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Top Ten Armies: 9/17/12

In yet another intriguing Top Ten, we see some shocking rises, some new armies rising into the Top Ten, and others completely disappearing into the abyss. And even with armies becoming larger, we have no armies to fill spots 14 & 15.

Power Rankings
(will change every week based on averages)

World Power: 35+
Major: 25+
Large: 20+ 
Medium: 15+ 

Top Ten Armies


1. Ice Warriors [+0] (91.93) World Power

2. Light Troops [+7] (85.13) Major

3. Doritos [-1] (81.25) Major

4. Army Republic [+0] (72.63) Major

5. Army of Club Penguin [-2] (70.19) Large

6T. Nachos [-1] (66.06) Large

6T. Pirates [+0] (66.06) Large

8. Pretzels [+0] (59.69) Medium

9. United Countries of CP [+3] (51.14) Small-Medium

10. Sky Troops [+3] (45.38) Small-Medium


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Navy of Club Penguin [NEW!]

12. Underground Mafias Army [-6] 

13. Rebel Penguin Federation [-3]

14. N/A

15. N/A

1. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors, like last week, began quite slowly, with barely any posts the first few days. They had a recruiting session Wednesday with successful results, followed by two invasions on Saturday, one of which was messed up by their chat malfunctioning. They finished the week with a training session, in which they maxed out at a whopping 50, practically guaranteeing them the Number 1 spot. The Ice Warriors have just recently declared war on the Light Troops, and their first battle is scheduled for Tuesday.

2. Light Troops: The Light Troops have had a spectacular week this week, rising 7 spots in this Top Ten. They began by getting 15 at a Training Session, but the next day, rose to getting 20+, followed by a raid of UMA, in which they maxed out at around 30. They then battled ACP and AR with several allies the next day, claiming a victory for their side. Afterwards, they had a battle with UCCP, a training session, and an Invasion of Sabertooth, all of which saw sizes of 30+. LT are currently at war with the Ice Warriors, and have an invasion scheduled for Tuesday.

3. Doritos: The Doritos dropped a spot this week, despite them claiming that they’ve entered another Golden Age. They began by invading the Pretzels’ Capital server, claiming it from them and getting sizes of 20+. They then followed by winning on Cloudy and Southern Lights with around the same number of troops. They then followed with an Invasion of Ice Palace, in which the Doritos showed up with a shocking 30+, winning the server in a matter of minutes. They have ended their war with the Pretzels, and have no events scheduled so far.

4. Army Republic: The Army Republic had a slow week this week, retaining their Number 4 position. They began by maxing 35 at a Training Session, and then invaded Flippers on Sunday. Even though they have no results posted, they supposedly maxed 25+. They have just recently joined the Ice Warriors in the war with the Light Troops, and plan to invade them this coming Thursday.

5. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP just barely hang onto their Top 5 position. They began by invading Big Snow from the Pirates, in which they claimed victory on. Then, later on, they had 10 different defenses on Saturday. ACP claimed victory in all but one of the Defenses, maxing 20+ in several of them. ACP then invaded Klondike from the Pirates, maxing around 20. They have several invasions scheduled throughout the week.

6T. Nachos: The Nachos fall out of the Top 5 this week, tying with the Pirates. Their first event was a training session last Wednesday, in which they were able to get around 20+ at with very good tactics. Later in the week, they raided fellow Top 5 army, the Army Republic. They had sizes of 10-15, not their usual standard. They have yet to post any events this week.

6T. Pirates: Pirates had an action-packed week this week with up and down sizes. They started off with a defense of Big Snow, in which they claimed victory, getting sizes of 15-20. They had several invasions throughout the week. The most shocking one was Klondike, in which the Pirates only chose to let their closest allies go on it. They also maxed 25 at an Invasion of Flippers against ACP. They have defenses throughout the week, and are also invading the Ice Warriors.

8. Pretzels: The Pretzels had some leadership issues this week, after overthrowing Pain and seeing some major changes. They began by invading Winter Land from ACP, getting some great sizes of around 20+. Their creator, Braveboy, returned as Leader, overthrowing Pain and establishing a new leadership. They had a few training sessions in which they maxed 12+, and have ended their ACP war.

9. United Countries of CP: The UCCP had a substantial week this week. They began by invading Walrus with Light Troops and other allies, followed by a loss to the Light Troops in a Practice Battle. They had an unscheduled recruiting session on Klondike, maxing about 15 with pretty good tactics. They are declaring war on someone soon, but they have yet to announce who it will be with.

10. Sky Troops: The Sky Troops return to the Top 10, barely passing for a Large Army. They had little postage this week, and the only event posted was a Victory on Big Foot. They maxed at around 12+ with good tactics. They also had a defense of Hockey, whose results have yet to be posted. They have a battle with UCCP scheduled for tomorrow.

What do YOU think about this week’s Top Ten? Surprised? Glad? Leave your comments below!

Until next week,

<•><•>Zak, CPAC Associate Producer<•><•>








90 Responses

  1. wtf. you only need 9 people to log on in order to be in the top ten? -_-

    • Low standards, bro…this week wasn’t too good.

