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Club Penguin private servers, how do they interfere with armies and computer safety?

Sorry about the long title, but just getting to the point. Now, I even had a friend that designed for a private server called IPenguinTown. Hacked by ChemicaL. Others have got hacked. Or people received viruses (not to many, but it does occur). Now, this also affects Club Penguin armies altogether! Some armies have made the switch or planned to. CPAC even had a poll if armies should switch to IClubPenguin. This post might include a few things that show some of the risks of these servers (only partially related to armies). Also including why people (from armies and just Club Penguin) might want to switch over these. Plus more about the army side of the story.

Table of Contents

1. Why do People to Make the Switch?

2. What are the risks?

3. How Does it Affect Armies?

4. People’s Opinions


Why do People Make the Switch?

This is something I have asked myself for quite sometime now. Why would people want to switch to a smaller, less restricted, copy of Club Penguin? That question is automatically answered when I think about it.

People mainly want to break away from the clutches of Disney. On a game where they can cuss all they want and wear all the rare items they feel like. But, some things are limited. Or just weird. The copies of Club Penguin will never be as big with all the extra features. Some people like it more simple, so they like to stick to versions of Club Penguin that have all the old stuff. But, as I have said before, it is only a copy. There might be a good amount of people playing, yet, you wont see all the people you could see on the real Club Penguin, etc.

I think you get the point about why people would like to play a copy of Club Penguin. (I sure know most smart parents wouldn’t approve. :lol:).


What are the Risks?

Some people don’t understand how they could get a computer virus, or possible hacking. But most people do. Yet, this is more unlikely then it is likely. There has been some cases though. People stating that their computer obtained a virus. Sometimes the viruses are pretty bad ones. Like I said before, this is unlikely. People can cuss all they want too. You might learn some bad stuff. (Even though lots of people talk like that on army chats. But their is moderators who can discipline).

Some sites even get hacked! ICP (IClubPenguin) was hacked, ICPPS (IClubPenguin Private Server), and IPT (IPenguinTown) were both hacked by ChemicaL apparently. If you haven’t heard, their is also a Club Penguin remake called Atlantic Penguin. Recently hacked. (More info on this in this post).

But what is the point? Why would hackers want to target these Club Penguin remakes? My opinion is that they might want to hack Club Penguin, but can’t. So they hack the nearest thing. Or they want to show the creators of the game etc. that the game will never go anywhere. Finally, they might just do it for fun.

As you can see, the risks are not something huge to worry about.


How Does it Affect Armies?

This is the main part of the post consisting of armies. The thing is, lots of armies have clothes that range from 2006 items, to items made last year or this year! Some people are very new to Club Penguin and its armies. So they don’t have the uniforms. A good example of an army that consist of old Club Penguin uniforms is the ACP. Their old uniform had a roman helmet. But let’s not forget the Romans either. Certain army members might be like everyone else. They want to find a new version of Club Penguin. But the problem is, this is Club Penguin armies. Not, IClubPenguin armies. Yet, the idea of a free warfare zone does sound nice. More flaming. Yet, people wouldn’t even need chats anymore. So many have been established already. Most people think altogether that armies should stay here. But some armies have tried to recruit and expand their frontier to private servers. One example of an army that tried to make this switch was the IV. (Note: All pics used below are from the IV site. Also, no offense to IV in any sort of way).

Not very long ago at all, the IV put up a post about Atlantic Penguin (CP private server). Here is a little walkthrough. *Click images to enlarge*

You go to Atlantic Penguin.

Go ahead and register,

Go ahead and log-in with your account.

Then you end up at something like this.

Another problem is, you have to put in item codes to obtain items. Some Club Penguin armies are using these private servers for recruiting. (This was the IV’s strategy). But I feel there is error in this, why? First off, lots of people play this only to play the game. They are smart enough to discover the game. I doubt they would want to hop off their new improved game and come to a battle with us armies. The game itself is so different.

Enough about the recruiting, not long after this was published on the IV site, there was a new post about Atlantic Penguin being hacked. Interesting?

Here is what the page looks like now. (NOTE: The link to Atlantic Penguin is if you were wondering. But approach with caution).

Get the point? ^^


People’s Opinions

For the People’s opinions part of the post I will be giving two interviews on the topic.

Interview with Superbobo4 experienced

Club Penguin army leader:


Me: Green

Superbobo: Brown


Me: What is your opinion on Club Penguin private servers?

Superbobo: Well I don’t really think it is necessary. It is like a form of cheating and hacking but on a different version of the game. This could lead to Club Penguin being shut down to the private servers.

Me: Why do you think people like to join the private servers?

Superbobo: I think its because people automatically become members.  So they can have member items without paying. Instead of not cheating, playing it fair, and buying a real Club Penguin membership.

Me: Do you think this will affect club penguin armies more in the future?

Superbobo: Well yes, because other armies might think you use clones in your army because you will have 20-30 people at events. Since you type in a code and get your uniform instantly.

