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CP Army News Sites – Competition


I was begging people to give me a topic to post about, but I ended up posting about this.

Competition – Good or Bad?

The main issue with this topic is whether this is good or bad. Does it help news sites? Or does it detract from their coverage and annoy those who want to read the site simply for news.

There is the argument to be made that the quality of one news site that is in direct competition with another helps the other site. It encourages both sites to continue to up their quality of reporting and make sure that this is maintained. Without competition there is nobody to set the bar, no pacemaker, and the quality of the site can become irrelevant. Simply, the owners of the site won’t care whether their site is good quality or not with no competition. They are the only place to read the news.

However, the argument can also be made that competition between two sites can become very heated, and fiery. This builds an unhealthy and unnecessarily tense and strained relationship between the two news sites. It is hard for the two sites to co-operate on anything, and sometimes the quality of reporting can be called into disrepute as squabbles emerge between the two sites.

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Is there any Competition for CPAC? – Should there be?

This issue does tend to be raised by disgruntled viewers, who are unhappy with the standard of the CPAC Site, and the supposed “monopoly” that CPAC has over reporting major armies. They argue that CPAC has no competition, and far too much power comes with this, as their opinion is the only official news site one for the biggest armies. Their Major Top 10 is one of the only ones, and by far the most viewed and respected one. Many argue this shouldn’t be the case.

However, should CPAC be forced into having competition? Would it change anything? Are the CPAC staff not working hard to maintain the quality of the site simply because there is no competition?

There is the argument against this, being that those at CPAC feel they have extra responsibility due to the fact they are the most viewed site, and therefore the staff of the site work harder to try and make sure their posts are informative, interesting and factually correct. Also it can be said that having competition wouldn’t change the way CPAC report. It would simply mean there are differing opinions and takes on the same situation, making the situation unclear.

Interestingly, Club Penguin Army Express (CPAE) has said in a post on their site HERE that they would now be reporting on all armies, and no longer simply on Small and Medium Armies, and has been the case since the site’s inception. This now theoretically provides competition between CPAC and CPAE for reporting on Major and (since CPAC now does a small bit on Medium armies) Medium armies too.

In a comment on this post, President of CPAE had this to say when asked whether this would create competition between CPAE and CPAC:

We will not attempt to be competitors. We are staying in the CPANN.

Can CPAE maintain this promise? Will they continue to report on Major armies and will this cause competition between CPAC and CPAE?

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Do Readers stay loyal to their own site?

In the case where there is competition, will readers stay loyal to a single site? Or do they float between the two sites and get the best of both worlds.

This can depend on many factors. One is, obviously, the perceived quality of the site. If the reader believes one site is far superior to another, it simply wouldn’t be worth their while checking the lower quality site as much, if at all. However, if both sites are equal in quality, there could also be the issue whereby the two sites are experiencing a period of tension, and the most loyal of viewers would simply refuse to visit the opposition site. Also, propaganda against the opposition site could be used, and successfully convince the viewers of their site that the opposition is a poor quality site.

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CPAE Vs SMAC – Reporting Rivalry 

One case of the competition between two news sites turning sour is between SMAC and CPAE. Both these armies specialize in Medium and Small armies, and therefore are direct competition. However on several occasions there has been a large degree of tension between the two.

To provide a little background, here is one of those involved in this battle CPAHO Creator, Asdfghkl888:

Asdfghkl888 – CPAHO Creator

Where did this rivalry stem from?

It all started when Pumpnike framed CPAHO for hacking a site that never had to deal with SMAC. CPAE “allied” with CPAHO, and making a war with CPAHO had their site erased, and CPAE and SMAC continued to fight.

Was the fact that CPAE replaced SMAC in the CPANN a major problem for SMAC?

Yes, when CPAE replaced SMAC, that was the biggest change that SMAC made. SMAC felt betrayed, so they pulled out of the CPANN in order to continue fighting CPAE without CPAC getting involved.

Do you see this conflict being resolved in the future?

Yes, however it will involve Grant retiring, or giving up SMAC’s brand name. Ladtom and Grant have a small chance of resolving their issues. The only way this can be solved is a merge between the two. The destruction of one will only make the other more selfish, leading to their demise.

Do you believe this rivalry is bad for both sites?

Yes, because both sites will soon be known as selfish and cruel. However, both will give away each other popularity. LEMONS AND POTATOES.


The involvement of CPAHO at the start of this was crucial, and a seemingly small incident has since snowballed into a large and fierce rivalry which doesn’t seem to be reaching any sort of conclusion. It was a second incident that sealed the deal, as CPAE were brought into the CPANN, much to the disagreement and protest of SMAC, who later decided to pull out of it in protest.

Asd personally can foresee an eventual end to the conflict, however it would require the retirement of Grant to supplement the retirement of Ladtom which has already taken place. This heavily implies that in Asd’s opinion, Ladtom and Grant are the primary sources of tension.

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Comment with your opinion!



26 Responses

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  2. 4th

  3. I WAS MENTIONED IN HERE! I feels proud

  4. CPAG & some others who do all army sizes are kind of competitors to CPAC because they can read it all in one site.

  5. Again, our goal is not to get in a fight. Plus, why would I want to be rivals with a site I work on. Our reporting or major/large armies is to give people a second opinion. We also feel like we are in a little bit of a slump with our views dropping from 1,000 a day to 500. We are hoping this will also allow people to see other opinions on top tens.

  6. I really liked your post, Ias. But Asd kind of hates me, so I don’t know if he was the perfect one to interview about SMAC… He wanted to merge all of the news sites, and I just didn’t like the idea. He went crazy about me saying “No”, and probably has some kind of vendetta against me. Again, nice post.

  7. As also being CPAE President, I do not plan to develop a rivalry with CPAC. CPAC is very respected, by me, and by others. I hope we won’t ever have any trouble in the future.

  8. HI IAS!!!! and an interesting post.
    ~2nd Lt. Empoleon7667 of acp

  9. What’s the site for the CP Legends Army?
    I remember being on it, I’m not sure if it was just a dream or not.

  10. Honestly, army sites shouldn’t be connected with each other. It’s like Cell Phone companies- the more competition between each Cell Phone carrier, the more each carrier will do to make sure they are the best, which means good phones, low prices, etc.

  11. WHY CANT WE HAVE PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ias is poop…

  13. competition helps ratings xD

  14. Good post. Much truth in my opinion. I like how you used the word “snowballed.”

  15. You could have made a post on the uma vs iw war

  16. Competition between news sites is not a good idea. Being a joint founder of cpae, when we founded it we did it for the following reasons:

    1. To enjoy running cpae
    2. To ensure small armies and medium armies are properly posted on.
    3. To work with cpac.

    When cpaho was created, I welcomed it because I thought it gave a chance for viewers to have more than 1 news site on small/medium armies to refer to when they thought one was biased, however I
    did not want any direct communication with them. However, Ladtom saw cpaho as a opportunity to form a partnership and so cpaho and cpae became good friends. For smac, I didn’t like them for their very agressive attitude and lack of a good user interface and good user reception. Ladtom, also did not like smac in the first place as he saw them as a annoyance. When tensions increased through various events relating to cpann, this only got worse and so tension got high and we became enemies. For solutions, I wouldn’t say its ladtom2 and grant’s fault, its how cpae has a very different attitude to smac. The solution would be smac being more open to partnerships with cpaho and cpae, and having a better user reception generally.


  17. i have a topic for u 2 write about. the E.P.M.A who has declared war on the C.P.A
    and plan to have a battle at the ski village on alpine on June 13 at 11:00 AM PST
    find more info on the C.P.A’s official website

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