      • worst top 10 yet -_-

        • I second that.

          • I third that. It’s horribly biased towards LT, and they are THE worst army EVER!!!!

          • Because it’s so obviously biased. You see, by posing the argument that I am biased against ACP/for LT is completely invalid. You are simply angry that ACP is not in the Top 3. You see, Ek even agreed with ACP’s placement at 5th. You saying ACP should be second…LT has been getting 30+, and sometimes 35, throughout the week, with a fair amount of posts and great tactics, not to mention good chat size. ACP hasn’t gotten over 25, which disproves your argument. Also, I never was a huge fan of LT. Just common sense. So think before you scream bias.

          • Nah ACP should be 4th. Good job tho Zak.

          • Thanks. ACP is 5th due to AR having a higher average size. ACP had small events, lowering their average. (I didn’t count the UK ones.)

          • I wanna see a Top Ten made by Pengy on CPAC just once.

          • well 1 think thats the most stupid is that u listed “world power,and huge” anyway this is like a cpwi top 10 because ITS LIKE A LARGE MEDIUM AND SMALL top 10 all together anyway the meduim and small are smacs job if u havent heard of them heres the link
            WHOS WITH ME!!!!

          • whats up pengy, wanna go to daycare with me

  2. Woot

  3. Yes

  4. Ok does anyone know UCCP canceled event on Sky Troops? Thats all I have to say and congrats on an awesome top ten besides sky troops being 10th. I say RPF should be there. But otherwise great top ten. I estimated 9th for my army thats what we got.

  5. Armies getting smaller, Armies getting bigger and YOU ARE SAD FOR READING THIS.
    BTW 1st 🙂

  6. yea boy

  7. i feel pretty
    oh so pretty


  9. SKY TROOPS AND UCCP BATTLE IS CANCELLE.thats what 32op said

  10. how is LT not world power when we got 35 too? -_-

    • Averaging or max rogues

    • Well, ioio, seeing as this Top Ten is probably already VERY biased towards LT, he didn’t put LT at World Power. Besides, I don’t think LT deserves it.

      • Even though i’m ACP; i have to say this, LT Max like 30+ and you have to give everyone a chance. I mean like, other armies have struggled to be the 1st army and besides ACP max less than 25-. And actually it wasn’t really biased. It was pretty good.

      • Pengu wtf are you saying? Just look at our pictures on our site. Clearly we deserve the second spot. Lmao think about all the other top tens and how biased they were to ACP, so I wouldn’t even bring that biased crap up.

  11. dom we get it
    ur uccp
    now shut up

    • Zak, I’m assuming you saw what woton wrote. Although you may not you agree or anyone may not agree you should respect the viewers.

      • I agree.

      • I don’t respect anyone without anything respectful to say. Woton can say what he wants, but I will defend myself. Freedom of speech. If they can’t handle the counter-criticism, then too bad.

        • But you can be nice about it.
          “We get it dom, but please stop flooding the post with comments.”
          I understand we can’t let viewers walk all over us, but we need to respect them. People will see that they are the immature ones, and know to respect us. Being mean to the viewers will just make them stop reading CPAC, and the number of viewers will go down which is bad. I hope that you listen to what I said and be a little nicer.

  12. whatever zak

  13. Armies with rouges shouldn’t get a high rank.

  14. im eating a banana
    want some

  15. yes

  16. To clarify, rankings were done by me and Zak did the descriptions. So don’t hate on him. *wary*

  17. wtf 6th

  18. wheres blue1
    i can’t scream biased at zak it’s no fun only blue

  19. LOL derek. Ok top ten. Not that good. I am gonna make a ghoblin army. get 9 penguinz. and be on da top ten bruh

  20. Hey, why is AR 4th when we maxed 30+ at the event?

  21. Perfect NCP almost there!

  22. Next time check MW, we maxed 13+

  23. o: Lemme make an army 3 days and we will be major. (-_-)

  24. Idiots. This is the most invalid top 10 ever. I’m asking for a redo. All I favor, reply “I”:

  25. Zak, is the part about LT true facts, or just ioio making you put them second for bias?

  26. Other than the fact that ACP is 5th (they deserve 2nd, if not 1st), and that LT is 2nd.

  27. Pirates should be ahead of the ACP, I see nothing that makes it the other way around. Other than that, good top ten, apart from the inclusion of the UMA and the RPF, who should not be there after a poor week.

  28. yey add me back to uccp ranks as 3ic u removed.mer or 4ic i think.i also won election
    so i should be 2ic.pity it got cancelled

  29. I have nothing against Pirates, but it seems that the picture provided shows some bad quality tactics. Was that just a bad picture or are they not very good at tactics? I don’t know. But, don’t tactics count for anything anymore?

  30. I am eating a lemon. Once I have finished this lemon I will eat another =P

  31. Hey Pengy is raging lol and yes Pengy u go to daycare we all know that *wary* LT rocks



  34. Everyone should just stop fighting already. << Best idea.

  35. Yolo i would like to enter Night Shadows to top 10 please go to this link to see the pics and it was our 1st day! Can you believe it 1st day of army and they get 10+
    Incredble And post about us 😀

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