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Club Penguin Armies Death by Late 2012 or Early 2013?

    Posts, all over all Club Penguin Army News sites about a single topic… Club Penguin Armies shrinking!  I 122344a have noticed a lot about this, and hey I agree! Back in December 2010 Club Penguin Armies started shrinking and losing potential. It used to take 22-25 to get  number 10 in the CPAC Major Top 10. Now it takes 11-14 to get number 10 in CPAC major top 10.

     Yes as you can see the numbers have gone down ALOT, there are many theories why this has happened but I think my theory makes the most  sense……. DONT GET MAD.   My theory of why the Club Penguin Armies are soon going to come to an end is many reasons in one theory. Let me state them. One reason and the first reason is because of small armies.  New Small Armies multiply by the dozens, new ones forming every single day. The soldiers in the 2 week – 5 year old armies go spend more time on those small armies. The thing is though these small armies dont grow. Each individual soldier goes to  a different army and stays there, hardly focusing on their main army. After a while that soldier quits for his/her small army.       

      Another reason is mercenaries. Mercenaries are people who only join a Club Penguin Army for xats, days, high ranks, etc. Many new people to join a Club Penguin army would say “IM NOT JOINING UNLESS I GET MOD RANK” or “IM NOT JOINING UNLESS I GET OWNER RANK.”  Imagine getting pced that by new soldiers all day long. It gets so annoying you just want to not let them join at all, but hey Club Penguin Armies need soldiers right?

       The final reason is Drama/Chaos. This reason may seem ridiculous to you but its true. People get “married on xat” and cause a lot of drama and keep the army OFF focus. Ive seen it for myself and its not a pretty picture. The chaos part of this section is from fights. Let me tell you a story I made up which is about the Club Penguin Army chaos.       Meet Jon, he is a lazy, ignorant, and unresponsible soldier.  Now meet Keith, Keith is a loyal, responsible, and caring soldier. Jon influenced the other soldiers to just be lazy. Keith gets mad and then thinks about quitting.  Jon later shows more selfishness and laziness and Keith quits. The other leaders of that army find keith gone and start quitting, therefore the size shrinks and are more likely to be invaded. This is a pretty big reason and I have seen it for my self.

     Yes you have read my theory of why Club Penguin Armies are falling and soon to die. Most likely by Late 2012, and if not more likely around early 2013. People in Club Penguin armies don’t have the power to prevent this, it is just too out of control so in my words just enjoy Club Penguin Armies while they last. They will grow smaller and smaller and smaller, until it takes 5 soldiers to be world power. Im sorry, but this is the truth we all have noticed a great decline in Club Penguin Armies and we know about it. Thank you for reading another exclusive post from SMAC!


     ~122344a Club Penguin Army 5 Year Veteran, and SMAC Reporter

547 words.


11 Responses

  1. The destruction of another microcosm, eh? Personally, I don’t know if it would necessarily be a bad thing. There are a lot of posers and ‘mean’ people in the CP world, and cyber bullying has become a much bigger problem in the past few months.

    Still, Club Penguin armies will only die with Club Penguin itself. No matter how many specifics we list, nothing can destroy the spirit of ambitious new penguins who want more out Club Penguin than CP itself.

  2. … i was mentioned…

  3. They will all decline eventually except the n00b attraction we know as ACP.

  4. I like the topic, but you should add more pictures and compare how things were in cp armies’ golden ages to how things are now.

  5. Why must the topic of a SMAC post almost always be about falling armies, or CP Army warfare dieing? 8-(

  6. Oh and btw you stated that “Club Penguin armies don’t have the power to prevent this” but they can with more recruiting on cp.

  7. I totally agree with you. Your first reason is why I quit ACP. You tottaly correct.

  8. I agree with this post for example: Cp armies aren’t as fun as they were in 06/07/08 because now It’s mostly just teenagers on the chats who don’t like going on CP.

  9. People aren’t caring as much anymore. Wow. 2012 ISN’T THE END OF THE WORLD! IT COULD BE THE END OF ARMIES. 😮

    I was mentioned. 😮


  10. club penguin armies will not die until i quit CP in 3 years because if i have to ill be a 1 man army

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