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  1. A couple of days ago IMAF leader Flippy talked with a couple of other army leaders from armies such as the FW and BP about declaring war on the ACP.
  2. Woton talked with a a couple of other leaders from the Nachos and IW about declaring war on the ACP.
  3. Yesterday, Aka said that he might retire since there was nothing going on. Everyone thought that the Nachos should declare war on the ACP with FW, IW, BP and IMAF. (I had also just talked with Person and Aka about declaring war on the ACP, so I’m not quite sure how much that influenced their decision).
  4. The Nachos write a post saying they declare war on ACP.
  5. The Fire Warriors write a post saying they declare war on ACP.
  6. ACP makes a post saying that the Nachos should change their government.
  7. Person1233 decides that he’s in the war for fun, not to change the ACP’s government. Nachos drop out of the war.
  8. ACP gets the NGA site banned due to some mild cussing.
  9. Aka retires from the Nachos. (see below)
  10. FW, IW and IMAF plan an invasion of Breeze.
  11. FW drops out of war.

The Retirement of Akabob22

Akabob22, one of the oldest and most experienced leaders in all of Club Penguin armies has decided to retire. His reason; Club Penguin armies aren’t what they used to be. I agree with him in every possible way and really think you should check out Aka’s post and Boomer’s reply. One quote from him: “Being a leader is hell.” I agree. Sometimes it really is. It’s also really rewarding at some points, but that’s besides the point…

Breaking News!

Linkin55 is also retiring. He admitted on the Nacho chat this morning that he is going to. With him and Aka gone, this would be a huge loss for the Nachos.



In other news:

RPF: Has decided to change their uniform.

DW: Have some new temp leaders and are making a plan.

BP: Are confused. :p

Also, you may be wondering about that poll I had before. A ton of people have been asking if they can work on CPA Central and since “YES – I want more news” won with a stunning result of 45+ votes, I’m going to be having some sort of application thing soon and will be accepting a couple of new workers soon!


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  1. Heh, the memories. It’s coool 🙁

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