Me: Thank you for your time Superbobo.

Superbobo: No problem, thank you.

Interview over.


Interview with Gord IW 3ic:

Me: Green

Gord: Blue


Me: Do you think Club Penguin private servers are good for CP armies?

Gord: That would provide such a huge boost in recruiting. Sadly they get shut down in a few months so it’s not very relevant.

Me: What about the risks? Do you think people could obtain viruses?

Gord: A lot of people say trainers give you viruses. Plus private servers are just as unstable. So there’s equal risk in both.

Me: Do you think Club Penguin private servers will start playing a big part in Club Penguin armies anytime soon?

Gord: Once they start fixing the viruses, stop getting sued by CP, and trying not to get shut down in a few months. Then armies should start getting interested.

Me: Thank you for your time Gord.

Gord: Np.

Interview over.


So that is about all I can cover in this post about the private servers. So I have a few questions for you, do you think these private servers are unsafe? Will they play a big part in armies anytime soon? Make sure to leave your opinions. Plus how good my post was.

~Keith CPAC Reporter

[This post was 1,287 word long not including this and my signature]


26 Responses

  1. Share your opinions. I think these private servers won’t do to much yet.

  2. Second, omg I was scrolling the site when this came up.

  3. 3rd

  4. I don’t like them

  5. Cpps are fun but i do not think they are sound enough for armies. The limitations of cp inspire creative tactics instead of phrases. Ppl actually have to change uniform over time. These pains keep it interesting. Besides many cpps’s go down for other reasons than hacking. Creators are done, copyright inflictions, even faulty programming or wateva those techy ppl call it. One advantage and or disadvantage is the lack of servers. Makes it old skool but maybe not for the best.

  6. Well, for the sake of accuracy I feel I have to point out that iCP wasn’t hacked. It was funded by iatw. When the owner of iCP decided to attack iatw, iatw withdrew funding and DDoSed the iCP server.

    • Not true.

      The owners of iCP were given a C&D order by Disney, which basically means. Stop or we sue you. Iatw was funding/helping the owners develop the server but iCP didn’t attack iatw in anyway. Joe apparently went to prison but that is highly unlikely considering he hasn’t done anything to go there. Iatw just merely had their servers shut down and gave up what they were doing.

  7. good post kieth

  8. Atlantic Penguin is back up.

  9. Do not change Warfare now if we use them CP will shut it down there is no way they Will let this pass.
    Besides Disney has loyaler which are really good.Besides if they gain too much popularity CP will kill them.Besides the CP servers are way more stable in terms of the server not crashing. So really this is a really bad idea to switch.Because if just create a server then you can make more and more.There would wars lasting forever till McDonald’s fall. Well image this the servers made by Disney can handle more pl. But these ones are just made not maintained.So there would be smaller battles cause the server would melt down if got overloaded.It also leaves the risk at small children.Most parents would allow children oh the site,If they can swear.It can also led to some nasty incidents like we can give personnel info.These servers would prove problematic in every way.They also won’t much money to maintain the whole site so thus it would shut down.So if we switch were looking at
    1:Less guys
    2:Server meltdowns
    3:Probably going to get shut down.
    Also there the fact that we wouldn’t be able to control Bots and clones.It would be a total disaster if we switch Please do not switch!

    • Why would it be a problem to you if we couldn’t use bots?

    • They tried to switch with iCP but if we just switch, there’s not enough servers and people will just make armies bak on the Real CP Whaile the first armies are over at iCP.

  10. Keith: I know, I usually don’t actually, I just wanted to show that my post got longer then last time and I will continue to do so in new posts. But I well understand your reasoning Ias.

    I’m not blaming you because everyone does it but please stop saying how many words long the post was.

  11. Well I don’t think we should resort to icpp and other sites like that because they will get shut down once they get popular. If the armies come on club penguin will notice whats going on and shut it down. I dont think we should change to other sites

  12. Icp wouldnt be a good place for armies since they is atleast 1 sever

  13. I used to not even care about private servers. i think all of us used to have our parents go out and buy us memberships. Now we are older they will not. That was why I was not around for all of Feb. because my parents caught me trying to buy a membership online.

  14. ChemicaL is just a bunch of crap. Losers who have no life, so they resort to fake-hacking people in order to gain popularity.

  15. Buy your own membership, okay? We’re not all switching to some private server just because people are too lazy or cheap to buy their own membership. If your parents won’t buy you one, buy one yourself. Get your own money, go to the store, buy one.

    Club Penguin should get money out of their hard work. What’s the point of working for Club Penguin/Disney and not getting paid for it? Where do you think they’ll get the money to pay employees?

  16. Thanks for teh feedback everyone. I see I rose the topic back up. 😆


  17. I have a hacked Minecraft…but they’re a Private company. Disney would do a lot worse if they caught you.

  18. I liked this post very much. Good job!

  19. I think Private servers have a positive impact.

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