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Army Rivalries||Y.O.P.

Hi guys, Folay here again, and I want top talk about army rivalries. But before I talk about rivalries I want to tell you the true meaning of a rival, the free dictonary says a rival is: 1. One who attempts to equal or surpass another, or who pursues the same object as another; a competitor.2. One that equals or almost equals another in a particular respect. I believe a rival is someone who you compete with, a friend, that has someting you want, so you try to get better, etc. Kind of like jealously. He has it, you want to be better. A rivalry consits of determanition, jealousy, and sometimes friendship, as each person pushes to be better. The army rivalries are the same way. For example (NOTE These 2 armies were made up) The Green Army (Not ACP) and the Pink Army have a rivalry. The Pink Army is #1, and the Green Army is #2, and both armies want #1. This is a rivalry in my opinion. I went around and asked some troops from different armies what a rivalry was to them:

Question: What is a rivalry?


Speeder109-2 people that always compete with eachother.

вυ¢кℓєувєaηѕ-A rivalry is basically 2 people always trying to be better than eachother, sometimes not your enemy, they can be your friend.

§a¡уåмaη•X¢(Also GT leader)- A Rivalry is someone you go aganist with, which can be good or bad. You try to suprass him/her and be better.

м¢нaρρу- When 2 people have a competition between eachother/both have a goal to get to.


Angel- A rivalry is when 2 people are on different sides, and they hate each other.


ItzAl3x-Rivalry is a competive competition between things, for example, and arch-rival is like someone that has been trying to be better than you, like Mr. Krabs and Planton in spongebob, they have been rivals for a long time.

Well, I want to know your opinion. What do you think a Rivalry is. Leave a comment telling me your opinion,



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