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Purple Republic Raid Once Again

BREEZE – The Army of Club Penguin log on to the server Breeze for a U-Lead session, where the Purple Republic once again raid their event.

The Army of Club Penguin login to Club Penguin, with knowledge of the planned raid by the Purple Republic, however they do not decide to make any server changes. The ACP started off their event in the EPF room, hoping that this would stop the PR from finding them on the map. At the same time the ACP logged on, the Purple Republic were steadily building sizes of 10+ on Tatooine within 30 seconds.

The ACP stayed in the EPF room for another couple of minutes, with 30 Purple Republic troops around them, and growing by the numbers every 10 seconds. The ACP gave up in this room, barely getting sizes of 10.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 8.14.45 PM

The ACP then moved around rooms in the Ski Village, where the Purple Republic quickly followed them to. By this time, the ACP had about 8, the PR having 25+. The PR did their usual tactics such as “Soup”, E+T and Drilling. After another 5 minutes, the ACP gave up in their U-Lead session, where not one single member actually got to carry out a tactic.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 8.16.51 PM

After the ACP logged off, the PR moved to the Pizza Parlor, then to the Stadium. In the Stadium, they managed to make a Swastika, but chaos soon broke out a few minutes after they moved there. According to a post on their Steam Group, they announced that a Moderator had visited the room. Whether this was fake or not, cannot be verified, as they still had sizes of 30+ about a minute after this announcement when I entered the room.

Will the Purple Republic keep this up in the summer, or will this last only a couple more weeks? Comment below with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Reporter


46 Responses

  1. I sense a fall from ACP.

  2. ACP must want the war with Ar to continue by raiding our servers

  3. Purple Republic are actually cool people. But their raiding is crappy.

  4. we news now

  5. wait, acp was logged on? i must have been on acptr.

  6. I just love the PR.

  7. PR 4 LYF


  9. Small armies like ACP are gonna die if PR keeps raiding their events.

  10. I think PR’s goal is to rise up above ACP. If ACP keeps going like this they will die, so maybe they should train on a server where PR wont know they are there.


  11. understand

  12. there was a massive raid on nachos and RPF, which had bots (somehow even though the programmes been patched) and it seems they somehow forced some troops out of the room, then filled it up. As soon as they appeared, some troops disappeared immediately.

  13. AR actually made PR switch rooms yesterday, ACP is forced off the server by them. 😆

  14. Don’t worry guys it’s all going be ok! The Director and his top agent, Agent Y, will stop PR and save us once again!

    God bless them.

  15. Yes CPAC, please continue giving PR exactly what they want. Attention.

  16. Time to remake the PA Pink Alliance.

  17. I consider the Purple Republic asss only this random Club Penguin Trolling group not some epic army soo fuck you lmao 😀 😀 😀

  18. I have a really good feeling that PR and ACP might get in war because of PR raiding there events

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