that armies were FAR smaller then. I do not understand why people want to go BACKWARDS to being on CP 24/7. This will causes people to get burnt out. If you wish you to see the true golden age of armies I would ask you to look around you. Times change and customs with it. If armies are going to survive as they have been, we need to look to the future and stop trying to chase these delusions of what warfare used to be.

    • Different people at different times are on it’s not like people were actually on all day, well some were but that’s cause it was just so much fun.

      • You don’t get it do you. Leaders won’t waste their lives by being on an event all day, but noobs will, and when we had the era of mandatory events Armies were the majority of your life, not something to tide yo over. We’ve grown accustomed to the idea “we must win no matter the cost” that we force troops on all day. We preach victory and to gain victory is to devote our lives to armies, but leaders do not practice what they preach.

  9. I remember when I joined Nachos we would have server patrols everyday. At least 3-8 of us would get together and patrol a server and recruit while we went from room to room. Sometimes we would come across another army and a small battle would break out. I don’t see much of that anymore.

    Also when I was in Ice Warriors I remember battles lasting up to 5-6 hours. Now after 15 minutes people are wining “When is this going to be over? whaaaa!!!”

    Recruiting on CP is harder now that some terms we used are no longer available due to Disney filters. A lot of kids want to start their own small army without learning anything about the army community first. I don’t know where the CP armies are heading but getting 10 on CP never qualified you as a big army before 2012, however now it seems it does which is a major change to me.

    • Join the anti-army army D_D

    • You sir, are an epic man for saying this. I miss those kind of battles. When we would fight for hours and nobody had a problem with it because we were having so much fun. We threw snowballs and had “encampments”. I hate these crybaby troops who don’t want to stay on for more than 10 minutes.

  10. I think the reason why everyone enjoyed the old days is because you have random armies fighting on one server, throwing snowballs,chanting army names armies ranging from numbers of 3 to 20.Like Dj said, we need to be on CP more.There are many points of view of this statement. Some major army leaders have said that too many events make troops tired and worn out.As an owner or mod of an army we need to reinforce the fact that there are noobs who want to fight on servers.If you see a couple of members going to raid an event,go join them. what’s the point in calling them off? It will still help your army for recruiting.CP Armies are almost like a infection.As a leader, you recruit owners who will recruit mods who will recruit members and noobs.I can see ways we can fix the problem.One of them being that army leaders could make ‘All Day’ events.They could go on a server, challenge an army and fight on and on.Overall, as a community, we need to come together to find a solution.

  11. I personally miss the snowball fights. It doesn’t make sense to make a line, start dancing, and then spam emotes when firing snowballs at each other would be more practical for a war-based activity.

  12. if some dumbass dis-like this comment, i will kick ur dumbfuck away.

  13. You know what I hear? I hear a bunch of crying. Everyone wants to go back to the “Golden Days”. Even people who were not there for them. It’s become such a fad to criticize how we do things today. It really pisses me off. Face it. Those days are gone. You need to move on. No one wants to be on Club Penguin all day anymore. The majority of this community is above 13 as of now. We don’t want to be wasting our time doing that. This is why we began scheduling battles and such. You guys just need to accept the fact that this is the new age of warfare and drop all these attempts at revivals that will never work. This is 2013, not 2007. Stop trying to erase the evolution we’ve gone through.

  14. no pictures, don’t care.

  15. omfg, stop with these posts
    2007 was really boring, let me tell you.

  16. Listen to me,I want you all to hear my opinion on these bullshit propagandas that want to revive the ‘Golden Days’, ban tactics or whatever else. Notice how the people making these propagandas are OLDER members of the community? The truth is, it’s not modern CP warfare that is boring them in CP armies. The reason for their boredom of CP armies is the fact that they’ve grown out of CP, but they just won’t accept that fact and so they blame CP and the adaptations of CP warfare. It’s nothing to do with 2007. They can make all the snowball fights they want, but they will still be bored. As I said, the people making these campaigns just won’t accept the truth- they’ve grown out of CP and are too old to enjoy it anymore. Nothing can be done to stop that, not even snowballs.

  17. The delusion that armies aren’t as good now as they were during the “Golden Ages” is factually incorrect. In fact, we’re on our way to another Golden Age — and no, it isn’t because we started recruiting on CP again, thought that’s a major part of it — and we’re not dying, we’re just changing our ways. The fact is, there are a large group of people shaping armies here and now who will someday be the Legends of this community, and if everyone would stop bitching about the “Golden Ages” you’d see that.

  18. I think they liked the old days because they were younger than they are now.

  19. Accept the fact that we’ve moved on. People change from what they used to be, and with change comes consequences, and CP armies changing are just yet another one of these ‘consequences’.

  20. “Do Armies Have a Problem”


    Our problem is we have a plethora of people who refuse to accept the fact that we as a community have evolved. The question is not weather we have evolved permanently (as in, we aren’t going back). The question is, was this change for the better or worse? It’s no secret we are at a turning point in this community’s future. What we do now, is critical to the next generation. And the one after that. If we remain fixated on the past, everything we have done will go to waste. That would plain simply be a shame. We derived from a game originally intended for 5 years old for god sakes. Show me an online community even remotely similar to what we have accomplished here. The more people bitch and moan about the long gone “Golden age” the worst off we’re gonna be. We need to stop trying to recreate history, and focus on inventing the future. Otherwise, this generation will be the last. It’s just the way the cycle works. We come. We grow. We leave. New people come. New people grow. New people leave. Accept it. Embrace it.

  21. People from Club Penguin chats are hating usss what idioticnas

  22. Can we ban Elm and RPF from CPAC? They can make their own division of armies that like the good old days and we can continue evolving without hearing RPF bitch 24/7. 😀

  23. If armies want to go back to the old days the why don’t you. The solution is simple. If one army in the community does it other armies will start copying it. how do you think all this happened.

  24. I just realized how argumentative this community is xD

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