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Battle for Brumby Results


Today, 24th of June, Nachos, along with their allies (which now include Golden Troops, whom sided with the confederation after the leaders allowed their soldiers to chose who to side with in this post HERE, but Golden Troops did not participate in this particular invasion, but have shown their support for the Confederation for the battle of Mammoth)


In the Battle announcement post HERE, by Nacho Co-Leader Pie1530, he said the reason for their declaration of invasion is as follows:

Due to the fact that we have done nothing other then defend our servers from raids, we’re going to invade Brumby tomorrow.

He also added a little bit of the Nacho’s history on this server:

Well, to me it is important because it proved the turning point for the Nachos in January of 2009, when we were at war with FGR.

If you would like to read a more detailed background of the war on a whole, please take a look at the “Background” section in my Mammoth post HERE. This is the first battle in this war, which some have deemed to be/could be a world war.

In this battle, the participating armies are:

Nachos and Allies:


Ice Warriors

Team Gold

Other Small Armies

ACP and Allies:

Army of Club Penguin

Doritos of Club Penguin

Other Small Armies

As I have said before, Golden Troops did not participate in this battle, but they will be participating in the invasion on Mammoth.

Pre-Battle Build Up:

This battle is under the same Pre-Battle circumstances as the Mammoth war, so if you want to read about that, once again I redirect you to my other post HERE.

The Battle:

Both ACP and Nachos made follow up posts with the results of the battle. I have taken the pictures below from the ACP post HERE and the Nacho Post HERE.

Pictures from ACP site where size is distinguishable:


Pictures from the Nachos site where size is distinguishable:


3 Random Pictures from the ACP site:

3 Random Pictures from the Nachos site:

Chat size Pictures:

10 minuites after start of battle:

The number of users on the chats 10 minuites after the battle officially started. ACP maintained 2 chat boxes throughout the battle (see more below)

1 hour after start of battle:

The number of users on the chats one hour after the start of the battle.


An hour after the start of the battle, ACP has maintained the two chat rooms that it had since the start of the battle.

My Opinion:

In considering my opinion I have to consider numerous factors. ****Note: When I use the term “Nacho’s” or “ACP” I am using it as a shortcut to saying the Nacho or ACP side of the battle, quicker than saying ACP and Allies etc. every time.****

Firstly, ACP was the defending army. Therefore, to lose the server, it would require for them to be beaten without doubt. Without this clearly distinguishable margin of defeat, or victory in Nacho’s case, there is therefore no right to award the server being defended to the attacking army. In this instance, I believe Nacho’s were, without using the word weaker, not stronger than ACP were, and henceforth, the server was not conquered. As a result of this, the Nachos (evidently) did not succeed in their aim.

Secondly, ACP showed a conquering and imposing force, as did the Nachos side, yet full and proper battling was nigh on impossible due to the sheer size of the two sides. This is a frequent problem when major armies/alliances meet, and can lead to a spoilt war, where no clear winner is evident. On these occasions, due to the lack of warfare fighting, a greater focus is put on size than there would be otherwise. If this battle were to be adjudged wholly 100% on size, ACP would probably prevail, and such is the Nachos long lasting and well served reliance on tactics. As I have said, this favours against them when major armies meet, but something that cannot be avoided.

Also, there was the issue that I said could be a problem before the battle (and for the Mammoth battle) that was raised by Tanman of Nachos in their post. Tanman said:

This was a kind of unfair battle due to Brumby being nearly always full or laggy due to all the people. ACP logged on like an hour before battle so they were able to get all their troops in before people started logging into Brumby. When Nachos NW IW and TG tried logging in only the member troops were able to get in. ACP would not agree to go to a less populated server but still be fighting for Brumby so we didnt have a choice and just chose to deal with it. We had a good turnout for ONLY member troops though we averaged 25 the whole time. I feel if we would have had our nons we could have had 40.

In response to which, former ACP Leader Oagalthorp said in a comment:

We had a nearly all-members fighting force today aswell. Notice how we only had 50-60 rather than 80-90. Also, why would we move it to a smaller server? The point was to invade Brumby, not have a head-to-head face off.

As you can see, there was clear disagreement as to whether the battle was just and fair, with both sides claiming they were victims of this. Other than this, for the reasons I have stated above, I believe the victor of this battle, or at the very least the army that is keeping Brumby is:

The Army of Club Penguin

Comment with YOUR opinion!



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