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The Rising People’s Republic Army

This Time, I’m going to talk about an army that is slightly larger than The Sharks but it’s kind of important. Some People say that People’s Republic Army is an alliance but really they are an incredible army! If you never heard of them then read this post…


This army is very historical! I mean the army was created in 2007 by ColinZFresh. So now the army is 5 years old! The army has 2 Eras/Generations that were both successful. They used to max around 10 in the 1st Generation. That means that they are very historical, fun and useful army. They then got handed over to, Conoriudge which was a very remembered leader because the army maxed around 12, however his leadership was short. The third leader was Blackburnt. Blackburnt’s time as leader was also very short as the fall continued to plague the PRA. Attempts to bring PRA back to order were attempted but failed. Before the 1st Era’s Death, there was JediMaster17. Jedi was the last last of the old era. Her attemps to revive the already dead PRA were noble but they still failed. The People’s Republic Army died on December 11th 2009. 

1st Era’s Event! Average 9.

Size and Tactics

The PRA has great sizes and tactics. Their tactics are 95%-100% which is fabulous! Their sizes of around 16 is incredible. They average sizes of 14 and max 17 and are currently invading Rebel Penguin Federation. They are successful because RPF only have two servers left! They have magical tactics because their tactics are nearly 3x better than their opponent. Most importantly, the People’s Republic Army is supposed to be #1 in Medium and even in the CPAC top Ten. 

Recent Event! Average 11.


The People’s Republic Army is invading Rebel Penguin Federation. They are left with two servers because PRA invaded them succesfully. They had dominated them. They also want to expand their nation by claiming French servers. They are sharing some with Pirates. They are having a war with RPF and are winning. They just have to invade two more servers and they are finished. If they win they get everything!

Where will they go?

The People’s Republic Army are fine. They don’t need to go anywhere but they can make an alliance and destroy other alliances. That would be incerdible! But what’s your opinion of People’s Republic Army? Vote on these poll.

[polldaddy poll=6339602]


6 Responses

    • Good post, I see you are very active. However, someone cannot be perfect, so it is best to learn. I advise you make the pictures smaller, yet, apart from that, good!

  1. No. I guess by technicality they are 5 years old, but if an army was created 5 years ago, died out in under one, and was re-created a month ago, it cannot be considered 5 years old…

  2. pra is jsut conscidered awesome

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