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Top Ten Armies: 9/24/12

Welcome one and all to the 2nd Top Ten ever written by yours truly, Blue2. This week we’ve had some small movements, but only one really noticable rise in the upper rankings, and a few armies slipping closer and closer to their fall. Once again, there was very little for the lower Top Ten section, so numbers 14 and 15 have been omitted. If you have a rising army, please comment it on this post or show it to Blue1 or I on chat so we can review your army next week.

In addition, the Top Ten will now be released on Saturdays, with all events Saturday – Friday counting towards it. This starts next week. For this reason, I have published this Top Ten slightly early.

Top Ten Armies

1. Ice Warriors [+0] (89.67)  – World Power

2. Light Troops [+0] (86.21) – Major

3. Army Republic [+1] (84.25) – Major

4. Doritos [-1] (81.63) – Major

5. Nachos [+1] (76.92) – Large

6. Metal Warriors [NEW!] (72.54) – Large

7T. Army of CP [-2] (69.72) – Medium

7T. Pirates [-1] (69.72) – Medium

9. Pretzels [-1] (61.27) – Medium

10. United Countries of CP [-1] (58.08) – Medium


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Rebel Penguin Federation [+2]

12. Night Shadows [NEW!]

13. Parkas [NEW!]

14. N/A

15. N/A

NOTE: I had finished all the descriptions for this prior to the domain crash earlier today. While I finally managed to get the site back online, the draft was damaged, so none of it saved. For that reason, we have just the order this week. We will be back to the full Top Ten post next week.

Comment YOUR opinion on this weeks’ Top Ten!


CPA Central Head of Site


87 Responses

  1. Aaaaaaaaand a 1stness


  3. just g-g-g-g-reat

  4. How the fuck are Doritos 4th o.o

  5. YYCP(yin yang army of cp) this is a army that has won many tournaments

  6. Holy shiznog! How in the world did metal warriors get 6th?

  7. MW are back wtf
    n UMA had a decent event today so UMA for 14th I guess…

  8. How the pig did mw get 6th?

  9. Once again, ACP is still down low… I think this has been a month since they have fallen out of the top ten.

  10. ACP 7th.

  11. see blue2 ur smart kingfunks made rlly stupid armies 14th and 15th on bad weeks when there werent any good armies

  12. ST is back

  13. Nachos are 4th. ACP is 7th (Y)

  14. great top ten

  15. well done UCCP but Acp 7th? yikes. Also brain and 32s army night
    shadows have lost quite a few troops as basically all if them were
    from UCCP

  16. thanks alot blizzard for ddoing cpac, yeah it was him

    and pirates medium 7th wtf yesterday we maxed 31 -_-

  17. For once, this is almost a perfect top ten. Apart from the Pirates, who have been hitting 20+ recently, and are being under-rated, all the armies should be ranked where they are. The UMA were not here for once, after failures, which was something you did not do before, which is fabulous. I think UMA need to improve before getting ranked at a position that they don’t deserve.

  18. yeahhh we are 6th 😀 i like it

    ~Joso047 mw 3ic

  19. ACP deserve better

  20. All of you saying that the Pirates are underrated, read the beginning of the post. It clearly states that Top Tens will be posted on Saturdays, and that Sunday’s events go to next week’s top tens.

  21. Nice Night shadows got top 15 in less then a week. And by the way, UCCP Troops, we didn’t use ONLY UCCP troops…… We recruited A LOT. We had 20+ on chat for once but the people left eventually. And the rest of the people who you are calling UCCP Troops joined themselves. Like Dom, Coolguy, Cade, Yuigoh….. They heard about they army and joined. So you can’t blame us,


    • Your first 7-13 troops you got off UCCP chat and kept saying over and over again at the chat the shadows chat so I would say most were UCCP troops. Plus you called shadows better than UCCP. So I am ashamed. It was mostly you brain not 32op.

  22. Pretty good. You would probably make a good top ten maker.

  23. blue 2 this is CPAC (CP ARMY CENTRAL) and this site focuses on ONLY LARGE armies and u PUT IN MEDUIM!!! and small! small and meduim is smacs job! (small meduim army central) and u just like took care of their work in part of the top 10. THIS IS THE 2ND WORST TOP 10 EVER

    next time plz let BLUE1 do it!

  24. I actually think this top 10 is accurate.

  25. ACP is medium? WOW they need new leadership, them dieing!!!

  26. Dat Epic moment when you notice ACP is 7th

  27. For a first time ever, CPAC Top Ten’s are correct 0-0. Strange…..

  28. Lol ACP Medium.

  29. acp is dieing haha. Light Troops Forever

  30. Yellow Thunder of Club penguin. Stupid name, but reasonable sizes.

  31. yes we know thunder is yellow

  32. LMAO, LT is 2nd place… We all know and we all should admit that LT doesn’t deserve to even be in the top 10. Oh well.

  33. At least IW is in 1st… I like how AR stole DCP’s spot.

  34. Cheese Burger please Elites should be 14 There because we got awesome chat sizes and cp sizes proof:
    There not in order we had small chat size first then big we had small cp size first then big reply to me Asap.

    ~Elites leader Furry

  35. Funks used to make ACP 1st when he used to make the Top Tens. Now that he’s gone, ACP is going to be gone also.

  36. Stupid Top ten Pirates Shoudl be 5th to 6th

  37. 🙂

  38. New army [TUxedos] growing fast, 14+ In one day and a full chat, winning vs NS. We should be 11 or 10 atleast! ;D

  39. Top ten isn’t fact, it’s opinion. ACP is an amazing army and should be top with IW.

  40. ACP slowly decreasing in size is having a seriously negative effect on armies.

  41. Its always fun looking at comments in the top 10’s, its the only reason I view them, don’t you too guys?

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