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Sunday’s Super Duper Delayed Comic- How People See CP Armies

I’m back. ‘Nuff said.

This has to be the most delayed comic ever in CPAC history. Reasons? School, laziness, etc. Anyway, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Note that this is either the worse comic I’ve ever done or the most trololololed CP comic ever made. 

Uh, enjoy?


  • I chose ACP pic not because I’m in them. I chose them since ACP was the regular known army as their name. Don’t start arguing with me; I like them, but I didn’t join. 
  • Gonna do some Pinata game for fun for the viewers. Rules are that you find the pinata in the comic. No prize at the moment.


CPAC’s Comic Designer

Edit: Oh cool thanks guys for the comments. Anyway, it’s hard to pinpoint on how I should make my comics on. If you want to (this is optional, but would help for future comments), please tell me if you want more comics like these or bring back my old comics before this one was published. Thanks! Also, I won’t be accepting ideas from comments. Do them in PC on chat so I know you REALLY want those ideas to get in, plus to get my input/approval.


35 Responses

  1. This is possibly… The most accurate way to describe how CP armies look to other people

  2. Finally a comic that can be liked.

  3. found the pinata,its in the left of the first pic


  5. great comic

  6. Good comic, for once.

  7. nice comic btw SCREW CP NOOBS

  8. good

  9. good comic

  10. You should’ve done regular people, but good comic! 😀

  11. Piniata in pic with n00bs on the left

  12. Finally, CPAC is becoming a real, entertaining news site again.
    + Nice comic. 😀

  13. this was your first actually funny comic

  14. epic comic BTW i hate cp noobs

  15. To be honest, I don’t like the comics on this site, but this one I do, it’s true, the CP team see armies as a threat, regular players just think of us as, well, weird(and some times bots because of chat), and troops them selves some times just get plan bored at this.

  16. Founddd itttt

  17. Lol so true

  18. this is the most true post ive ever seen *wary*

  19. Your comics are cancerous.

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